Architectural Engineer Job Description Example

By | August 26, 2023
Architectural engineer job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Part of the job of an architectural engineer is to ensure set building standards and specifications are adhered to.

Architectural Engineer Job Description Example

What Does an Architectural Engineer Do?

Architectural engineers can be referred to as onsite architects who employ their knowledge of building designs and specifications in directing and monitoring construction project.

The job description of architectural engineers who are also known as building engineers according to their capacities entails overseeing the structural electrical and mechanical operations in a construction to ensure efficient utilities.

They work with construction professionals such as contractors and engineers to supervise and direct construction operations.

They also design solutions to difficulties and problems with a building construction.

Architectural engineers in performing their duties study and evaluate construction blueprints and plans to ensure a feasible design.

They usually focus more on the structural integrity and safety of a proposed structure as opposed to building aesthetics and style.

They also conduct estimates to determine the cost requirements of getting construction materials.

As part of their responsibilities, architectural engineers carry out tests to determine the structural integrity of a building.

They select or recommend appropriate raw materials and components required for construction.

They also monitor contractor activities to ensure adherence to building codes and procedures.

Usually, the work description of architectural engineers involves proffering recommendations on necessary changes and upgrades required for increased efficiency.

They make adjustments on lighting and heating systems to enhance overall safety.

They also ensure compliance with all federal and local laws on housing and construction.

Architectural engineers design ventilation, lighting, and plumbing system to be efficient, safe and durable.

They may modify a building design mid-construction to accommodate additional components as required by a client.

They also produce diagrams of building plans by manual hand drafting or with the aid of CAD software.

In fulfilling their role, architectural engineers conduct research to identify recent trends and developments in architectural engineering.

They design and integrate a building’s HVAC, plumbing, electrical, lighting and fire protection systems.

They also maintain an up-to-date knowledge of safe designs, material characteristics and building codes in order to erect an environmentally friendly and stable structure.

To work as an architectural engineer requires a Bachelor’s degree in civil or architectural engineering.

Licensing is also required to function as a professional architectural engineer.

Success on the job requires having certain qualities, including communication, math, and observational skills.

Architectural Engineer Job Description Example/Template

Architectural engineers perform various duties, tasks, and responsibilities; the major ones are shown in the job description example below:

  • Design heating, plumbing, lighting, and ventilation systems to be effective and safe
  • Analyze building plans and blueprints to ensure they are accurate and feasible
  • Direct and supervise building contractors to ensure compliance with set standards and specifications
  • Collaborate with architects, engineers, and project managers to design and implement an efficient system of operation
  • Carry out cost estimates of construction materials to determine a project budget
  • Oversee the procurement of select materials and component for a construction project
  • Ensure building operations are in compliance with government housing laws and building codes
  • Sketch and design building plans by hand drafting or with the aid of CAD programs
  • Oversee the installation of electrical, structural and fire protection systems to ensure a safe and efficient setup
  • Conduct tests to determine the structural integrity of a building against seismic vibrations
  • Evaluate the efficiency of fire alarms, lightening protection and other safety add-ons to ensure they are operational
  • Adjust a building plan to contain additional components/sections as may be required by clients
  • Perform materials testing to verify the quality of procured materials or components
  • Ensure adherence to health and safety rules and regulations during work operations
  • Attend workshops, seminars and conferences to update job knowledge and expand personal network.

Architectural Engineer Resume Preparation

Are you seeking a new architectural engineer job and need to prepare a resume for it? If you are, then the functions of the role highlighted in the sample job description above can help you to create the work experience part of the resume.

Stating your experience of the job in your resume will strengthen the resume as employers can see that you have previously carried out the duties and responsibilities of an architectural engineer, and so will be able to perform effective on the new job if hired.

Requirements-Skills, Abilities and Knowledge-for an Architectural Engineer Job

If you are interested in working as an architectural engineer, here are the typical qualities and skills most employers require applicants to possess to be considered for an interview:

  • Education and Training: To become an architectural engineer, you require a Bachelor’s degree in civil or architectural engineering. State licensing is also required to practice as an architectural engineer
  • Communication Skill: Architectural engineers are adept at communicating with project managers and chief architects to develop and implement construction objectives
  • Math Skill: They are skilled in making mathematical calculations to determine the specifications of an architectural design
  • Observational Skill: They are able to identify inconsistencies or deviation from an established building plan.

Architectural Engineer Skills for Resume

Again, if you are writing a resume for the job of architectural engineer, you can make a compelling skills section by using ideas from the required qualities shown above.

By acquiring the above qualities, which employers usually require their architectural engineers to have, and stating them in your resume makes it more likely to win you an interview.


This post provides details of what architectural engineers do. Individuals seeking to get into this career will find the duties and responsibilities of the role useful in making informed decision.

And if you are an employer needing to design a work description for hiring and assigning responsibilities to architectural engineers, the sample job description provided in this post can serve as a suitable template to use.

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