Medical Assistant Salary in New Jersey and How to increase your Pay

By | July 14, 2023
Medical Assistant Salary in New Jersey
Cities that pay the highest salaries to medical assistants in New Jersey include North Bergen, Brick, New Brunswick. Image source: aimseducation.

The medical assistant salary in New Jersey is $42,572 yearly.

New Bergen, Brick, and Brunswick stand out as the top cities in the State that provide excellent compensation for professionals in this role.

Likewise, medical assistants can find lucrative employment opportunities at CHOC Children’s, Kaiser Permanente, and Sutter Health, the leading companies in the industry.

Furthermore, this article delves into the salaries of professionals in associated fields, explores the array of employee benefits available, and shares effective tips to bolster one’s income as a medical assistant in New Jersey.

Medical Assistant Salary in New Jersey Cities

Here is salary information for medical assistant across cities in New Jersey:

CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
2.Jersey City$17.76$41,342
8.Toms River$17.46$40,655
9.Hamilton township$18.46$42,970
14.Cherry Hill$17.15$39,922
16.Union City$15.89$36,991
17.Franklin township$16.46$38,321
18.Old Bridge$17.32$40,318
21.East Orange$16.65$38,758
22.Gloucester city$19.11$44,483
23.North Bergen$20.40$47,505
28.New Brunswick$19.40$$45,162
Salaries of medical assistants across cities of New Jersey.

Cities with Highest Medical Assistant Salary in New Jersey

Here are top 10 paying cities for medical assistants in New Jersey:

CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
1.North Bergen$20.40$47,505
3.New Brunswick$19.40$45,162
4.Gloucester city$19.11$44,483
8.Hamilton township$18.46$42,970
Cities that pay the highest salaries to medical assistants in New Jersey.

Skill-based Medical Assistant Salary in New Jersey

The overall salary a medical assistant can earn in New Jersey is impacted by a set of skills that contribute to different degrees. These skills include:

  • Dissection; +37.07%
  • Clinical Trials; +12.33%
  • Family Planning; +47.19%
  • Epic; +9.16%
  • Data Collection; +7.55%.

Experience-based Medical Assistant Salary in New Jersey

The medical assistant’s salary in New Jersey is not solely dependent on qualifications but also on experience.

To illustrate, medical assistants in Category C with less than one year of experience earn $39,762, whereas those with 10 or more years of experience earn $50,142.

10 Companies with Highest Medical Assistant Salary in New Jersey

Here are some of the best paying companies for medical assistants in New Jersey:

Company Hourly Salary Annual Salary
1. CHOC Children’s $27.60 $64,255
2. Kaiser Permanente $26.98 $62,813
3. Sutter Health $26.40 $61,458
4. Health Advocates Network, Inc. $26.29 $61,207
5. Virginia Mason Franciscan Health $24.72 $57,549
6. Berman Skin Institute $24.57 $57,216
7. Western Washington Medical Group $24.14 $56,205
8. Community Health Care $23.57 $54,886
9. Family Health Centers of San Diego $22.84 $53,185
10. Scripps Health $22.80 $53,073
Companies with highest medical assistant salary in New Jersey.

10 Highest Paying Medical Assistant Jobs in New Jersey

Some of the top paying medical assistant jobs in New Jersey include:

  1. Medical office assistant; $41,712
  2. Bilingual medical assistant; $42,435
  3. Obgyn medical assistant; $40,844
  4. Lead medical assistant; $43,638
  5. Travel medical assistant; $36,130
  6. Medical assistant instructor; $51,896
  7. Certified medical assistant; $45,578
  8. Medical administrative assistant; $41,037
  9. Senior medical assistant; $43,354
  10. Medical assistant intern; $29,734.

More Benefits for Medical Assistants in New Jersey

Employers of medical assistants in New Jersey prioritize their welfare by offering a variety of valuable employee benefits that contribute to their job satisfaction and personal development. These include:

  1. Employee Discounts

Medical assistants in New Jersey often enjoy employee discount programs that provide reduced rates for various services, such as gym memberships, entertainment venues, travel, and retail purchases.

