Cardinal Health Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
Cardinal Health Hiring Process
Getting a job with Cardinal Health entails passing through the company’s hiring process. Image source: consultancy.

Cardinal Health Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews and Employment

The Cardinal Health hiring process involves various stages, including job application and interview, where you will be expected to answer specific questions to prove your suitability for employment with the Company.

This post provides exhaustive information on the recruitment process at Cardinal Health, to help you in your quest of finding employment there.

Please, continue reading to learn all you need to know to be employed at Cardinal Health:

Cardinal Health Company Overview

Cardinal Health, Inc. is a worldwide health care service company which deals on the provision of pharmaceutical and medical products.

This amazing company was founded in the year 1979 and has its corporate headquarters in Dublin, Ohio in the United States of America.

This company has two major divisions: pharmaceutical division and the medical division.

The pharmaceutical division distributes specialty pharmaceutical, over-the-counter healthcare and consumer products, as well as branded and generic pharmaceutical in the United States of America.

The pharmaceutical division also renders services to support the development, marketing and distribution of pharmacy management, specialty pharmaceutical products, medication therapy management and patient outcomes services to hospitals and other healthcare providers.

The medical division deals on the manufacturing and distribution of cardinal health branded laboratory, surgical and medical products.

It also deals on the distribution of a collection of national brand products and medical products to patients’ homes, ambulatory surgery centers etc.

The Cardinal Healthcare Hiring Process

The hiring process at Cardinal Health consists of the following stages:

  1. Job Application Process

The first step towards been considered for a job in Cardinal Health is to apply through their website.

On the website, you will be able to state your city, state, career area and keyword or requisition, as well as your distance.

These are some of the details that are available on the website.

Your application may last up to two weeks before you get a reply from the company. So, you have to be patient and wait for their response.

Before applying, here are some of the qualifications you will need to possess:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Business or Organizational Communications with interest in Human Resources or a related field
  • Impressive GPA of 3.0 or above
  • Previous experience from internship program or relevant training in any field you are aspiring to
  • Knowledge of development life cycle
  • Good knowledge of project management and skills
  • Good work ethics.

2. Interview Process

The interview process at Cardinal Health comes in different forms and dimensions.

The first part is the introductory aspect which involves getting a call from the recruiter, intimating you with the job description of the role that you are seeking, company history, and asking some basic questions about you.

The next is the in person interview with either the manager, sales trainer or any head of the various departments where you might like to work.

The interview is centered on how you intend handling stressful situations, how you can plan your day at the office, how you rate your results and what motivates you daily.

Some of the questions you can anticipate could come in the following form:

  1. What is your yardstick with which you can use to rate your success?
  2. What’s your reaction to both success and failure?
  3. When was the last time you received criticism? And what was your reaction to the criticism?
  4. What caught your interest most while preparing for this interview?
  5. What do you know about Cardinal Health and why do you want to work for the company?
  6. How do you intend to work with a team?
  7. How do you handle opposing views from your team members?

Above are some of the questions you can expect from the recruiter or whoever is overseeing the whole interview process.

Of course, you know that some other questions can come depending on what your interviewer feels is appropriate to ask you.

After this interview process, the company will promise to get back to you.
Getting back to you probably means you have passed the first stage of the interview.

So, this should make you prepare for whatever that will be thrown at you the next time your presence is needed.

On your next call, the company recruiter or manager of the department you applied for is to give you some orientation on the nature of the job and what is expected of you, as well as the terms of pay, be it day or any other terms of payment.

Daily pay is the most notable form of payment in the company.

Cardinal Health Jobs and Careers

The company offers a wide range of employment opportunities which are categorized under departments:

  1. Information technology: Server, network, service center
  2. Finance and accounting: General accounting, collections, cash applications and accounts payable
  3. Customer service: Customer service representatives, customer service supervisor and operations manager
  4. Other support roles: HR, talent acquisition.

Cardinal Health also offers some health trainings and development programs.

The employees are offered the opportunity to get trained in some leadership development trainings.

One of such programs is the EMERGE, which is made available for entry level rotational program, which provides leadership development to employees in an environment where they can rotate through different departments and locations.

Also, the participants of the program are afforded the leverage of exploring careers within their discipline.

This program is meant mainly for recent college graduates with enthusiasm to work in the healthcare industry and are searching for a career boosting and rewarding career in fast-paced, consumer-oriented environment.

What to Expect Working with Cardinal Health

When working with Cardinal Health, there are some things you must make up your mind to deal with and these include the following:

  1. Zero tolerance for incompetence
  2. Criticism when and where necessary
  3. Prioritization of teamwork
  4. Prioritization of time management and meeting of deadlines.


Working for a big firm with global recognition as Cardinal Health is sure to be a dream come true for many job seekers out there.

Working for Cardinal Health comes with some prestige and privileges as well as good pay.

So, going through this article, you should have been guided on what you will need to stand a good chance of landing a good job with this company.

Before applying to Cardinal Health, be sure that you have put yourself in order and get to master some of the questions that might be thrown at you by the interviewer.