Hair Salon Receptionist Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | May 27, 2024
Hair Salon Receptionist Job Description
Hair Salon Receptionists attend to visitors and clients to the salon.

This post provides exhaustive information on the job description of a hair salon receptionist, including the duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

What Does a Hair Salon Receptionist Do?

A hair salon receptionist is a person who receives and attends to clients who walk into the salon to have their hair and other beauty needs done, as well as make inquiries about services rendered in the salon.

The job description of the hair salon receptionist involves ensuring that clients/customers do not experience difficulties while in the salon by giving them the information they need and making them feel comfortable.

Seated at the front desk, the receptionist welcomes clients as they enter the salon and seeks to know the aim of their visit in order to attend to them accordingly. He/she does this in a very friendly manner so as to make clients feel comfortable.

Salon receptionists exhibit high level of phone etiquette as they answer incoming calls to the salon from clients who want to make inquiries or make reservations for a visit to the salon.

The role also includes maintaining high level of professionalism; salon receptionists are also expected to exude calmness and cordiality.

A receptionist at a hair salon understands the importance of first impressions and as such, carries him/her self uprightly to make a positive impression on clients by dressing in good and decent manner.

While guests make inquiries, he/she freely interacts with them and exhibits good knowledge of hair care by making meaningful statements and providing useful answers to hair questions they might ask.

While the receptionist may not necessarily be the one to clean the salon, their responsibilities also include supervising the cleaning of the salon, and ensuring it is made tidy early enough before work begins for the day, as this will influence client perception of the salon.

Hair Salon Receptionists Job Description Sample/Example/Template

The sample job description shown below is typical for receptionists working in hair salons. It consists of major duties, tasks, and responsibilities, which they must perform:

  • Greet clients as they step into the salon; take their inquiries and make them feel comfortable while they wait to be attended to; and schedule appointments for clients with hair stylists.
  • Offer clients some refreshments as they wait for their turn to be attended to, and offer them magazines to read.
  • Answer the telephone and attend to inquiries made over the phone, and also make bookings for clients.
  • Be very knowledgeable about various hair care products and give clients useful advice about the products if they seek your opinion.
  • Check products in the salon to ensure that they are not out of stock, and inform management of products in shortage in order for them to place orders for more supplies.
  • Create and send out reminder messages such as texts and emails to the salon clients, reminding them of their bookings and appointments just in case they have forgotten.
  • Keep records of client payment/billings for services rendered in the salon, create roster for staff and record commissions for stylists.

Hair Salon Receptionist Resume Preparation: To prepare a resume to be used for seeking the job of receptionist in a hair salon, the job description example given above can provide useful information in creating the professional experience section of the resume, as well as for other sections.

Hair Salon Receptionist Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

Below are the major requirements, including knowledge, skills, and abilities usually expected that receptionists for hair salon firms should possess to be effective on their job:

  • Good knowledge of hair care and beauty products.
  • Exhibit good human relations skills.
  • Ability to resolve issues amicable, especially with clients.
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Have good temperament.

Hair Salon Receptionist Resources

To help in making you a better receptionist in a hair salon and growing your career, here are useful resources you can access:

Professional Organizations

The National Association of Professional Receptionists The Association promotes the value of a professional receptionist, sSets standards for professionalism through certification, etc. National Customer Service Association The Association equips its members with the right information and skills to be effective in customer relationships.

Useful Blogs

Myreceptionist Provides lots of customer service and receptionist topics to help you improve your skills and knowledge. Beyond the Reception Desk Provides resources on receptionists' training, telephone techniques, confidentiality, communication skills, and more.

Helpful Books

The New Receptionist: An essential guide to the professional workplace This book can help you to go from receptionist to CEO. The Receptionist Handbook A no-nonsense guide to being a receptionist that every front desk employee should read. Medical Receptionist Handbook to Success A comprehensive guide for all front desk workers in the healthcare industry.