Nurse Practitioner Salary in New York and How to Increase your Pay

By | July 15, 2023
Nurse Practitioner Salary in New York
The cities that pay the highest salaries to nurse practitioners in New York include New York, Manhattan, and White Plains. Image source:

The nurse practitioner salary in New York is averagely $117,210 yearly.

A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with additional advanced education in the field of medicine.

In order to practice in New York, a nurse practitioner must pass the National Council Licensure Examination.

Nurse Practitioner Salary in New York Cities

Here is salary information for Nurse Practitioners across cities in New York:

 CityHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.New York$105$141,750
5.Oyster Bay$88.62$119,296
7.South Hempstead$95.49$128,548
22.New Rochelle$90.64$122,021
24.Mount Vernon$88.70$119,403
30.White Plains$98.79$132,990  
Salaries of nurse practitioners across New York cities

10 Cities with Highest Nurse Practitioner Salary in New York

Salary information for Nurse Practitioners in top 10 paying cities in New York:

 CityHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.New York$105$141,750
3.White Plains$98.79$132,990  
6.South Hempstead$95.49$128,548
Cities that pay the highest salaries to nurse practitioners in New York

Skill-based Nurse Practitioner Salary in New York

A nurse practitioner in New York with relevant skills and certifications will make higher salaries than their colleagues that lacked them. Some of these skills include:

  1. Medical Coding
  2. Medical Terminology
  3. Emergency Procedures
  4. Pharmaceutical Knowledge
  5. Administrative Skills and Good Communication Skills.

Experience-based Nurse Practitioner Salary in New York

Experience is highly valued by employers in the state of New York. The average nurse practitioner with less than one year of experience will earn around $115,208 per year while the one with 10 year experience or more will make around $142,984.

Companies with Highest Nurse Practitioner Salary in New York

Here is salary information for nurse practitioners in top 10 paying companies in New York:

 CompanyHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
2.Signify Health$1,073,698$798
3.UCLA Health$180,406$134
4.Next Health$156,303$116
5.Molina Healthcare$153,899$114
6.NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital$150,353$112
7.Northwell Health$148,949$111
Companies that pay the highest salaries to nurse practitioners in New York

10 Highest Paying Nurse Practitioner Jobs in New York

Here is a list of the highest paying nurse practitioners jobs in New York:

  1. Nurse Practitioner Consultant; $146,817.
  2. PM&R Nurse Practitioner; $144,489.
  3. Teen Travel Nurse Practitioner; $140,999.
  4. Surgical Nurse Practitioner; $135,290.
  5. Neonatal Nurse Practitioner; $157,628.
  6. Pediatric Nurse Practitioner; $204,796.
  7. Acute Care Nurse Practitioner; $139,610.
  8. Home Care Nurse Practitioner; $138,496.
  9. Dermatology Nurse Practitioners; $126,876.
  10. Oncology Nurse Practitioner; $142,878.

More Benefits for Nurse Practitioners in New York

Employers in New York also provide nurse practitioners with other benefits like:

  • Medical, Dental, and Vision

The nurse practitioner is covered by health insurance if they get sick or hurt. They can enjoy their time to recover without worrying about their bills.

The medical insurance usually covers employees, spouse, and dependents. This benefit reduces the financial burden of getting sick and paying medical bills.

  • Life Insurance

Nurse practitioners in New York have an option for life insurance that will cover them in case of death of their family members.

Not only does this relieve the family from financial burden, it also relieves the nurse practitioner from that burden as well.

  • Retirement Plans

Employers offer many types of retirement plans to their nurse practitioner employees, such as 401(k).

However, employers do not have to provide the pension benefits that are required by law.

  • Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Employers in New York provide nurse practitioners help in the form of counseling.

This program can help employees cope with difficult situations, such as illness, loss of a family member, and depression and stress.

  • Tuition Reimbursement Programs

In New York, employers can reimburse nurse practitioners for their tuition fee if they go back to school to upgrade or specialize on their skills.

