Top 15 Customer Service Representative Skills to be best on the Job

By | December 6, 2016
Customer service representative skills and qualities

One of the top skills of a good customer service rep is the ability of providing “Contact Us” platform to customers to reach them and attending to it promptly.

Top 15 Customer Service Representative Skills to be best on the Job

If you are a customer service representative, CSR, desiring to be the best in your unit, you will need to have certain skills to help you deal effectively with the different people you come across with daily.

The customer service representative job is by no means easy as you are expected to attend to several people with different issues satisfactorily each day.

However, with the right qualities and skills, you can become a good CSR that all customers want to see.

This post shows you the qualities and skills you need to develop or acquire if you are a customer service rep desirous of success in your career.

But first, let’s quickly look at what customer service representatives do:

Customer Service Representative Duties and Responsibilities

Also known as customer service agents, customer service representatives interact with customers on behalf of a company.

They answer questions and resolve issues.

When a customer calls and has a problem, the agent opens the customer’s file in the company’s computer system.

The various duties of customer service representatives include: providing information about products and services, responding to customer complaints, taking orders, and processing returns.

Many customer service representatives work in banks, stores, customer contact centers, and insurance agencies, helping customers to achieve their aim.

Now, here are top 15 skills and qualities you need to develop to be a great customer service representative:

1. Provision for Customers Feedback: No matter how much you have struggled to meet your customers’ needs and attend to their complaints, you need to provide a way they can contact you in case they have questions to ask, complaints to lay, or suggestion or comment to make. This could be in the form of “Contact Us” page, email or phone survey.

2. Attentiveness: It is always good to pay attention to customers and listen to them when they have something to say, question to ask, suggestion to make, or expression of problems they may have. Also, be attentive to the feedback that you receive on a daily basis.

3. Marketing Skills: You need to have in mind that marketing ability can help improve your customer service skills a lot. This becomes clear in every email, phone call, and face-to-face interaction with customers. Remember that all what you do, like petting customers and paying attention to them when they have problems is to get those customers to patronize your products and go home satisfied.

4. Patience: Customer service is not an easy job: sometimes your customers would be angry with you. Most times, it may not be easy understanding what your customers are saying, but only those with patience skills can survive this kind of situation and deliver better services in spite of the odd situation.

5. Empathy: This is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others and not display a nonchalant attitude when a customer’s face is not bright. How do consumers think? Which benefits of your product matter most to the customer? And how do they consume information such as email, demo audio/video, and sales letter?

6. Good Body Language: This involves smiling and laughing when talking with a customer. Frequent expression of happiness helps to improve the customer’s experience. Even if you are having a phone conversation, this will help the customer a lot and increase your conversion rate.

7. Complex Problem Solving: The display of this skill helps the customer whenever he/she encounters any problem, and that customer expects to see the employee make efforts to solve the problem. Customers believe more in your services when you help them solve their problems, and that keeps them coming back.

8. Listening Skills: The ability to listen to customers helps the employee to understand what they are saying, and that calls for better service. You have to listen to your customers and listen closely, and after you have understood them make a gesture that indicates you have understood.

9. Respect: The respect you have for your customers include addressing them by their title if that’s what they prefer, and also not interrupting them when they are speaking. You have to wait for them to finish what they have to say before responding. This shows some respect and that will keep them coming back.

10. Time Management: A good service rep should not waste customers’ time by keeping them waiting for too long. Time management skill helps every employee to manage his/her time in a way that both they and the customer will be happy. Your customers will not appreciate you if you waste their time.

11. Communication Skills: This skill is essential as it helps the customer service agent to be able to identify what the customer wants, and easily articulate what to do for him/her. You should state your words clearly when you are communicating with your customers, and speak loudly enough especially in phone conversation. Proper grammar and spelling are most needed if you write or email with customers.

12. Memory Retention: Customer service employees should be able to remember transactions with customers, and their minds need to be filled up with a lot of information. They should memorize names of customers, details of product, and company policies.

13. Responsibility: Customer service representatives should be able to come up with a great solution that works best both for the company and the customers. They should feel responsible for the success of customers, and change plans when things are not right.

14. Friendliness: Being friendly to customers includes helping them find what they are looking for. The first approach is to ask the customer if you could help him/her, after you have waited for him/her to browse for a few minutes. Some customers are hostile in nature, and may be difficult to handle. But all the same you should try as much as you can to display some friendly act.

15. Asking Right Questions: Customer service representatives should know how to ask the right questions at the most appropriate time. When the service rep understands the right questions to ask, it helps to make him/her proficient to the customer.


If you are a customer service representative who wants to be best on your job, you should endeavor to have the above qualities and skills to be able to work with most customers that come your way daily and keep them satisfied.

The above qualities are also useful to employers who need good customer service representatives to hire.

They can be used as a reference in assessing applicants for the customer service rep job.

Did you find the above customer service rep skills and qualities useful, or do you have additional qualities you think will make a great CSR? Please leave a comment in the box below.

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