Pharmacist Salary in Oklahoma and How to increase your Pay

By | July 15, 2023
Pharmacist Salary in Oklahoma
The cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacist in Oklahoma include Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Bartlesville. Image source: Oklahoma Pharmacists Association

The pharmacist salary in Oklahoma is $117,889 on the average, but each individual’s pay depends upon factors such as experience and location.

A pharmacist is a registered professional with a doctorate degree in pharmacy. Pharmacists must complete several years of undergraduate study after high school.

After completing their education, they typically work full time as a pharmacist, then may supplement their income by working additional hours at a retail pharmacy or through owning and operating their own practice.

Pharmacists Salary in Oklahoma Cities

Here are the average pharmacists’ salaries in the largest cities in Oklahoma:

 CityHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1Oklahoma City$55.21$121,694
4Broken Arrow$48.49$106,884
8Midwest City$47.43$104,538
18Ponca City$48.63$107,204
22Del City$47$103,595
24Sand Springs$46.47$102,434
25El Reno$50.50$111,314
Pharmacists’ salaries across cities in Oklahoma

10 Cities with Highest Pharmacist Salary in Oklahoma

Here are the 10 highest paying cities for pharmacists in Oklahoma:

 CityHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1Oklahoma City$55.21$121,694
4El Reno$50.50$111,314
Cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacists in Oklahoma

Skill-based Pharmacist Salary in Oklahoma

A pharmacist in Oklahoma with current skills and certifications will earn more than those who lacked those. Some of these skills include:

  1. Drug dispensing skills
  2. Drug information
  3. Knowledge of laboratory practices
  4. Knowledge of pharmacy systems, including computer programs, inventory, and compliance issues
  5. Relationships with pharmaceutical and medical service companies (such as doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare facilities)
  6. Roles in clinical research and drug-drug interactions.

Experience-based Pharmacist Salary in Oklahoma

Experience is important to the salary of a pharmacist in Oklahoma.

It is typical for pharmacists to work for several years after completing their education until they are fully qualified with the desired skills and experience.

A pharmacist with less than one year experience will take home $105,512, while one with 10 or more years of experience can expect $130,526 as salary in Oklahoma.

10 Companies with Highest Pharmacist Salary in Oklahoma

Here are the top 10 highest paying companies for pharmacists in Oklahoma:

 CompanyHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.Dignity Health$75.93$167,369
2.UCLA Health$75.67$166,792
4.Raley’s / Bel Air / Nob Hill$71.12$156,774
5.Costco Wholesale$67.38$148,530
6.Adventist Health$65.46$144,285
7.MedWatchers Inc$64.19$141,502
9.Soleo Health$62.39$137,526
10CVS Pharmacy$60.73$133,856
Companies that pay the highest salaries to pharmacists in Oklahoma

10 Highest Paying Pharmacist Jobs in Oklahoma

Some of the highest paying jobs for pharmacists in Oklahoma include:

  1. Chief Pharmacist; $119,096
  2. Inpatient Pharmacist; $113,799
  3. Pharmacist Staff; $110,818
  4. Clinical Staff Pharmacist; $108,945
  5. Clinical Pharmacist Specialist; $105,784
  6. CVS Pharmacist; $130,324
  7. Walmart Pharmacist; $141,792
  8. Nuclear Pharmacist; $139169
  9. Critical care Pharmacist; $112,858
  10. Neonatal Pharmacist; $118,347.

Benefits for Pharmacists in Oklahoma

In Oklahoma, employers offer pharmacists benefits like:

  • Health coverage

Health coverage is one of the most important benefits that a pharmacist can receive. It is important for a pharmacist to have health coverage because they are at risk of injuries and illnesses.

For example, a pharmacist may be injured during the course of their job or caught in the crossfire when at work.

  • Life insurance

Life insurance provides financial support to a family in the event that an employee becomes sick or is unable to work for an extended period of time due to injury or illness.

This is especially important for pharmacists who work in high-risk areas like hospitals and doctors’ offices, where injury rates are often much higher than other workplaces.

  • Disability insurance

Disability insurance pays a percentage of the wages lost from an employee during the period that the employee is unable to work.

