Cyber Security Analyst Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 7, 2023
Cyber Security Analyst Job Description
Cyber Security Analysts carry out functions relating to information security issues in an organization.

This post provides detailed information on the cyber security analyst job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that they typically perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be expected to fulfill to be hired for the cyber security analyst role by most recruiters/employers.

What Does a Cyber Security Analyst Do?

Cyber security analysts are responsible for identifying information security issues that may pose an immediate risk to an organization’s business operations, customers, employees, suppliers, partners, or shareholders and alert them on real-time.

The cyber security analyst job description entails managing a company’s IT security and risk, as well as analyzing and identifying security solutions.

His/her role also involves interacting directly with other functions on issues concerning security.

The cyber security analyst works under the supervision of the CIO and has the responsibility over a comprehensive data security program for the organization’s system, which entails providing development, training, execution, and monitoring.

His/her duties also involves developing and maintaining policies and procedures, as well as creating and maintaining the right time period for changing access rules and passwords.

He/she carries out appropriate checks and gives authorization to requests, as well as performs auditing functions on access rights periodically in line with the required HIPAA policies.

The information security analyst (as this position may also be called) also carries out vulnerability testing and scans, as well as configuration updates.

He/she operates software tools needed to effectively observe and analyze network vulnerabilities, as well as configures and carry out necessary testing on dedicated application vulnerability.

The cyber security analyst work description also involves setting up of scans to effectively detect malicious software and hardware that might be present on the network.

It also includes carrying out security reviews or/and audits of existing and newly acquired systems; making recommendations on particular improvements to internal controls and security; and carrying out information security risk assessment annually.

The cyber security analyst also has the obligation to ensure breaches and anomalies are effectively handled by developing prompt response procedures.

He/she is also responsible for completing statistical and status reports, as well as providing fast and timely responses.

His/her duties also involve finding ways to improve security by suggesting configuration changes to server, network, client, and/or security devices.

The analyst is also responsible for monitoring security events for global security incidents and carrying out appropriate investigation to discover root causes.

Cyber Security Analyst Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Cyber security analysts perform various functions in ensuring an organization’s information security issues are effectively handled.

The major duties, tasks, purpose, objectives, and responsibilities performed by cyber security analysts are presented in the job description example below:

  • Ensure the identification of required security related issues, and that they are alerted upon by configuring and establishing monitoring, correlation, and alerting solutions
  • Correlate all reported events from various multiple systems and network areas where potential security incident is identified; ensure the situation is handled promptly and effectively by starting the process of security incident response
  • Carry out proper configuration of security solutions applied in protecting company asset such that the implemented SIEM solution reports all pertinent events
  • Carry out configuration and maintenance of the implemented SIEM solution to enable it effectively identify and alert upon potential security events, as well as reduce false positives simultaneously
  • Participate in the investigations being performed by the Information Security team
  • Participate in maintaining a DLP solution to effectively give notice of violations to affected parties, and to reduce incidences of false positives
  • Assist in the configuration of intrusion detection and prevention solutions based in the host and network servers to effectively identify potential security incidents
  • Produce and maintain dashboards for monitoring security information for the management and Information Security team, to be able to provide various degree of visibility both real-time and over extended periods of the security events within the environment
  • Ensure that all solutions set up for security and monitoring can effectively monitor and report upon security events happening within the environment by assigning security solution agents to devices and systems
  • Participate in the process of selecting and reviewing of information security solutions
  • Work with major service providers to resolve security issues identified with their managed systems and infrastructure in line with the company’s incident response requirements
  • Assist in compiling and producing reports on monthly issue and trend for the enhancement of the functions of the Enterprise Security and Support management
  • Make recommendations for changes to the environment that can help in the removal of vulnerabilities and reduction in the risk of exploitation that may result in potential incidents
  • Participate in ensuring team processes and documentation are effectively documented and maintained
  • Participate in designing and implementing efforts towards enhancing ticketing solution so as to simplify monitoring and alerting efforts, as well as streamline incident management tasks
  • Recommend and execute ideas to improve processes based on lessons learnt over time in performing assigned duties
  • Initiate and produce custom scripts needed to make logging and alerting requirements easy and effective
  • Perform as an escalation point for all incidents relating to potential security
  • Carry out other enterprise security and support duties that may be assigned by management.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge for the Cyber Security Analyst Role

When applying for the role of a cyber security analyst, the major requirements most employers will expect you to meet include the following:

  • Some years of information security experience
  • Some working experience with SIEM solutions management
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of the various ways attacks are carried out against a system or network and how to effectively detect them
  • Possess advanced analytical skills and strong ability to maintain calmness and being diplomatic under highly stressful situations
  • Strong multitasking skills to be able to effectively manage multiple activities, including cross-team dependent activities simultaneously
  • Strong ability to work effectively in collaboration with other members of a team or/and other professionals with minimal supervision
  • Strong ability to quickly learn new processes and technologies, and to adapt to changes in sequences and timelines
  • Strong communication skills, including written and verbal, and ability to work off hours when needed
  • Possess certification in CEH, CISSP, and GIAC.


This post, including the sample job description provided is helpful in preparing a detailed description of the cyber security analyst job.

Therefore, if you are an employer or hr manager needing to hire for the cyber security analyst position, you can use this post to effectively describe the purpose, objectives, and obligations of the role in your organization so that only well qualified persons send in their applications.

This article will also help individuals seeking to work as a cyber security analyst to learn as much as they can about the information security career and so improve their chances of success in it.