Medical Assistant Salary in Alaska and How to increase It

By | July 14, 2023
Medical Assistant Salary in Alaska
The cities that pay the highest salaries to medical assistants in Alaska include Tanaina, Badger, and Fish hook. Image source: alaskacareercollege.

The Medical Assistant salary in Alaska is $50,447 per year.

The highest paying cities are Tanaina, Badger, and Fish hook while the best paying companies are Vtech Solution Inc., BayCare Health System, and Adventist Health.

This post also covers the job outlook for medical assistants in Alaska, other jobs in related fields, and tips to augment one’s salary as a medical assistant in the state of Alaska.

Medical Assistant Salary in Alaska Cities

Here is salary information for medical assistants across cities in Alaska:

CitySalary hourlySalary Yearly
12.Meadow Lakes$17.01$39,611
15.Eielson AFB$18.71$43,554
18.Fish hook$23.65$55,063
20.Chena Hot Springs$18.32$42,655
Medical assistant salaries aross Alaska

Cities with Highest Medical Assistant Salary in Alaska

Here are top 10 paying cities for medical assistants in Alaska:

CitySalary hourlySalary Yearly
3.Fish hook$23.65$55,063
Cities that pay the highest salaries to medical assistants in Alasks

Skill-based Medical Assistant Salary in Alaska

In Alaska, skills and certifications can help a medical assistant earn higher than their colleagues in the same field.

Some of these skills include:

  1. Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)
  2. Telemetry
  3. Endoscopy
  4. Communication skills
  5. Problem solving skills.

Experience-based Medical Assistant Salary in Alaska

Experience is a major factor when it comes to determining the medical assistant salary in Alaska.

A medical assistant with lots of experience, like 10 years or more, may be able to earn around $55,683 than a new employee with less than one year of work experience, who could make about $44,156.

10 Companies with Highest Medical Assistant Salary in Alaska

Here are top 10 paying companies for medical assistant in Alaska:

 CompanyHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.Vtech Solution Inc$38.31$89,195
2.BayCare Health System$24.27$56,509
3.Adventist Health$23.63$55,022
4.Kaiser Permanente$23.60$54,943
6.Anchorage Neighborhood Health Center$22.89$53,288
7.Action Urgent Care$22.85$53,204
8.Family Health Centers of San Diego$22.48$52,343
9.Planned Parenthood$22.36$52,062
10.MultiCare Health System$22.32$51,968
Companies that pay the highest salaries to medical assistant in Alaska

10 Highest Paying Medical Assistants Jobs in Alaska

Here are some of the top paying medical assistant jobs in Alaska:

  1. Cardiology medical assistant; $38,710
  2. Back office medical assistant; $39,911
  3. Medical administrative assistant; $44,920
  4. Senior medical assistant; $40,835
  5. Certified medical assistant; $42,500
  6. Medical office assistant; $41,777
  7. Lead medical assistant; $43,324
  8. Medical assistant/phlebotomist; $40,440
  9. Travel medical assistant; $49,920
  10. Medical assistant instructor; $50,738.

More Benefits for Medical Assistants in Alaska

Employers in Alaska usually provide certain benefits to medical assistants, such as:

  1. Medical malpractice insurance

The medical malpractice insurance is a group of insurance policies to protect doctors and medical staff from claims they have made against them or are alleged to have made against them.

Medical malpractice happens when either a doctor or medical worker has done something that has given injury to a patient.

2. Employer paid life and disability

Medical assistants are provided with a life insurance in Alaska, which is paid by their employers, and a disability insurance, which is paid by their employers also.

They are set to cover any financial needs the medical assistant may have in the event of the death of a family member or themselves.

3. 401k plans

A 401k plan works just like it sounds; it allows employees to save up part of their paychecks for retirement.

They also help medical assistants with emergency funds in case of an unexpected loss of income, such as a lay off.

4. Employee discounts

Medical assistants are given employee discounts to most of the big name retail stores. Some stores provide discounts up to 20%.

What Related Job Titles to Medical Assistant Earn in Alaska

Here are earnings by related job titles to medical assistant in Alaska:

  • Patient Care Coordinator; $33,000
  • Medical Receptionist; $42096
  • Phlebotomist; $42,820
  • Patient Care Technician; $37,691
  • Medical Scribe; $38,785.

Medical Assistant Salary and Job Outlook in Alaska

Projection Central predicts an 8.6% increase in Alaska medical assistant employment from 1,740 in 2018 to 1,890 in 2028.

According to the forecast, 220 new jobs would be created each year, signaling a promising future for medical assistants in Alaska.

How to increase your Pay as a Medical Assistants in Alaska

There are ways in Alaska by which an individual can increase their salary as a medical assistant. Some of these include:

  1. Getting employer promotions

It is possible for an individual to increase their pay through employer promotions; however, it may take several steps to get to that higher level.

All of these steps are based on performance and timing.

2. Earning a certification

A medical assistant can jump up their medical certifications or change their position by obtaining a certification or a degree.

It may take several years of schooling to obtain the certifications or degrees.

3. Getting experience and improving skills as a medical assistant

It is possible for an individual medical assistant in Alaska to improve their management skills by working with their employer and getting additional training on their job duties.

They can also improve on their writing and speaking skills by taking courses in organizational development, public speaking, and professional writing.

4. Working with employers to get good reviews

It is possible for medical assistants to get a great review from their employers by doing a good job.

They can achieve this by listening to what the client has to say and improving on the care they give to their patients.

The more clients are satisfied with the treatment they receive, the higher the pay will be for the medical assistant.

More Career Opportunities for Medical Assistants in Alaska

There are several other related careers a medical assistants can explore in Alaska, which also pay competitive salaries. These include:

  1. Patient service representative

A patient service representative is a person who will assist patients and visitors on a day-to-day basis by handling and tracking their telephone requests and scheduling meetings.

They also help the office staff locate needed files, answer patient questions, offer directions, and even carry out special assignments as requested.

2. Medical support assistant

A medical support assistant may not be doctors but they are qualified to provide continued medical assistance to the patient while helping physicians in different functions (taking vital signs, cleaning the environment around patients, applying castings to certain body areas).

They are also required to do any other tasks assigned to them by the physicians or registered nurses.

3. Disaster medical technician

A disaster medical technician is a technician that is usually part of a team of disaster officials.

They provide medical services during times of crisis and emergency situations like floods, riots, armed forces operations, and natural disasters.

This work requires significant physical effort as disaster medical technicians are required to work in adverse environments for extended periods of time.

4. Healthcare assistant

Healthcare assistants are also referred to as certified nursing assistant or CNA.

They have been trained in basic first aid and have been certified to provide limited medical care to patients in hospitals and other medical facilities.

They are also trained in handling and administering medications, using medical equipment, taking vital signs (temperature, pulse, and respiration), assisting with diagnostic tests, and providing emotional support and other tasks as required by their employers.


Working as a medical assistant in Alaska is a great job, with good pay and benefits.

It is important to keep your credentials up to date, and it is easy, as long as you get the proper education and training to do it.

Though some of the certifications you need to advance in your medical assistant career in Alaska may require several years of schooling, however, the pay and benefits are worth it.

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