This allows the employee to continue working without suffering a loss of income during their period of disability if they are unable to return to their previous, healthy lifestyle.

More Benefits for Pharmacists in Oklahoma

  • Retirement plans and pensions

Some employers in Oklahoma offer their employees a pension plan or a retirement plan. These plans are designed to provide for the financial needs of an employee after they have reached the age of retirement.

This benefit is important for pharmacists because they may not have enough money to live comfortably during their retirement years without a pension or pension plan from their employers.

  • Vacation time

Pharmacists are often employed by hospitals and doctors’ offices or drug stores, where they may work long hours.

This can take a toll on the body and mind, which may lead to fatigue. Many employers in Oklahoma have a policy of offering their employees time off to allow them to relax and avoid burnout.

What Related Job Titles to Pharmacist Earn in Oklahoma

Related jobs to pharmacists and what they earn in Oklahoma include:

1. Doctors; $203,305

2. Licensed Practical Nurses; $47600

3. Occupational Therapists; $87,948

4. Podiatrists; $205229

5. Physician Assistants; $106288.

Pharmacist Salary and Job Outlook in Oklahoma

Oklahoma recruited pharmacists at a 1.35 percent growth rate in 2020, the highest in the previous five years.

In the previous three years, Oklahoma has consistently reduced the number of pharmacy posts.

According to the employment and outlook, there would be 170 anticipated yearly job openings.

The typical salary range for an entry-level pharmacist is substantially up to $58,986, implying that there may be several prospects for promotion and greater income dependent on skill level, location, and years of experience.

How to increase your Pay as a Pharmacist in Oklahoma

If you want to earn a higher salary as a pharmacist in the state of Oklahoma, it is important to consider some of these ideas:

  • Increase your skills and expertise

As you advance in your career as a pharmacist in Oklahoma, you may need to increase your skills and expertise based on the needs of the company.

This ensures that you will have a higher salary and good working conditions in the state of Oklahoma.

  • Improve your education and experience

It is important to remain up to date with the latest changes in the pharmacy field and to continue to learn while you are working as a pharmacist.

You may need to obtain more education or additional certifications based on the needs of your company or industry.

  • Increase your marketable skills

One of the best ways to increase your pay as a pharmacist is by gaining new marketable skills that are related to the job.

These could include skills like leadership and management, which can increase your pay substantially.

  • Look for a higher-paying job at other companies

If you cannot get a raise from your company, then a good idea is to look for other companies that offer higher salaries for pharmacists.

You should also check out to see what the average salary is in your city or state.

This will give you a good baseline of what the going rate is and how much you could expect to earn if you change jobs.

Career Opportunities for Pharmacists in Oklahoma

Looking for more career opportunities as a pharmacist in Oklahoma, then these ideas might help you:

  1. Government Healthcare Jobs

There are many government jobs that offer employment opportunities for Oklahoma pharmacists.

For example, you can find jobs in the Veterans Health Administration, which serves nine million veterans per year.

Or, you can work for the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), which takes care of more than six million veterans every year.

2. Healthcare Administration

There are many career opportunities for pharmacists in healthcare administration.

For example, you may want to become a pharmacy manager or oversee the pharmacy department and other departments within an organization like hospitals and doctors’ offices.

3. Healthcare IT

Many people find careers as pharmacists in healthcare IT to be interesting and exciting.

Pharmacy computing is a field that focuses on developing and maintaining software used by pharmacies and dispensing hospitals.

The most common specialty areas are medication systems, clinical information systems, pharmacy information management, pharmacy financial systems, computer-aided dispensing, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and hospital information systems (HIS).

4. Research and Development Jobs

If you have a scientific background and want to work in a fascinating job environment, then you can always consider working for one of the research facilities in your area.


Pharmacists are usually highly educated professionals who must meet professional standards and earn the trust of co-workers and patients alike.

This post has provided useful information to pharmacists looking to work and live in Oklahoma, to learn about the expected salary they could earn in the state, including the cities and companies that pay the highest salaries to pharmacists in Oklahoma.

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