20 Important Facts about Word Problem Tests you need to Know

By | July 17, 2023
Word Problem Tests
You can increase your chances of doing well in a word problem test by preparing hard with practice questions.

The word problem test assesses your reading comprehension skills and numerical ability. You will be asked to solve math problems based on short texts.

In a competitive test you won’t find inequality but still you need to practice all types of questions to cover the entire syllabus.

Word problem is one such kind of inequality question that can be asked in the competitive test.

Word problem questions look the same as the ones seen in inequality. The only difference between the two is that you are offered the question in the form of words in a word problem.

In a word problem test, you will be presented with multiple sentences in the question and you are required to try and form an equation from this question.

You’ll be asked to find the inequality equation that will best represent the given data when the data will be given to you in the form of words.

20 Important Facts about Word Problem Test you need to Know

Here are important facts you need to know about word problem tests to help you perform excellently in them:

  1. What is a word problem test?

A word problem test is part of a numerical reasoning test where you will be provided with a number of series with data in it, after which you will be required to answer a question.

In a word problem test, you’ll be asked to determine what needs to be done, which data is relevant, and then perform the calculation.

In this case, the calculation is minor to the accurate interpretation of the information.

Remember that it’s only the result that counts in a word problem test.

You may reason accurately and still get the answer wrong, and then get zero points for that question.

  1. What are the actual calculations you will perform in a word problem test?

The actual calculations that you will perform in a word problem test include:

  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Fractions
  • Percentages
  • Decimals
  • Estimations.

Apart from editorial sums, the following types of sums are usually requested:

  • Volume and area
  • Vehicles and speed
  • Profit calculation
  • Rivers and speed
  • Productivity
  • Filling containers with water.
  1. How to solve word problems

You need to at least practice word problems five days before the exam day so you don’t lose the math frame of mind and the advantage of your practice is quite gone.

The key to success in this test is to practice daily.

  1. Word problem logical reasoning tests

Psychometric tests consisting of short sentences are found in essence logical reasoning tests comprised of word problems.

You’ll be required to read the statements and decide the correct answer based on the arguments presented.

However, it may often be relatively simple to complete the initial questions and the test becomes increasingly challenging as you advance.

  1. What does a word problem test assess?

Word problem tests are utilized in aptitude tests as well as in ACT and SAT exams.

Word problem tests are standardized psychometric assessment tests that inform hiring organizations about a candidate’s overall reading comprehension skills and ability to visualize data and numerical aptitude.

  1. What should I know about word problem tests?

Psychometric testing is used by employers during their recruitment process to help give a better general assessment of candidates and how they fit into the position they are applying for.

The future performance of candidates can be measured using psychometric testing, and the retention of employees is also improved by making successful hiring decisions.

The online platform is the most common way that employers can make use of aptitude tests such as word problem tests.

Aptitude tests have taken the usual form of paper and pen but because of benefits like saving valuable money and time, online testing is rather utilized more and more often.

After an employer has accepted your CV or initial job application form, they usually follow you up with aptitude tests.

You will be invited to an assessment center after you have passed the online test, which is often carried out by an increased number of employers.

Assessment center means that employers administer these extended tests in a single center.

This assessment center could be either the employer’s office or a third-party location.

  1. The assessment day of a word problem test

The word problem assessment center is usually a day the employer makes up the last stage of the application process.

When you reach the assessment center you’ll be asked to take a repeat test to verify your earlier test scores.

So, during the online test don’t call on family and friends to assist you. Since you don’t know what to expect, preparing for a word problem test can be stressful.

  1. Preparing for a word problem test

The best way you can get familiarized with a word problem test is with practice tests used by various employers.

You can develop your performance during a word problem test by practicing the test and getting familiarized with the format and time pressure.

  1. Essential characteristics of a word problem test

A word problem test has different characteristics and these have been listed below:

  • Word problem tests are typically multiple-choice, meaning that in each case only one option is correct.
  • Word problem tests are conducted under exam conditions and strict time limits.
  • Candidates are required to take the word problem test using facts provided in the form of a short text or passage.
  • Test takers are typically allowed to use a rough sheet of paper and a calculator, although that is not permitted in all the tests.
  • You can solve the word problems after you have translated them into actionable math questions to know and understand how to use their terms.
  1. Techniques and tips to improve your word problem test

The most essential step in preparing for a word problem test is to conduct some research about the tests.

If you are aware of what to expect from the test you will become familiar with the formats and so increase your chances of performing well.

Furthermore, you will reveal your strengths and weaknesses by practicing a word problem test so you can work on them as you prepare for the real test.

It’s very important to find out the test publisher and the exact name of the test that you are about to take.

Below are strategies and tips prepared to help you before getting into the actual test:

  • Get deep with practice.
  • Read the whole word problem content first to get a feel of the entire question.
  • Get ready with a pen and a piece of paper when performing the online test.
  • Acquaint yourself by making note of the information that is given throughout the problem.
  • Make variables with what they represent.
  • Don’t attempt to cheat
  • Discover if you are permitted to use a calculator during the test at the assessment center, and so you can learn how to use a calculator properly and wisely to save your precious time and energy during the test.
  1. Why do you have to practice word problems?

