Nurse Practitioner Salary in Florida and How to Increase your Pay

By | July 16, 2023
Nurse Practitioner Salary in Florida
The nurse practitioner in Florida has various opportunities to make a good salary, including accessing the high paying jobs. Image source: UT.

The nurse practitioner salary in Florida is about $99,930 annually and up to $48.04 hourly.

Nurse practitioners in Florida are tasked with the provision of primary care to patients as well as performing initial examinations, which include patient observations and physical exams.

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Florida Cities

The salaries of nurse practitioners across the cities of Florida are:

 CitiesSalary hourlySalary Yearly
2.Boca Raton$54.52$113,422
3.Boynton Beach$54.52$113,422
5.Cape Coral$51.41$106,941
7.Coral Springs$53.69$111,681
9.Daytona Beach$69.69$104,469
10.Deerfield Beach$54.52$113,422
13.Fort Lauderdale$53.69$111,681
14.Fort Myers$51.41$106,941
25.Lehigh Acres$51.30$106,711
28.Miami Beach$53.69$111,681
29.Miami Gardens$53.28$110,837
31.North Port$51.30$106,711
33..Palm Bay$51.30$106,711
34.Palm Coast$49.89$103,779
35.Pembroke Pines$53.28$110,837
38.Pompano Beach$53.28$110,837
39.Port St. Lucie$52.62$109,462
41.Spring Hill$52.56$108,720
42.St. Petersburg$51.83$107,820
47.The Villages$52.56$108,720
48.Town ‘n’ Country$51.83$107,820
50.West Palm Beach$54.01$112,352
Nurse practitioners’ salaries across the cities of Florida

Cities with Highest Nurse Practitioner Salary in Florida

Nurse practitioners in Florida earn varying amounts of money in different cities, and the highest paying ten cities are:

 CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
2.Boca Raton$54.52$113,422
3.Boynton Beach$54.52$113,422
4.Deerfield Beach$54.52$113,422
6.West Palm Beach$54.01$112,352
7.Coral Springs$53.69$111,681
10.Miami Beach$53.69$111,681
Cities that pay the highest salaries to nurse practitioners in Florida

Skill-based Nurse Practitioner Salary in Florida

Nurse practitioners possessing desired skills would always be preferred over those who don’t and would earn way more in Florida.

When it comes to the profession, skills are highly influential and looked out for by employers in Florida.

Skills distinguish nurse practitioners from others and ensure that their salaries are on the high side.

Experience-based Nurse Practitioner Salary in Florida

Having some experience in the bag is a huge advantage for nurse practitioners in Florida as it enables them to make much more income.

A Florida nurse practitioner who is new to the profession should expect to receive about $87,782 yearly.

One having more years of experience, like ten years for example may earn about $108,945 every year.

10 Companies with Highest Nurse Practitioner Salary in Florida

Companies in Florida that pay more to nurse practitioners than others include:

 CompanySalary YearlySalary Hourly
2INNOVATIVE HEALTH$289,930$139.38
3.  UCLA Health$165,800$79.71
5Molina Healthcare$153,361$73.73
6Dignity Health$150,966$72.57
7Northwell Health$150,076$72.15
8NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital$148,403$71.34
9Wound Care Plus, LLC$146,965$70.65
10Kaiser Permanente$145,140$69.77
Companies that pay the highest salaries to nurse practitioners in Florida

10 Highest Paying Jobs for Nurse Practitioners in Florida

When searching for jobs in Florida as a nurse practitioner, you may well look out for the highest paying ones. They include: 

  • Wound Care Provider: Salary is about $192,000 yearly.
  • Nurse Practitioner MediQuick- Physician Clinic): Salary is about $162,000 per year.
  • Physician Assistant: Salary is about $158,000 yearly.
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner: Salary is about $150,000 yearly
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner: Salary is about $148,000 yearly.
  • Wound Certified Nurse Practitioner: Salary is about $128,000 per year.
  • Family Nurse Practitioner: Salary is about $126,000 per year.
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP): Salary is about $125,000 per annum.
  • Psychiatric PA or Psychiatric NP: Salary is about $123,000 per year.
  • APRN: Salary is about $116,000 yearly.

More Benefits for Nurse Practitioners in Delaware

Nurse practitioners deserve compensations and bonuses and employers in Florida are not shy to offer them. Some of them include:

  • Allowances for Continuing Education

Here, employers offer compensation to help Florida nurse practitioners pay for the tuition of their continuing education in order to meet up with their licensure requirements.

  • Professional Association Due Allowances

Employers in Florida may offer to compensate the nurse practitioner for the allowances they pay as professional dues.

  • Professional Journal Allowances

Nurse practitioners in Colorado are offered compensation to cover the subscriptions for their professional journal.

What Related Job Titles to Nurse Practitioner Earn in Florida

Here are job titles that a nurse practitioner can decide to venture into in Florida, and their salaries:

  • Physical Therapy Assistant

These therapists work with physical therapists and they aid patients who are physically injured. Their salary is about $53,320 per year in Florida.

  • Laboratory Animal Caretakers

They are responsible for drawing blood, running x-rays, conducting tests, and doing other jobs that happen outside the consulting room. Their average earning is $25,110 per year.

  • Dispensing Optician

They are responsible for the fitting of contacts and eyeglasses for patients after they must have completed their appointments. They earn about $35,710 on average yearly in Florida.

Nurse Practitioner Salary and Job Outlook in Florida

With a very high population, one of the largest in America, the employment outlook for nurse practitioners in Florida is on the rise.

It is projected that there will be about 4,000 more openings for nurse practitioners over the next ten years.

By 2028, there would be more than 15,000 nurse practitioners in Florida.

The high and ever increasing number of patients who are eligible for healthcare and the increased access to healthcare contribute directly to the demand for nurse practitioners in Florida, leading to a projected increase in salary in the State.

How to Increase Your Pay in Florida as a Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners in Florida looking to increase their pay can do the following:

  • Be diligent and earn a raise in salary.
  • Earn more certifications as they specialize in certain areas in the field
  • Offer counseling to patients outside of the hospital setting. 

More Career Opportunities for Nurse Practitioners in Florida

In Florida, there are a lot of career opportunities for nurse practitioners, and they include:

  • Oncology Nurse Practitioner

They work together with other healthcare professionals to develop plans for the treatment of cancer patients. They earn about $101,280 per annum.

  • Aesthetic Nurse Practitioner

These are nurse practitioners who are charged with the improvement of the cosmetic appearance of their patients. They earn about $100,377 on average every year.

  • Pediatric  Nurse Practitioner

These nurse practitioners look out for the wellbeing of children, both emotionally and physically. They earn about $121,659 per annum.


This post has provided exhaustive information to nurse practitioners looking to work in Florida, to increase their knowledge of the salary to expect, as well as the highest paying cities and companies.

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