Medical Assistant Salary in Arizona and How to increase It

By | July 14, 2023
Medical Assistant Salary in Arizona
The cities that pay the highest salaries to medical assistants in Arizona include Casas Adobes, Phoenix, and Scottsdale. Image source: arizonacollege.

The medical assistant salary in Arizona is averagely $42,885 per year.

The top paying cities are Casas Adobes, Phoenix and Scottsdale while the highest paying companies are BayCare Health System, Adventist Health, and Kaiser Permanente.

This post also covers the job outlook for medical assistants in Arizona, other jobs in related fields, and tips for increasing one’s salary working in Arizona as a medical assistant.

Medical Assistant Salary Arizona Cities

Here is salary information for medical assistants across cities in Arizona:

 CitiesHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
11.San Tan Valley$17.53$40,805
17.Casas Adobes$21.88$50,935
18.Queen Creek$17.80$41,444
20.Lake Havasu City$17.68$41,157
21.Casa Grande$18.02$41,962
23.Catalina Foothills$20.09$46,772
24.Prescott Valley$17.06$39,712
25.Oro Valley$18.24$42,467
27.Sierra Vista$18.29$42,573
28.Bullhead City$17.52$40,786
29.Apache Junction$17.48$40,702
30.Sun City$18.15$42,268
Medical assistant salaries across the state of Arizona

Cities with Highest Medical Assistant Salary in Arizona

Here are the top 10 paying cities for medical assistants in Arizona:

 CitiesHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.Casas Adobes$21.88$50,935
4.Catalina Foothills$20.09$46,772
Cities that pay the highest salaries to medical assistants in Arizona

Skills-based Medical Assistant Salary in Arizona

Having relevant skills and certifications makes a medical assistant earn higher than others who don’t have them in Arizona.

Some of the skills the industry values in the state of Arizona include:

  1. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  2. Electrocardiogram (EKG)
  3. Phlebotomy
  4. Computer literacy
  5. Telephone skills.

Experience-based Medical Assistant Salary in Arizona

Experience is another factor that can influence the salary of a medical assistant in Arizona.

A medical assistant in Arizona with more experience like 10 years or more may be able to earn $49,940 while a new employee with less than one year experience may make $39,602.

10 Companies with Highest Medical Assistant Salary in Arizona

Here are top 10 paying companies for medical assistants in Arizona:

 CompanyHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.BayCare Health System$24.27$56,509
2.Adventist Health$23.63$55,022
3.Kaiser Permanente$23.60$54,943
5.Action Urgent Care$22.85$53,204
6.Family Health Centers of San Diego$22.48$52,343
7.MultiCare Health System$22.32$51,968
8.NYU Langone Health$22.18$51,650
9.Virginia Mason Franciscan Health$21.12$49,171
Companies that pay the highest salaries to medical assistants in Arizona

10 Highest Paying Medical Assistants Jobs in Arizona

Some of the top paying medical assistant jobs in Arizona include:

  1. Cardiology medical assistant; $34,140
  2. Back office medical assistant; $29,715
  3. Medical administrative assistant; $39,985
  4. Medical research assistant; $37,148
  5. Certified medical assistant; $45,498
  6. Registered medical assistant; $33,835
  7. Lead medical assistant; $38,583
  8. Medical assistant/phlebotomist; $42,053
  9. Travel medical assistant; $39,975
  10. Medical assistant instructor; $49,110.

More Benefits for Medical Assistants in Arizona

Employers in Arizona commonly offer benefits to medical assistants, such as:

  1. Paid vacation

This benefit is very useful for the medical assistant in Arizona because it can give them some time to relax after working long hours.

Some employers offer more than one week vacation while others might allow unlimited vacation time.

2. Health insurance

Health insurance is another benefit that medical assistants in Arizona receive from their employers.

This benefit enables the medical assistant to be protected in case of an accident, and also to prevent illnesses like the flu and colds, which can hamper a medical assistant’s performance at work.

3. Life insurance

Another benefit that is generally provided by employers to their employees is life insurance. This benefit gives medical assistants the comfort of knowing that their loved ones will be taken care of should they be unable to work.

4. Tuition reimbursement

Medical assistants can also receive educational assistance from their employers or from the schools which they enroll in.

This reimbursement can help pay for some of these expenses, like tuition and books.

Some medical assistants will also be able to receive scholarships and grants for further education, which might include certification programs, professional organizations and college degrees.

What Related Job Titles to Medical Assistants Earn in Arizona

Here is a list of related jobs earnings to medical assistants in Arizona:

  • Phlebotomist; $42,636
  • Patient Care Technician; $39,519
  • Medical Scribe; $40,866
  • Patient Care Coordinator; $67,490
  • Medical Receptionist; $35,067

Medical Assistant Salary and Job Outlook in Arizona

The average medical assistant pay and outlook between 2016 and 2026 vary slightly by state, with Arizona anticipated to have the highest employment increase at 45.41%.

Factors driving growth for medical assistants include an aging population and an increase in the number of outpatient procedures being conducted as health care delivery.

This shifts more emphasis toward treating conditions outside of hospitals.

How to increase your Pay as a Medical Assistants in Arizona

Medical assistants are in demand in Arizona and there are ways one can increase their salary, here is some advice:

  1. Look for job in a different location.

Search for medical assistant jobs across the state of Arizona if you really want to make more money.

Salaries of medical assistants vary depending on the location. If you are looking for better paying job, you should consider relocating.

2. Apply for promotions

Ask your employer to promote you as a medical assistant, chances are they have several positions to fill with qualified applicants who will help increase the office productivity and efficiency.

3. Start your own business

The possibility of starting your own business is another option to increasing your income as a medical assistant in Arizona.

You can start a portable medical equipment cleaning business, among others.

4. Increase the quantity of patients

You can also increase your pay as a medical assistant in Arizona by bringing or referring more patients to your office.

This will not only add extra income but will also give you extra exposure and a chance to increase your salary in the long run or even move up to become a supervisor or office manager.

More Career Opportunities for Medical Assistants in Arizona

If you are looking for other career opportunities outside of medical assisting, then you can try entering any of these fields:

  1. Radiation Therapy & Oncology

This field is unique because it follows the areas of radiation, radiation therapy, and oncology.

This is a career with large advancement prospects and you will be the one who will help cancer victims to enjoy a comfortable life during their recovery period after having a surgery.

2. Pathologist

This is a career that deals with the examination, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases in humans.

Pathologists are experts in making medical diagnoses and are also very knowledgeable about the anatomy of a body, including its organs and structures.

3. Cardiology Medical Assistant

Cardiology medical assistants work closely with cardiologists to assess patients with heart issues and to make sure they are medically fit before they undergo a procedure.

This is a career with large salary and great prospects because there will always be demand for qualified cardiology medical assistants.

4. Orthodontist

Orthodontists specialize in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of malocclusion in patients.

An orthodontic assistant helps the doctor to carry out their tasks, such as taking x-rays, cleaning teeth, or helping them prepare treatment plans.


Medical assisting is a highly competitive field and has a lot of career advancement prospects in Arizona.

You can increase your salary as a medical assistant in Arizona by applying for promotions, earning certifications and enrolling for certification programs.

Other career opportunities you can explore in Arizona with medical assistant background include operating room assistant, nurse assistant, and cardiology medical assistant.

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