Word problems are regarded as an effective means of assessing arithmetic and numerical reasoning skills and a candidate’s skill for understanding basic concepts within a descriptive problem.

Therefore, assessment agencies use the test to determine the speed by which you can solve these word problems accurately. You definitely need to practice to meet the employer’s expectations.

  1. What questions can I expect from a word problem test?

A word problem assessment test is presented in a written format with questions that are designed to measure a candidate’s mathematical and logical reasoning competencies.

Word problems can range from short to long, from easy to complex. While some questions will only require a mathematical ability to solve, others will require logical reasoning, too.

  1. Where are word problem tests used?

Word problems are widely used in education from primary school up to university, that’s why they are also a general tool to get a clue of an individual’s math skills.

You can see word problems in pre-employment tests for positions that require math skills in day-to-day activities, such as bank tellers, engineers, cashiers, analysis, etc.

  1. What are the features of a Test Prep account?

The features of a test prep account are as follows:

  • Software for preparation built under an informative and systematic perspective
  • High-quality practice test questions
  • Clearly explained solutions
  • Accessible on all devices
  • Detailed score data and progression charts
  • Reference scores to weigh your performance against others
  • Training Assistant
  • Mode of practice (feedback after every question and no time limit).
  1. What are the strategies for answering word problems?

For you to effectively answer word problem questions, you need to have flexible thinking. Here are a few tips to help you in your forthcoming test:

  • Read the questions more than once

You may be tempted to grab the numbers in the questions, but it’s very important to re-read the questions more than once to ensure you aren’t missing any vital written instructions or details.

In order to determine the right solution, take an additional second to fully analyze the word problems presented to you.

  • Be bold enough to write out your answers

You will discover how tricky word problems are as they are not structured as a formula that must be solved.

You should create the formula and solve it all on your own by writing out the full problem in a numeric set to allow you to conceptualize how to solve the problem and work on various scenarios and solutions.

Since word problems are complex, you need to write out the problem with varied techniques to help you solve the problem.

A lot of people are obviously good at solving problems using their heads, but for most people, it’s far easier and faster to write down the details on paper and work it out there.

When writing out the word problems, ensure you incorporate all of the possible scenarios and numbers so as to successfully solve the problem.

Create room for writing out test theories and answers as well.

  1. Word problems of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division

This assessment is for third grade and an online free math test, comprising word problems that use mixed operations including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

The test takers are required to use the exact operation according to each question to answer the problems.

  1. Word problems on the GRE math test

This test covers a wide collection of topics from algebra to geometry to trigonometry. Some strategies are required because you first have to determine which equations or formulas to use to find your solutions before plugging in numbers.

  1. How is the word problem test scored?

The employer judges the word problem test scores as a raw score and a percentile score. A raw score is the number of accurate answers, while a percentile score can be described as how well you fared compared to your norm group.

A collection of scores from people in a similar field as you at the same level of experience will be your norm group.

  1. When do I need to take the word problem test?

The word problem test is usually conducted during the interview process. This test is administered as a pre-employment assessment exam that measures a candidate’s numerical ability.

A candidate who becomes successful in the initial stage of the recruitment process will receive the online assessments through email within one or two weeks.

Candidates will be required to complete the assessments within a specified number of days, after which the candidate will be informed about their scores within the week.

  1. The effect of metacognitive strategies and self-adaptable procedures of solving word problems

This practical study analyzes the effect of metacognitive strategies and self-adaptable procedures in learners’ achievement on solving word problems.

The consequence of the number of steps and arithmetical works that learners have to apply during the process of solving word problems and the linguistic factor are particularly investigated through this study.

Word Problem Test Practice Questions and Answers

Here are sample questions and answers to help in your preparation for a word problem test:

Question One

Daniel took 56 tiles and divided them into 8 equal groups. How many tiles were there in each group?

A) 8
B) 6
C) 7
D) 5

The correct answer is 7. This word problem can also be written as an equation: 56/8 = 7

Question Two

Samson’s scores on his first 5 math tests are 95, 87, 85, 93, and 94. What must he score on the final math test if he wants a 90 average?

Possible Answers:
Correct answer:
To solve for the final score:
You will get 454 if you add the five past test scores. Then establish an equation of algebra where 454 are added to x, which is the final test score, and divide by six, because you want the average for 6 tests now.

This equation should be made equal to 90 since that is the average Samson desires and solve for x:


Question 3

What is the value of the second-largest number in the series if 28 is the sum of the smallest and biggest of 3 consecutive even numbers?

Possible Answers:


Correct answer:



The three numbers would be x, x+2, and x+4.

Add the first and third values and you get 2x+4=28 and x=12.

The second-largest value is x+2=14.


The word problem test is used by many employing organizations to measure candidates’ reading comprehension skills and numerical ability.

Therefore, if you are billed to take the test, you should get yourself ready for the task ahead with consistent practice.

Practice a lot and carefully read the entire word problem text and answer the whole questions with self-confidence.

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