These programs have helped many individuals earn an advanced degree in their field while getting paid at the same time.

What Related Job Titles to Nurse Practitioner Earn in New York

Here are job titles related to nurse practitioners and their salaries in New York:

  1. Physiotherapists; $108,568.
  2. Nurse Anesthetists; $241,600.
  3. Clinical Coordinator Respiratory Therapists; $128,908.
  4. Immunologist (Physician); $320,114.
  5. Registered Dietitian Nutritionist; $79,890.

Nurse Practitioner Salary and Job Outlook in New York

With over 15,500 NPs, New York has the most nurse practitioners of any state in the US.

The job outlook for nurse practitioners in New York is expected to expand by more than 41% by 2028, creating about 6,400 new nurse practitioner opportunities.

In New York, the increasing demand for nurse practitioners provides a solution to places with limited access to care.

Unlike certain states where access is restricted owing to wide rural areas, some New Yorkers are restricted due to a lack of transportation and insurance coverage.

Furthermore, due to New York’s rising population, there is a larger demand for nurse practitioners.

Finally, as the Affordable Care Act shifts the focus of healthcare from tertiary to primary and preventative care, there is an increased need for primary care practitioners.

How to Increase your Pay as a Nurse Practitioner in New York

New York is one state where there are many requirements on nurse practitioners. 

The salary of a nurse practitioner in NY is a lot higher than average but if you want to earn more then you can consider the following:

  1. Licensure

New York requires that a nurse practitioner be licensed by their state of practice, as well as by their local board in order to practice.

Nurse practitioner licenses do not cover the state of practice, but they are usually quite strong in accordance with the state’s standards for a license to practice in that state.

Having a license gives you the ability to build your own career and determine your salary.

2. Hospital Affiliation

If you have a good relationship with the hospital, you can ask for higher pay.

In New York, hospitals may pay nurse practitioner’s more for their services as it is a recruitment incentive for new residents.

Nurse practitioners that have been working for a hospital for a long time can help the hospital to recruit new residents.

The more prestigious or well-known the hospital is, the better your pay will be.

3. Community College Courses

The community college courses will prepare you for your career as a nurse practitioner. Once you complete your courses, you can then ask for higher pay as most employers give incentives to employees who are continuing their education.

4. Other Certifications

The more certifications you have, the better chances you have of commanding a higher pay.

New York does not require nurse practitioners to be certified in anything but having other certifications can only help you to earn more as your expertise will be higher and employers will know that they can depend on you.

More Career Opportunities for Nurse Practitioners in New York

If you are looking for good ideas on how to advance your career as a nurse practitioner in NY, here are some other career opportunities for you to consider:

  1. Start Your Own Practice

Being your own boss allows you to decide how much money you want to make. It also gives you the freedom to set your own hours, depending on your availability.

2. Work as a Clinical Team Leader

Team leadership happens in many fields such as medicine, engineering, or operations but nursing teams also include clinical leadership. 

Clinical team leaders are those in charge of nursing care teams, which can include nurse practitioners, registered nurses and licensed practical nurses.

3. Become a Nurse Practitioner Educator

Nurse practitioner educators stay in touch with the latest developments in their field as they train students in their clinics.

They also help students study and get advice from them on how to increase their skills and earn more money.

4. Work in a Different Area of Specialization

If you want a higher salary as a Nurse Practitioner in NY, you may consider working as a clinical researcher, health educators, nursing diagnosis specialist or nurse administrator.

Each of those jobs pays more than the average, but they may require more schooling like an advanced degree.


New York has a lot of opportunities for nurse practitioners. The jobs will keep on growing as the demand for improved healthcare continues to rise.

These opportunities will most likely be in areas that are needed like New York City and the outer boroughs and definitely in areas that are low in population density such as Long Island and Rockland County.

To increase your chances of finding work and earning more money, you can join organizations like the NY State Society of Nurse Practitioners or attend meetups or conferences.

This post has provided exhaustive information on the nurse practitioner salary in New York, to help you make the best decision on working and living in New York as a nurse practitioner.

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