Pharmacy Technician Salary in New York and How to increase it

By | July 14, 2023
Pharmacy Technician Salary in New York
Cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in New York include New York, Clarkstown, and Greenburgh. Image source: reoc.brockport.

The pharmacy technician salary in New York is $37,038 per year.

New York, Clarkstown, and Greenburgh are some of the best paying cities for pharmacy technicians in New York, while LanceSoft Inc., Kaiser Permanente, and Westchester Medical Center Health Network are the companies with the most competitive salaries.

This article also covers salaries in similar fields to pharmacy technician, employee benefits, and ideas for enhancing your pay as a pharmacy technician in New York.

Pharmacy Technician Salary in New York Cities

Here is salary information for pharmacy technicians across cities in New York:

CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
1.New York$21.87$42,841
5.Oyster Bay$16.88$32,681
7.South Hempstead$20.59$40,332
22.New Rochelle$17.92$35,102
24.Mount Vernon$14.82$29,036
30.White Plains$18.60$36,431
Salaries of pharmacy technicians across cities of New York.

Cities with Highest Pharmacy Technician Salary in New York

Here are some of the best paying cities for pharmacy technicians in New York:

CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
1.New York$21.87$42,841
5.South Hempstead$20.59$40,332
9.White Plains$18.60$36,431
Cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in New.

Skill-based Pharmacy Technician Salary in New York

Specific skills can have an impact on the salary of a pharmacy technician in New York, they include:

  • Root Cause Analysis; +58.93%
  • Aseptic Technique; +21.64%
  • Infusion Experience; +17.70%
  • Medical Terminology; +17.42%
  • Hospital Experience; +12.54%.

Experience-based Pharmacy Technician Salary in New York

In New York, the influence of experience on salary for pharmacy technicians is evident.

An entry-level pharmacy technician with less than one year of experience earns around $35,511 and those with 10 or more years of experience earn about $44,085.

Companies with Highest Pharmacy Technician Salary in New York

Here are top paying companies for pharmacy technicians in New York:

 CompanyHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.LanceSoft Inc$45.94$90,001
2.Kaiser Permanente$30.37$59,502
3.Westchester Medical Center Health Network$29.52$57,830
4.Avella Specialty Pharmacy$28.73$56,282
5.specialty rx$27.90$54,655
6.Medcadre Inc$26.91$52,678
7.New York Cancer and Blood Specialists$26.00$50,780
8.NYC Health + Hospitals$24.81$49,160
Companies that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in New.

10 Highest Paying Pharmacy Technician Jobs in New York

Here are the top paying pharmacy technician jobs in New York:

  1. Pharmacy Technician Supervisor; $69,289
  2. Senior Certified Pharmacy Technician; $26,287
  3. Certified Pharmacy Technician; $57,297
  4. Pharmacy Technician Intern; $43,061
  5. Senior Pharmacy Technician; $48,028
  6. Walgreens Pharmacy Technician; $30,448
  7. Pharmacy Technician II; $46,770
  8. Specialty Pharmacy Technician; $60,567
  9. Hospital Pharmacy Technician; $46,832
  10. Pharmacy Technician Lead; $81,230.

More Benefits for Pharmacy Technicians in New York

Pharmacy technicians in New York are entitled to additional benefits, apart from their salary.

These may include:

  1. Medical and dental plans

Medical and dental plans are part of the employee benefits that many employers offer to pharmacy technicians in New York.

They help employees (and their dependents) to provide access to the health care and provide health coverage when the employee is not working.

2. 401K plan (performance-based)

401K plans are employer-sponsored retirement savings plans. They allow employees to save for their retirement in a tax-advantaged scheme.

In general, employers often match up to 3% of an employee’s pre-tax salary up to a certain limit that varies by employer.

3. Vacation pay

Pharmacy technicians in New York are entitled to vacation pay or paid time off. They get around 10 days of paid time off annually and they can take out the accrued time-off at any point in the year.

4. Tuition Reimbursement (student)

Many employers in New York provide tuition reimbursement to their pharmacy technicians who are pursuing an education through a post-secondary institution, either through a college or university, as well as vocational training.

What Related Job Titles to Pharmacy Technician Earn in New York

Here are related job titles to pharmacy technicians in New York and their corresponding salaries:

  1. Medical transcriptionist; $34,843
  2. Medical technician; $55,152
  3. Medical assistant; $45,238
  4. Laboratory technician; $95,439.

Pharmacy Technician Salary and Job Outlook in New York

The BLS forecasts a positive job outlook for pharmacy technicians in New York with a growth rate of 10.13%.

It is anticipated that the number of pharmacy technician jobs in the US will increase from 20,230 in 2020, to 22,280 in 2030 with an annual average of 1000 jobs.

How to increase your Pay as a Pharmacy Technician in New York

There are multiple approaches to enhancing your salary as a pharmacy technician in New York, including:

  1. Networking

A good network of friends and contacts in the workplace can be beneficial for a career. Knowing the right person or having the appropriate connections can help you to get job opportunities or to keep your current position.

2. Enrolling in an online course

An online course may enhance your professional knowledge and assist you in achieving a degree that qualifies you for new job opportunities.

3. Developing in-demand skills

There are skills that improve salary prospects and make the employee more valuable to their employer. Find out those skills and develop them.

4. Broaden your knowledge

Elite technology, new innovative ideas, and advanced equipment are aspects that enhance a pharmacy technician’s career and lead to better pay.

More Career Opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians in New York

In case you seek additional career prospects in New York as a pharm tech, below are several alternative fields that you may want to explore:

  1. Patient care technician

A patient care technician is a specialized healthcare worker that participates in the maintenance and improvement of functional status, relieves suffering, and educates patients and families.

2. Medical insurance coder

Medical insurance coders are professionals that specialize in coding medical claims.

They assist in the process to identify insurance billing data, verify eligibility and coverage and bill the correct payer.

Medical insurance coders primarily use their knowledge of medical terminology, diagnosis, procedure, and anatomy to code claims with the appropriate technical language.

3. Emergency medical technician

EMTs work in pre-hospital transport of sick or injured persons to the hospital. They primarily provide basic life support therapy such as evaluation of an emergency situation, treatment for injuries and illnesses that are not life-threatening, and stabilization of patients.

They are often found in ambulances.

4. Home health aide

Home health aides are people that assist and support patients in the home.

They work under the supervision of a physician, nurse, and other health care professionals in the home environment, assisting with activities such as light housekeeping, preparing meals, and assisting with personal care.


A pharmacy technician is a healthcare professional who is responsible for the prescription and drug distribution to patients.

Salaries of pharmacy technicians in New York vary depending on factors, such as the location of work, specific skills, and the company.

This article has provided information on how much a pharmacy technician earns in New York, as well as factors influencing their pay and how to increase it.

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