20 Best Enterprise Holdings Work from Home Jobs

20 Best Enterprise Holdings Work from Home Jobs.
Enterprise Holdings offers various work-from-home job opportunities you can access.

20 Best Enterprise Holdings Work from Home Jobs

This post provides exhaustive information on some of the best work-from-home jobs available at Enterprise Holdings, to help you decide on a career with the Company, especially if you are looking for online jobs.

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What is Enterprise Holdings?

Enterprise Holdings, founded in 1957, is the biggest North American rental car company.

They operate the world’s largest fleet of automobiles, with airport locations in about thirty countries and a global network of well over seven thousand neighborhood locations.

Enterprise Holdings is proud to provide work from home options for its employees, so if you are interested in working here, check this list to find the best work from home jobs at Enterprise Holdings.

20 Best Enterprise Holdings Work from Home Jobs

Here are some of the top work-from-home job opportunities that you can find at Enterprise Holdings:

  1. Technical Support Coordinator
  2. Client Account Coordinator
  3. Customer Service Representative
  4. Reservation Sales Representative
  5. Member Services Coordinator
  6. Rental Management Representative
  7. Administrative Support Representative
  8. Administrative/Clerical Assistant
  9. Insurance Support Representative
  10. Call-backs Representative
  11. Customer Assistant Representative
  12. Accounts Receivable Clerk
  13. Temporary File Clerk
  14. Staff Accounting Technician
  15. Management Trainee Intern
  16. Receptionist
  17. Corporate General Admin Assistant
  18. Accounting Clerk
  19. French-Speaking Reservation Sales Representative
  20. Escalation Support Trainee.
  1. Technical Support Coordinator

This role involves responding to tickets or requests, producing reports, and resolving technical issues of employees.

You will need some experience in a related field and a GED or High School Diploma.

The pay is $16.83 per hour.

  1. Client Account Coordinator

The client account coordinator researches and contacts customers about account receivables through phone calls or emails.

They also carry out payment plan negotiations.

The pay is $37,000 to $39,000 yearly.

  1. Customer Service Representative

This position involves listening and communicating with customers, accessing information, reading, and imputing into various car rental company applications.

The pay is $14.50 per hour.

  1. Reservation Sales Representative

In this position, your job will be to attend to inbound calls, make reservations with sales techniques and provide exceptional customer service.

You will need to have some experience in sales or a call center.

The pay is $14.50 per hour.

  1. Member Services Coordinator

This role involves providing direct customer support to both potential and current members.

The member service coordinator provides transactions and reservations.

You will need to have a High School Diploma and a few years of experience in customer service to be hired for this job at the Enterprise Holdings Company.

The pay is $14.42 per hour.

  1. Rental Management Representative

The rental management representative ensures that the auto rental operations run smoothly by coordinating with all the parties involved.

This job requires proficiency in MS Office, a functional and quiet home office, and high attention to detail.

You will also need some experience in customer service.

The pay is $15.27 per hour.

  1. Administrative Support Representative

The administrative support representative handles taking calls, research information, customer service tasks, imputing data, and taking care of records.

A few years of experience in admins, a GED or High School Diploma, and an AA Degree are required for this position.

The pay is $10.50 per hour.

  1. Administrative/Clerical Assistant

This job involves scheduling meetings and travel, answering phone calls, and helping out with creating reports, correspondence, and presentations.

The clerical assistant must possess organizational skills, time management skills, and attention to detail.

The pay is $10 per hour.

  1. Insurance Support Representative

The insurance support representative is involved in helping customers to book vehicle rentals using account issues or account issues.

You will need to be detail-oriented and have great customer service skills to be employed as an insurance support representative.

  1. Call-backs Representative

This position handles insurance company inbound calls, rental branches, and body shops, and also processes correct rental extensions.

You must have excellent data entry and customer service skills to be effective as a call-back representative at the Enterprise Holdings.

You will be trained on-site first, before resuming as a remote worker.

  1. Customer Assistant Representative

This role involves processing paperwork, performing basic accounting tasks, and selling additional features.

It also involves assisting customers over the phone.

The pay is $10 per hour.

  1. Accounts Receivable Clerk

This position handles processing huge amounts of customer payments and accounts receivable checks, and then ensuring that all payments get posted accurately.

The position also handles discrepancy resolution.

  1. Temporary File Clerk

This position is responsible for documentation, administrative tasks, and managing records and files.

You will have to have a GED or a High School Diploma, along with some experience in a related field.

  1. Staff Accounting Technician

The staff accounting technician handles cash reconciliation and booking for lockboxes, prepares journal entries, and researches banking information.

They also prepare regular journal entries (daily and monthly). You will be working from Monday to Friday, 7 am – 6 pm.

The pay is $14 let hour.

  1. Management Trainee Intern

The management trainee intern handles understanding cost controls, delivering impeccable customer service to the clients, and performs other important responsibilities.

You will have to get enrolled in college and have a few years of related work experience.

  1. Receptionist

The receptionist is responsible for efficiently managing multi-line phones, receiving packages and mails, and updating the switchboard manual.

You will need to have a GED or High School Diploma and great relations skills to be hired by the Enterprise Holdings Company for the receptionist role.

  1. Corporate General Admin Assistant

This job requires responding to phone calls, coordinating travel plans, and creating reports.

This position requires strong communication skills and some experience in a related field.

  1. Accounting Clerk

The accounting clerk handles researching discrepancies and solving them, processing payment checks, and validating payment requests.

You will need a GED or a High School Diploma for the accounting clerk job and a few years of experience in admin support and account receivable.

  1. French-Speaking Reservation Sales Representative

This position handles incoming calls, offers solutions and alternatives, places reservations, meets quality standards and performance.

You should be proficient with French and have some experience.

The pay is $14.32 per hour.

  1. Escalation Support Trainee

An escalation support trainee identifies customer needs, handles escalated customer calls, and provides training to others, and meets and exceeds performance criteria.

The pay is $14.80 per hour.


Enterprise Holdings is enthusiastic about providing opportunities for employees to work from home and you should be excited too about getting a great job with the Company.

Do you see a position that catches your interest? Head over to the Enterprise Holdings website and apply.