Database Administrator Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | November 12, 2023
Database Administrator Job Description
Database administrator work with other professionals to design and develop company database system.

This post provides detailed information on the database administrator job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the database administrator role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Database Administrator Do?

Database administrators are responsible for the storage, organization, and management of electronic data.

The database administrator job description entails developing and maintaining the computer database of various business organizations.

In performing their duties, database administrators install and test new database management systems.

They carry out assessments to identify user needs and develop database solutions effective in meeting those needs.

They also implement security plans to maintain database integrity and protect against cyber-attacks.

Database administrators ensure company database systems function efficiently and meet the requirements of an organization.

Their role also involves liaising with IT project managers, programmers, and other technical staff to design and develop a database system.

They also conduct periodic tests to evaluate the performance of a system and make modifications where necessary.

Usually, database administrators write and implement procedures for the operation and maintenance of a database.

They use software such as Oracle and SQL in storing and managing electronic data.

Their work description also entails executing database backup and recovery processes to allow for data retrieval in case of an emergency.

As part of their responsibilities, database administrators ensure compliance with all database administration legislations and codes.

They set up controls to manage access to a database system and also configure new systems to make them ready for work operations.

Administrators conduct training to educate new users on database operations and ensure database activities are in accordance with set company standards.

Mapping out the physical structure and function of a database system is also part of their description.

In fulfilling their role, administrators working with database collaborate with technical and operational staff to maintain and ensure smooth performance of DBMS.

They produce reports of database management operations to supervisors and proffer recommendation for improved database performance.

To work as a database administrator requires a Bachelor’s degree in computer information systems or information science, or in other computer-related discipline.

To be effective in this career, some of the qualities you need include analytical, communication, critical thinking skills.

Database Administrator Job Description Example/Template

Database administrators perform various functions in keeping their company’s database functioning effectively.

Below is a job description example that highlights typical duties, tasks, and responsibilities of database administrators in most firms:

  • Carry out scheduled maintenance of a database to ensure efficient performance
  • Perform database integration to merge existing database into new ones
  • Carry out database backups and recovery to prevent loss of useful data
  • Conduct assessments to identify areas that requires modifications or updates
  • Design and test beta version of a database to determine how well they meet the needs of end users
  • Develop and implement procedures for data storage, organization, and management
  • Use database software such as SQL in writing and preserving data for an organization
  • Liaise with company management to develop database effective in storing and retrieving necessary information
  • Evaluate the needs of users and implement solutions to meet their data management needs
  • Implement security measures to maintain database integrity and protect important data from cyber attack
  • Organize and conduct training to provide users with information on database operations
  • Coordinate the installation and configuration of new or revised systems
  • Collaborate with IT managers, software developers and programmers to design database system
  • Ensure compliance with company standards and procedures for database administration
  • Attend workshop and educational programs to update job knowledge and skill.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Database Administrator Job

If you are looking to work as a database administrator, the following are common requirements you may be expected to meet by most recruiters:

  • Education and Training: To become a database administrator, you require a Bachelor’s degree in information science, management information system, or in other computer-related discipline. Having a Master’s degree in database management increases job competitiveness. Database administrators are also required to have good knowledge of SQL or other database system
  • Analytical Skill: Database administrators are able to perform diagnostic tests to identify and provide solutions to database issues
  • Communication Skill: They are adept at interacting and working with a team of programmers and IT experts to design and maintain company database
  • Critical thinking Skill: They are able to convert data into logical patterns that can be analyzed.


If you are an employer needing a database administrator job description to use in hiring for the position, this post provides a suitable sample copy you can apply as a template to quickly make one.

You are sure to make a good work description that can help you get the best qualified candidates for the role using the detailed database administrator duties and responsibilities presented in this article.

This post is equally useful to people interested in working as administrator on company databases. They will learn a great deal about what the job entails and so become better prepared for the career.