Application Architect Job Description Example

By | August 26, 2023
Application architect job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Application architects help businesses develop and implement specialized applications.

Application Architect Job Description Example

What Does an Application Architect Do?

Application architects specialize in the design, developing, and implementation of specialized applications for business organizations.

The application architect job description entails managing multiple applications used by an organization to ensure a scalable, reliable, and available architectural system.

Application architects develop user-focused applications which interact effectively with one another and with the end user.

They design applications and assign them specific business functions according to the requirements of an organization.

They also provide technical support and mentoring to a company and its programming team.

As part of their duties, application architects conduct analysis to identify trends in application architecture and apply them in applications development.

They assess the interaction/interface between applications, databases, and middleware systems to identify and address problems/gaps in functional coverage.

They also upgrade existing architectural applications/software life cycle to ensure an improved/efficient system.

Usually, application architects design applications to follow specific architectural patterns in order to meet various industry functionalities.

They proffer recommendations to organizations on suitable technical resources and development strategies.

They also delegate programming and developing tasks to company technical staff.

In fulfilling their role, application architects maintain record of an application development process and steps so as to preserve data for planning application use.

They provide guidelines on the use and maintenance of an architectural system to ensure sustained efficiency and performance.

Their work description also involves collaborating with the development and technical team to implement software solutions that meet the architectural goals and standards of an organization.

Applications architects are responsible for conducting applications analysis to identify and resolve operational limitations in application interactions.

They carry out design and source code reviews to ensure conformance to set application standards.

As part of their functions, they participate in educational programs, seminars, and workshop to update knowledge of application architecture and development techniques.

Application architects require a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related discipline.

Extensive experience in software developing and programming is also required. The primary qualities required for an application architect job are problem-solving, communication, and analytical skills.

Application Architect Job Description Example/Template

Are you looking for the job description of application architects, if yes, then find below an example showing the typical duties, tasks, and responsibilities of the role usually carried out in most firms:

  • Define and implement application architecture for diverse business processes, projects, and function
  • Develop software solutions and strategy to meet the architectural goals and needs of a client
  • Liaise with programmers and software development team to design and implement an architectural system
  • Assign work duties to an organization’s technical and programming staff in order to achieve a common target
  • Design the interface between multiple applications, databases, and middleware systems
  • Provide technical support and training of an organization’s IT personnel to ensure high level of business performance
  • Carry out assessments to identify operational limitations and gaps in functional coverage
  • Upgrade architectural systems and software life cycle to ensure improved processes
  • Proffer recommendations to clients on technical resources and action plans necessary for an efficient architectural system
  • Monitor the performance of architectural systems to ensure fluid interaction between components
  • Conduct tests to ensure an application conforms to fundamental application standards and meets the requirements of the end user
  • Ensure proper documentation of software design and developing processes in order to produce appropriate procedures for application use
  • Design applications according to specific architectural design to improve overall system performance
  • Attend educational workshops and seminars to improve on existing job knowledge and skill.

Application Architect Resume Preparation

If you are preparing a new resume for the application architect job, the sample job description given above consists of the right duties and responsibilities to use in making the work experience section of it if you have worked before as an application architect.

Having a section in your resume to highlight the application architect duties you performed before shows that you know what the role entails and will be able to carry out assigned tasks effectively.

Requirements – Skills, Abilities, and Knowledge – for Application Architect Job

If you are interested in the job of an application architect and want to apply for it, here are the major requirements you will likely be asked by most employers to meet:

  • Education and Training: To become an application architect, you require a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related technical degree. Extensive experience and knowledge of programming, software development and architectural solutions is also required
  • Problem-solving Skill: Application architects are able to identify and develop architectural systems that meet the needs of clients
  • Communication Skills: They communicate with clients to identify their architectural needs and requirements
  • Analytical Skill: They are well versed in conducting system analysis to identify operational limitations and gaps in functional coverage.

Application Architect Skills for Resume

Again, if you are making a resume for the application architect position, the above required skills and qualities can be applied in creating the skills section of the resume.

Having and highlighting the qualities employers are looking for in prospective application architects in your resume will make it more appealing to them and you will stand a better chance of being called for an interview.


This post shows the duties and responsibilities application architects commonly carry out. If you are thinking of getting into this career, this information helps you to know what the role entails so you can make up your mind if it’s what you want to do.

Also, employers looking to hire new application architects can use the job description template given above in designing appropriate work description for hiring and assigning tasks to the successful candidates.

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