Medical Assistant Salary in Idaho and How to increase It

By | July 14, 2023
Medical Assistant Salary in Idaho
The cities that pay the highest salaries to medical assistants in Idaho include Post Falls, Hayden, and Hailey. Image source: nic.

The medical assistant salary in Idaho is $41,140 annually.

The highest paying cities are Post Falls, Hayden, and Hailey while the top paying companies include eTeam Inc., Gritman Medical Center, and BayCare Health System.

This post also covers the benefits of medical assistants in Idaho, salaries of related fields, and tips for augmenting your salary.

Medical Assistants Salary in Idaho Cities

Here is salary information for medical assistants across cities in Idaho:

CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
1.Boise City$18.45$42,957
4.Idaho Falls$14.14$33,610
7.Coeur d’Alene$18.63$43,370
8.Twin Falls$16.33$38,022
9.Post Falls$21.15$49,236
16.Mountain Home$15.17$35,320
21.Garden City$16.44$38,267
Salaries of medical assistants across the cities of Idaho.

Cities with Highest Medical Assistant Salary in Idaho

Here are top 10 paying cities for medical assistants in Idaho:

CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
1.Post Falls$21.15$49,236
4.Coeur d’Alene$18.63$43,370
6.Boise City$18.45$42,957
Cities that pay the highest salaries to medical assistants in Idaho.

Skill-based Medical Assistant Salary in Idaho

There are apt skills in the medical assistant field that affect one’s salary in Idaho, these include:

  • Clinical Trials; +12.33%
  • Family Planning; +47.19%
  • Epic; +9.16%
  • Data Collection; +7.55%
  • Dissection; +37.07%.

Experience-based Medical Assistant Salary in Idaho

Experience is a factor that affects the salary of a medical assistant in Idaho, where one with less than one year of experience will earn $38,465 while a medical assistant with 10 or more years of experience will make about $48,507.

10 Companies with Highest Medical Assistant Salary in Idaho

Here are top 10 paying companies for medical assistants in Idaho:

 CompanyHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.eTeam Inc$41.61$96,888
2.Gritman Medical Center$28.17$65,580
3.BayCare Health System$25.56$59,516
4.Adventist Health$24.37$56,741
5.MultiCare Health System$24.07$56,050
6.Seattle Pain Relief$23.64$55,042
7.Family Health Centers of San Diego$23.22$54,067
9.Kaiser Permanente$22.43$52,219
Companies that pay the highest salaries to medical assistants in Idaho.

10 Highest Paying Medical Assistant Jobs in Idaho

Some of the top paying medical assistants jobs in Idaho include:

  1. Cardiology medical assistant; $30177
  2. Obgyn medical assistant;  $34,184
  3. Medical administrative assistant; $35,208
  4. Medical assistant intern; $35,103
  5. Certified medical assistant; $43,958
  6. Medical office assistant; $40,897
  7. Lead medical assistant; $37,113
  8. Senior medical assistant; $44,047
  9. Travel certified medical assistant; $47,272
  10. Medical assistant instructor; $43,362.

More Benefits for Medical Assistants in Idaho

Employers in Idaho provide the following additional benefits to medical assistant employees:

  1. Health Insurance

Health insurance is a common benefit of becoming a medical assistant, as it provides financial assistance in health care expense.

This can protect you and your family from financial burden of health care expenditure.

2. Vision and Dental Insurance

Many employers also provide vision and dental insurance to their employees. This benefit is often used by medical assistants in Idaho to get discounts on their vision and dental care.

3. 401(k) Savings Plan

Many companies have 401(k) Savings Plan, especially for high-level employees or the ones with long service period.

However, any employee can opt for this plan as an additional benefit.

4. Paid Vacation Leave

Medical assistants are given paid vacation leaves which can range from 2-14 days. This is a benefit that all employees look forward to after a long year of service, but it also gives the company time to hire someone else while they take time off.

What Related Job Titles to Medical Assistant Earn in Idaho

Here are earnings of related job titles to medical assistants in Idaho:

  • Patient Care Technician; $48,322
  • Medical Scribe; $30,458
  • Care Coordinator; $35,885
  • Medical Receptionist; $35,853
  • Phlebotomist; $55,862.

Medical Assistant Salary and Job Outlook in Idaho

There is a favorable job outlook for medical assistants in Idaho. The rate of job growth is at 24.16%.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics forecast, there is a rise in medical assistant jobs from 3,270 (2016) to 4,060 (2026).

The jobs expected to be added annually is around 470.

How to increase your Pay as a Medical Assistant in Idaho

Here are some ideas on how to increase your salary as a medical assistant in Idaho:

  1. Expertise and Skills

One of the main reasons people are earning a higher salary is because they have obtained more skills.

Skills make you a more useful employee and more valuable to the company.

One way to gain skills is by completing extra courses in college or even online.

This will enable you acquire knowledge in specific fields of medicine that are related to your job description, thus improving your use and value to the company.

2. Volunteer

Volunteering is a great way to gain extra experience in your work place. Typically, organizations require the medical assistants to participate in community service activities.

It is also an effective way to connect with the people from your work place and other companies.

3. Increase your Reputation

Your reputation as a medical assistant will determine how well you are earning at your job.

The more customers like you, the more successful you are and the more opportunities that will be given to you.

4. Network

Networking is an effective way to increase your salary as a medical assistant in Idaho.

You want to get to know more people and find more people that are more related to your job.

You will encounter people in different fields that can help you connect with the companies you want to work for.

More Career Opportunities for Medical Assistant in Idaho

Here are other related fields you may choose to explore as a medical assistant in Idaho:

  1. Medical Scribe

A Medical Scribe is a person that specializes in the medical field. In the Scribe job, they would record patient’s medical history and other clinical information.

They would also be observing clinical procedures, which are related to different services like Phlebotomy, Pain Management, and Pharmacy.

Some of the tasks can be done by a medical assistant, but the Scribe has more responsibilities than a medical assistant.

2. Medical Receptionist

A Medical Receptionist is an important position in any hospital. The medical receptionist is the first person a patient or a visitor would meet when entering the office.

3. Patient Care Technician

A Patient Care Technician works with the registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and physicians in many health care facilities like hospitals.

4. Care Coordinator

A Care Coordinator works with patients in long-term care facilities and other healthcare institutions, providing assistance with personal care, hygiene and grooming, housekeeping, meal preparation and disaster planning.


The medical assistant salary in Idaho is high enough to get a good start in life, but it is also important that one works hard and takes advantage of opportunities to increase their salary.

One of the best ways of getting a better salary as a medical assistant in Idaho is networking with professionals and clients in the field of medicine.

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