15 Information Technology Engineer Skills to be Best on the Job

By | August 26, 2023
Information technology engineer skills and qualities
Having a strong computer networking skill is a vital quality an IT engineer should have to be effective on the job.

15 Information Technology Engineer Skills to be Best on the Job

The information technology engineer job is challenging and requires certain skills and qualities to effective on it.

If you work as an IT engineer or are aspiring to get into the career and are thinking of what you need to succeed on the job, this post provides the answer you are looking for.

It details the skills and qualities you need to be best on the job and have a successful career.

Read on, but first let’s answer the question:

What do Information Technology Engineers Do?

IT engineers develop, test, install, configure, and troubleshoot technology and software programs.

They also create proper documentation, diagrams, and other detailed instructions for best use of technologies, and help their employers meet their needs for computer hardware, software, and networking tools.

Information technology engineers perform various duties which include installing and configuring computer software and hardware, systems, printers and scanners, and networks; solving password problems, responding to breakdowns, repairing equipment and replacing parts. See detailed information technology engineer job description.

They work in different environments, rendering IT engineering services to the government, healthcare, business, schools, and other kinds of organizations.

15 Information Technology Engineer Skills and Qualities to be Best on your Job

1. Math Skills. This is part of the skills used at work, and it is very vital to the engineering profession. Knowledge of math will save you a lot of stress eventually. As an IT engineer you need to know your way around calculations and measurements to help reduce complications.

2. Time Management Skills. IT engineers need to find ways to manage their time in a more effective way. The job is so tedious and intensively tiresome, but with good time management skills you will likely find it not too stressful. The IT engineer should know how to assess project duration and the amount of time needed for accomplishing each project.

3. User Experience Design. This includes working with HTML/CSS, Adobe Creative Suite, and JavaScript, and it is a highly demanded skill. A good IT engineer understands how users interact with technology, and implements these interfaces especially in fields where the transition to digital programs and online systems is accelerating.

4. Active Listening. IT engineers should get used to giving full attention to what other people are saying, taking their time to understand the points being made. They should also ask appropriate questions and avoid interruption at inappropriate times.

5. Networking Skills. Information technology engineers need to understand how networks work, DNS, and how to check it. Knowledge of simple troubleshooting and how to ping and trace route machines is essential. Whether you are a system administrator, a business analyst, or a help desk technician, you need the networking skills for wider experience.

6. Excellent Communication Skills. To be an effective IT engineer you must possess the ability to communicate, both verbally and in writing. As a good communicator, you need to be competent in a second language and expert in public speaking. Not everybody understands the technical language, so in that case you have to use plain English to communicate effectively. This has great influence on you professionally, and you can easily be noticed.

7. Leadership skills. During project management, you really need leadership skills to help you plan, delegate, make decisions, set priorities, and influence people. For you to develop these skills you need to get involved in a school, civic, professional or church group as a volunteer.

8. Teamwork. Working in a team environment is a great skill you need to develop as an IT engineer. Nobody completes an engineering project alone without a team of workers. This is an indication that you need a team to work with. Voluntary activities can help you gain experience of team work, if you can give it a try.

9. Systems Administration and Evaluation. Information technology engineers should be able to identify measures or indicators of system performance and the actions needed to improve or correct performance, related to the goals of the system. They need to understand file permissions, access levels, and reasons why machines talk to the domain controllers.

10. Strong Analytical Skills. Every aspect of information technology engineering needs to be approached with an analytical mind. Development of solution is very important and needs to meet all of the requirements with as little risk in the construction process as possible. It is necessary to experiment and test before work actually begins, so don’t count on the losses incurred in the process.

11. Attention to Details. During the planning and construction processes of IT engineering complex projects, detailed attention has to be paid. If high level of attention to detail is not given in this process, some important things might be forgotten. Therefore, in order to avoid unnecessary mistakes that might be detrimental to the project, attention to details should be considered an important skill to possess.

12. SQL Skills. Structured Queried Language (SQL) is a technical skill that is highly sought after by many because of its ability to work with nearly all databases, according to Ibro Palic, CEO of Resume Templates for Mac. Organizations that collect a lot of data need a professional who knows how to use SQL to quickly pull out key data components and generate reports that aid the decision-making process.

13. Problem Solving Skills. As an information technology engineer, you need the ability to identify complex problems and come up with the right answers. To be able to find solutions to problems you need the ability to think critically, analyze options and then come up with a perfect solution.

14. Technical Writing Skills. This gives information technology engineers the ability to explain complex concepts to those who have limited knowledge of the IT engineering world. They can understand this more if only you have the ability to express your meanings in writing.

15. Multitasking Skills. Information technology engineers are often involved in many tasks at once and must be able to manage all of their responsibilities simultaneously. Multitasking skills will help reduce the stress involved in management of time and ability to prioritize.

Information Technology Engineer Skills for Resume

If you are writing a resume for an information technology engineering position, you can create the skills or core competence section of it by applying the skills and qualities provided above.

A good core competence section of your resume will convince the recruiter that you have the best skills and qualities for the information technology engineer job.


If you are an information technology engineer who wants to improve on your job performance, developing the above skills and qualities will enable you to be effective and excel in your career.

Employers needing to hire people for the IT engineer position can make the above qualities part of the major requirements applicants must meet to access the job.

This will enable you to get the best qualified and effective candidate for the job.

Did you find the IT engineer skills and qualities provided in this post useful? Do let us know what you think about this post; you may also share other valuable skills for the success of an information technology engineer that you know, in the box below.