20 Best Amazon Work from Home Jobs You Can Do

By | July 19, 2023
Amazon Work from Home
Amazon also offers good paying jobs individuals can do from home.

This post provides some of the best Amazon work from home jobs that you can apply to if you are looking for a flexible job at the company that you can do online.

For an average person you meet and try to find out from them about Amazon, about 90% can only talk about Amazon as a shopping platform.

That is not wrong anyway, but Amazon is far more than that. Amazon offers a lot of job opportunities too and pays well equally.

The jobs could be remote or the conventional type of job you are used to.

20 Best Amazon Work from Home Jobs You Can Do

Here are some of the best Amazon work from home jobs that you can do from anywhere:

  1. HR Contact Center Associate
  2. Technical Customer Support Associate
  3. Transportation Specialist
  4. Catalog Specialist
  5. Accommodation Consultant
  6. Sourcing Recruiter
  7. Robotics Operations Engineer
  8. Copywriter/Editor
  9. Workers’ Compensation Manager
  10. Instructional Designer
  11. Front End Engineer
  12. Software Development Engineer
  13. Technical Writer
  14. Diversity and Inclusion Leader
  15. Delivery Station Liaison
  16. Generalist Customer Delivery Architect
  17. Learning Management Systems Analyst
  18. Program Manager
  19. General Manager of Manufacturing
  20. Operations Manager.
  1. HR Contact Center Associate

An HR Contact Center Associate is employed to serve as the representative of the company and is responsible for handling leave, disability, and accommodation related issues.

This is further enhanced by the ability to answer questions related to the above functions and ensuring that employees and intending employees have convincing answers in regards to employee related questions stated above.

This job requires minimum of 3 years of experience in contact center roles or equivalent.

In addition, you will need at least 90 days of ERC DLS experience to be considered for this job.

  1. Technical Customer Support Associate

The responsibilities of a Technical Customer Support Associate include offering the necessary support to customers when they are not happy about services rendered to them, relating with the customers efficiently via the use of phones and emails, and working in tandem with the customer support team to ensure quality customer service to all customers.

You will need at least one year experience in the following:

  • Basic technical support focused on customer satisfaction
  • Remote jobs
  • Providing technical support for popular devices and platforms such as iOS and Android.
  1. Transportation Specialist

An Amazon Transportation Specialist uses and reviews tools and programs to navigate website tools, resolve search issues, and communicate them effectively.

In addition, he/she follows detailed verbal and written instructions and provides a work area free from distraction to facilitate undivided focus on work activities only.

Some of the experiences and qualifications needed for this job include the possession of a Bachelor’s degree, ability to work in a fast paced working environment, and vital experience in the logistics/transportation industry.

  1. Catalog Specialist

A Catalog Specialist contributes to the execution of various tasks needed for successful publication of video contents.

He/she also maintains SLAs for content on constant basis while maintaining and contributing to SOPs.

Also, he/she prioritizes work effectively, exhibiting great time management and planning skills.

To be a Catalog Specialist, one has to possess a Bachelor’s Degree, fluency in major languages like English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, and German.

In addition, knowledge of Share Point and ticketing systems, understanding of digital media or digital video supply chain is highly recommended.

  1. Accommodation Consultant

An Accommodation Consultant on behalf of the Amazon Corporation undertakes the duty of verifying preliminary information to determine the existence of a qualified disabled candidate.

It is expected that anyone vying for the Accommodation Consultant job should have a lot of experience in handling disability cases, leave of absence, and human resources. A Bachelor’s Degree or the equivalent from a certified University is a big plus.

  1. Sourcing Recruiter

The job of a Sourcing Recruiter revolves around engaging in massive and creative employee recruitment drive from all over the world and conditioning their minds about their potential roles.

This could include motivating potential passive candidates, understanding their motivation, and getting them ready for the jobs they are to do.

The first skill needed in this job is the knowledge of ATS with sourcing, tracking, and managing potential employees.

In addition, strong customer orientation and business acumen are skills to have. On qualification, Bachelor’s Degree is the minimum requirement.

  1. Robotics Operations Engineer

A Robotics Operations Engineer working for Amazon should be able to integrate and launch complex automated solutions.

These automated solutions include robotics, sortation and conveyance, vision systems, controls integration, and process optimization.

This role comes with a lot of responsibilities which in itself will demand some good academic and technical qualifications and capabilities.

Such qualifications include a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering of any discipline, valid experience in process design on Lean principle.

Other qualifications could include proficiency in the use of AutoCAD, MS suite packages etc.

  1. Copywriter/Editor

This is a good remote job for someone with a lot of free time and skills to proofread, edit, and produce new contents online.

Amazon seeks individuals with this type of interest to collaborate with other content developers to create quality content on regular basis.

This includes writing copy for a variety of media including online, video, print, and social.

To work as a copywriter or editor with Amazon, a candidate should possess the desire to stay abreast with current trends and styles and translate that into quality content creation.

This will demand some good or outstanding of communication skills both written and verbal.

In addition, such an individual should be able to produce highly detailed and qualitative contents as might be demanded from potential clients.

  1. Workers’ Compensation Manager

As the title suggests, a Workers’ Compensation Manager is responsible for the development, implementation and management of workers’ compensation.

Relating it with Amazon, Workers’ Compensation Manager ensures that the Amazon develops and implements better compensation plans for employees of different categories in the Company.

He/she does this in accordance with world standard practice of employee treatment and management.

He/she works directly with the Human Resource department of the Company to develop strategies for getting the best out of employees via world class compensation plans, which include salaries and performance-based incentives.

