Burlington Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | July 15, 2023
Burlington Hiring Process
The Burlington hiring process include taking interviews that may require you to have good knowledge of Burlington’s culture and environment. Image source: NRF

This post provides exhaustive information on the Burlington hiring process, to help guide you through the job application, interviews, and other stages you need to complete successfully to gain employment with Burlington.

The Burlington Hiring Process

The recruitment process at Burlington consists of various stages, including:

Burlington Job Application Process

The first place to start is to apply for a job at Burlington. The easiest way to do this is by visiting their official website and downloading an application form, or one can contact the nearest location to them directly.

After filling out the application, bring it into your local Burlington department store location, or mail it to the corporate headquarters in New Jersey with a resume attached.

Jobs at Burlington

Burlington has over 740 stores and employed over 40,000 employees as at 2018.

Some available positions include store associates, store management, purchasing agents, and loss prevention officers.

Burlington Interview Process

Applicants seeking customer service professions, such as cashier and sales associate, frequently encounter a straightforward, simplified interview procedure.

Interviews are typically low-stress and last 15 minutes or less.

Common interview questions cover fundamental and simple issues including job abilities, past work experience, and availability.

Burlington Coat Factory interviews typically begin with informal queries about employment purpose.

“Why are you interested in working at Burlington Coat Factory?” and “What are your future plans?” are typical examples of Burlington interview questions.

Applicants may also be asked customer-service-related questions, such as “What does customer service mean to you?”

Successful applicants are frequently hired on the spot.

Managerial positions, such as assistant store manager and store manager, need a series of interviews.

Most management interview questions incorporate behavioral prompts and frequently open-ended answer options.

“What is your view of staff stealing against customer theft?” is an example of questions you might be asked in an interview at Burlington.

Hiring managers may also take management candidates out onto sales floors and solicit feedback on how to enhance the businesses.

Tips for passing the Burlington Interview

Here are some tips on how to successfully pass the Burlington job interview:

  • Knowledge of Burlington’s culture and environment.
  • Understanding the job description.
  • Demonstrate past work experience in related fields.
  • Avoid negativity and admit mistakes.
  • Give specific examples about your skills, abilities and experience for the position you are applying for.
  • Be friendly, energetic, and open to new ideas.
  • Review your answer to all interview questions.
  • Do not take the meeting lightly and go in prepared with relevant resumes or other forms of reference materials.
  • Shake hands, smile, and act like an employee would when at work place.

Burlington Interview Questions and Answers

Here are sample questions (and answers) you may encounter in a job interview at Burlington:

  1. Why do you want to work at Burlington Coat Factory?

I really enjoy working with customers and offering them helpful suggestions.

2. What is your greatest strength in customer service?

I am detail-oriented and skilled with handling all customer inquiries.

3. What is your greatest weakness?

I sometimes rush with completing tasks and try to do them too fast.

4. What are your aspirations over the next five years?

My goal is to be a full time assistant store manager at Burlington Coat Factory by the end of this year.

5. Why is Burlington Coat Factory a good company to work for?

Burlington coat factory has a very friendly environment and they place a lot of importance on customer service.

How Long Does Burlington Hiring Process Take

When examining 1,260 user-submitted interviews across all job categories, the recruiting process at Burlington Stores takes an average of 12 days.

Receiving associate candidates had the fastest recruiting process (on average 5 days), whereas sales associate candidates had the slowest hiring procedure (on average 9 days).

Major Burlington Careers and Jobs

Some of the major Burlington careers and jobs available include:

  1. Customer Service Office Attendant

A Burlington store’s customer service office attendant is a person whose main responsibility is to handle customer and guest services.

This includes greeting customers, maintaining sales floor morale and receiving, processing, and serving customers.

All of this is done in a friendly manner, with genuine enthusiasm. The office attendant’s office typically sits near the front of the store.

2. Sales Associate

A Burlington Store sales associate is typically responsible for attracting potential customers to  their store.

They are also the person to answer customers’ questions about the store’s products and services.

Sales associates must be friendly, outgoing, and energetic in order for them to attract potential customers.

In addition, a sales associate must have a great deal of integrity and ethics in order to successfully work in the coat-shop industry.

3. General Merchandise Salesperson

General merchandise salesperson is what most people consider as a typical Burlington coat-shop position.

This may include sales associates who work in the men’s, women’s, and children’s departments.

A general merchandise salesperson is responsible for accurately pricing items, taking inventory, and pulling items out from the stockroom.

4. Cashier

A cashier at a Burlington store is responsible for receiving payments from their customers by performing cash register operations, such as scanning products, accepting payment from customers and processing refunds.

This position requires a person to be highly detail-oriented, dependable, and possess a high level of skill when handling retail transactions.

5. Online Sales Associate

A Burlington coat-shop’s online sales associate is an employee who must be extremely efficient, organized, and well-organized.

Online sales associates typically work in the departments of men’s and children’s department, but can also work in specialty departments such as electronics or jewelry.

The job requires flexibility, the ability to adapt to changing situations, and a positive attitude towards customers.

What to Expect Working at Burlington

Burlington offers a range of benefits like 401K, paid vacation, health insurance, and a 401k match.

There is also a great employee discount program available to Burlington employees as well.

What some Employees Dislike about Working at Burlington

Some employees claim that their schedules are inflexible and that their co-workers are unreliable.

Burlington Company Profile

Burlington Stores (Burlington) is a well-known off-price shop that sells high-quality, branded clothing at daily cheap rates.

The apparel company, which established its reputation selling coats, has roughly 840 no-frills retail outlets in approximately 45 states plus Puerto Rico, offering off-price contemporary, brand-name items.

Although it is one of the nation’s leading coat retailers, the stores also provide a comprehensive line of children’s clothing, bath supplies, furnishings, toys, jewelry, linens, and shoes.

Two higher-priced Cohoes Fashions stores and one MJM Designer Shoe store are sister businesses.

Burlington was founded in 1972.


The Burlington location is ideal for anyone who wants to get a job at a clothing retailer.

The Burlington interview questions and answers and other information shared above will help you to successfully complete the Burlington hiring process and be employed.