2. Health and Wellness Initiatives

Many healthcare employers in New Jersey promote health and wellness through initiatives such as wellness challenges, health screenings, and on-site fitness facilities, supporting medical assistants in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

3. Professional Association Memberships

Employers in New Jersey may cover or subsidize the cost of professional association memberships for medical assistants, giving them access to networking opportunities, industry resources, and educational events.

4. Employee Recognition Programs

New Jersey-based medical assistants may benefit from employee recognition programs that acknowledge their achievements and contributions through rewards, incentives, or public recognition, fostering a positive work environment.

What Related Job Titles to Medical Assistant Earn in New Jersey

Here are job titles that are related to medical assistant and the salary they get in New Jersey:

  • Patient Care Technician; $61,785
  • Medical Scribe; $40,866
  • Care Coordinator; $36,239
  • Medical Receptionist; $40,391.

Medical Assistant Salary and Job Outlook in New Jersey

New Jersey offers a highly favorable job outlook for medical assistants as highlighted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with a remarkable growth rate of 22.97%.

The number of employed medical assistants is anticipated to surge from 19,420 in 2016 to 23,880 by 2026.

Additionally, this optimistic trend translates into an average of 2,730 annual job openings in the state.

How to increase your Pay as a Medical Assistant in New Jersey

Here are several strategies to consider if you aspire to boost your salary as a medical assistant in New Jersey:

  1. Specialize in High-Demand Areas

Medical assistants in New Jersey can consider specializing in high-demand areas such as orthopedics, urology, or oncology.

Specialized knowledge and skills can lead to higher-paying positions within these specialties.

2. Obtain Advanced Certifications

Pursuing advanced certifications such as Registered Medical Assistant (RMA) or Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA) can enhance the credentials of medical assistants in New Jersey and potentially open doors to higher-paying job opportunities.

3. Pursue Leadership Roles

Medical assistants can explore opportunities to take on leadership roles such as team lead, supervisor, or office manager.

These positions often come with increased responsibilities and higher compensation.

4. Network and Seek Professional Development

Attend industry conferences, join professional associations like the American Association of Medical Assistants (AAMA), and participate in networking events.

Building a strong professional network can lead to valuable connections and potential job opportunities with higher salaries.

More Career Opportunities for Medical Assistants in New Jersey

For medical assistants seeking opportunities in related fields, here are some positions that may be of interest in New Jersey:

  1. Medical Office Assistant

A medical office assistant plays a vital role in the smooth functioning of a healthcare facility. They are responsible for managing administrative tasks and supporting the overall operations of a medical office or clinic.

Their duties may include scheduling appointments, managing patient records, handling billing and insurance claims, and assisting healthcare providers with various administrative tasks.

Medical office assistants serve as a point of contact for patients and ensure efficient communication between patients, healthcare professionals, and other staff members.

2. Medical Secretary

Medical secretaries provide administrative support to medical professionals, such as doctors, nurses, and healthcare administrators.

They are responsible for tasks like managing appointments, maintaining patient records, transcribing medical reports, coordinating hospital admissions, and handling correspondence.

Medical secretaries often have excellent organizational and communication skills to effectively manage office operations and ensure accurate documentation.

3. Clinical Assistant

Clinical assistants work alongside healthcare professionals, such as physicians or nurses, to provide direct patient care in various healthcare settings.

They perform tasks like taking vital signs, recording medical histories, preparing patients for examinations, collecting specimens, and assisting with minor medical procedures.

Clinical assistants may also be responsible for managing medical equipment, sanitizing exam rooms, and ensuring the comfort and safety of patients.

4. Health Unit Coordinator

A health unit coordinator plays a critical role in hospital or healthcare unit operations. They are responsible for coordinating administrative tasks, managing patient information, and facilitating communication between healthcare professionals, patients, and families.

Health unit coordinators may schedule procedures, order supplies, maintain patient records, and assist with patient admissions and discharges.

They often have strong organizational and multitasking skills to effectively manage the flow of information and ensure the efficient functioning of the unit.


In conclusion, the salary of medical assistants in New Jersey can vary depending on factors such as experience, certifications, and the specific healthcare setting.

While the average salary provides a baseline, there are several strategies to increase your pay as a medical assistant in the state of New Jersey.

Pursuing advanced certifications, networking, seeking leadership positions are just a few ways to enhance your earning potential.

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