  1. Instructional Designer

An Instructional Designer is employed to create engaging learning activities and compelling ones at that.

He/she identifies the training needs of audience and works with relevant experts to meet such needs.

He/she does this using tested instructional design theories, practice, and methods.

So, two things are important in this job – identifying the learning or training needs of the audience and working with the relevant experts to ensure that such needs are met with topmost expertise and competitive experience.

  1. Front End Engineer

The job description of a Front End Engineer is bordered on the creation and renovation of a new website and existing website respectively.

This entails knowing what the contents of a website should be and knowing how to design it to run optimally.

To this effect, vying for this remote job requires expert graphic design skills and ability to be creative in designs.

This also should be maximized with the knowledge and skills in web design, as well as good programming skills.

  1. Software Development Engineer

Amazon hires experts well experienced in software development who can produce some important software programs that can be used in providing more satisfying customer-oriented services.

This is usually achieved through the knowledge and use of sophisticated and modern programming languages.

So, basically, if you are interested in landing this remote job, you should be able to compete with the very best in the field of programming.

More importantly is to identify the need of clients and what Amazon wants to achieve through this job, and finding enough creativity to meet the short and long term objectives of the Amazon Company.

  1. Technical Writer

As more products and services are made available to the world, Amazon requires the services of Technical Writers.

The job of a technical writer is to present complex information in a much simpler way and manner that could be understood literally.

Technical writers are hired to produce high quality journals, user manuals, quick reference guides and white papers.

Before one proceeds to produce a technical writing, he/she must have studied the product or service relating with every detail of the product.

This will help him/her to be able to simplify the information to the level needed to make it sensible and reasonable to an average human being.

  1. Diversity and Inclusion Leader

A diversity and Inclusion Leader seeks to actively embrace diverse perspectives and changing the existing culture to reflect them.

This is beyond gathering or overseeing employees from diverse culture and forcing them to adapt to your kind of leadership style.

The essence of this position is to hire a competent leader who embraces diversity and find a common culture that harnesses the cultural diversity in the workforce and reflect them.

One skill that will be needed in this job is a great deal of interpersonal skills.

A Diversity and Inclusion Leader should be able to organize, direct and run an all- inclusive leadership style which harnesses the beauty of diversities and use it to the advantage of the Amazon Company.

  1. Delivery Station Liaison

The Delivery Station Liaison serves as a customer service initiative to keep track of orders while finding best possible ways to get packages to the rightful owners (the customers) within the shortest possible time.

They receive calls from customers and update them on the status of their package and how to receive the packages.

This job entails always being in touch with customers and the Amazon Company on the delivery methods that are best suitable for customers in regard to the distance, location, and type of package.

So, customer can enquire from the Delivery Station Liaison to know the exact state of packages since they are yet to be received.

  1. Generalist Customer Delivery Architect

Generalist Customer Delivery Architect works or partners with professional customer services managers to strategize and develop some special and efficient way of delivery items to customers.

This puts into consideration all the trending means of delivery. So this position or job is majorly focused on having more methodologies that facilitate faster and better delivery to customers.

Great market research skills and creativity remain at the center of this job. Anyone applying or considering taking up this job should consider the convenience and preference of customers.

This could come in the way of market research and considering the feedbacks given by customers.

  1. Learning Management Systems Analyst

Learning Management Systems Analysts are usually deployed or used for the purpose of documentation, tracking, administration, automation, and delivering of programs, trainings, educational courses, etc.

At the helm of this system is the Learning Management Systems Analyst who ensures that this system works perfectly as anticipated.

Though a remote job, yet it is a sensitive one which requires great system analysis skills and attention to details.

Working in this role entails the ability to monitor and analyze the inflow and outflow of data in and out of the systems.

  1. Program Manager

The job of a Program Manager is simple – ensuring that all programs set in plans are carried out accordingly to ensure maximum result and performance in the organization (Amazon in this case).

The Program Manager may or may not be the main planner or developer of programs but works in a supervisory role to ensure smooth execution of programs in the Amazon.

Two most important skills needed for this job are: Great attention to details and organizational/planning skills.

These skills are highly recommended for this job as they are the basic skills to ensure that programs are executed accordingly.

  1. General Manager of Manufacturing

The General Manager of Manufacturing oversees the manufacturing processes in a given organization, ensuring that all protocols and methods are used in the manufacturing operations.

Likewise Amazon, the General Manager of Manufacturing ensures improvement in the production processes, setting out production goals and organizing the team to achieve it.

Good managerial skills are highly recommended for candidates or applicants desiring this job.

This is because in this job you serve as both the leader of the team and the figure head who spearheads most production-related activities in Amazon.

  1. Operations Manager

Similar to the job description of the General Manager of Manufacturing, an Operations Manager is a manager set in place (remotely) to monitor, spearhead, and direct the activities in the organization (Amazon).

In this job, the Operations Manager seems more like a leader of the team, sharing the goals and objectives of the team and company at large and influence to get the project done.

Team spirit and some valuable leadership experience in reasonable capacities are some of the skill requirements for this job apart from the academic qualifications that will be demanded by the organization.

So, Amazon seeks the services of an Operations Manager to enhance and sustain the operations in the organization.


Amazon does not just offer you the luxury of buying your desired stuff online on a reliable platform but can also provide you with some jobs that you can do right from the comfort of your home and earn good money.

The jobs are there for your taking and sure enough they are as legit as the products you buy from the Amazon platform.

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