What Jobs can you get with a Physical Education Degree?

By | September 8, 2023
What Jobs can you get with a Physical Education Degree?
A degree in physical education helps you to maintain fitness and to choose a career from a number of jobs.

This post highlights the various jobs you can get with a physical education degree, including the duties they perform, and find fulfillment in your career.

If you are preparing to advance your studies and are thinking of taking a degree program in physical education, then this post will help you make up your mind.

It clears the air on the, ‘what jobs can you get with a physical education degree?’ question that students normally ask.

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Why Physical Education is Important

The capacity to accomplish the prompting of the mind depends largely on the physical health.

John F. Kennedy in assent to this fact quoted, “Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong”. This statement reflects the degree of relevance attached to physical fitness and health.

But it seems a large number of the populace do not possess knowledge of how to achieve good physical condition, which is why over one third of American adults are reported to be obese while over two third of adults in America are either overweight or obese.

The issue cuts across to children as 31.8% are also believed to be obese or overweight. This calls for sensitization and enlightenment of the public in regard to the benefits of physical training, how to exercise, as well as proper dieting.

The duty of providing guidance for physical health improvement rests on physical education instructors who aid individuals in achieving flexibility, increased muscular strength, proper body shape, and cardiovascular endurance.

They impart knowledge of the body and suggest ways to develop it physically. The knowledge they impart usually referred to as physical education goes a long way in increasing self-confidence and boosting the sense of self-worth in individuals.

It gives people an opportunity to view themselves from a positive angle as well as taking responsibility for their health.

Physical education teachers/instructors aren’t exactly big earners, but they take home decent amount of cash (as much as $41,000 annually) for just having fun, which is why a physical education course ranked 70th most popular degree out of 200 others studied in the U.S.

A physical education degree furnishes graduates with valuable skills, such as skills for creative and critical thinking, interpersonal and teambuilding skills, as well as the passion to help others.

There are a couple of things you can do with physical education degree ranging from being Usain Bolt’s fitness instructor to becoming Chicago Bulls Basketball coach, or the more noble profession of teaching in schools.

The position varies according to experience and class of degree.

What can you do with a Physical Education Associate’s Degree?

With an Associate’s degree in physical education, you can qualify for job positions as:

  • Athletic Trainer: They help athletes in preventing injuries during sports activities; they provide emergency care, and under the supervision of medical doctor diagnose and treat injuries related to the muscle and bone. They are also responsible for keeping records and preparing sports budget. See detailed athletic trainer job description.
  • Diving Coach: The job of a diving coach revolves around the recruitment, teaching, and motivation of swimming athletes. They supervise the performance of divers and provide guidance to improve their fitness.
  • Umpire: They are responsible for officiating sports events, ensuring that sports rules are obeyed. They judge the performance of competitors to score them appropriately and determine the results of a game. They also take record of event duration, assess players and impose penalties.


The salary of a coach according to 2014 BLS report, is projected at $39,150 annually.

There are limited job opportunities available to physical education degree graduates; most entry level jobs require at least a Bachelor’s degree.

What can you do with a Physical Education Bachelor’s Degree?

With a Bachelor’s degree in physical education, one can take up a career in any of the following areas:

  • Physical Education Teacher: They help students in developing physical strength and flexibility as well as coordination and cardiovascular endurance. They promote teamwork among students through games, and also provide knowledge of healthy diet and activities that boost morale and enthusiasm.
  • Dietician: They provide assessment of patient’s/client’s diet needs; they map out proper meal plans for clients, assess the impact of a diet and adjust accordingly; and they possess knowledge of current nutritional research and trend.
  • Soccer Coach: Their duties involve building a football team, helping players develop physical fitness and skills through training, as well as mentoring and motivating them. They also monitor them to identify problems and help them to adjust. They basically manage a soccer team and their gameplay so as to emerge victorious in matches.
  • Yoga Instructor: They aid students in achieving mental, breathe, and body balance by taking them through a series of poses (asanas), which helps in improving flexibility, balance and mental focus.
  • Aerobic Fitness Instructor: Their duties entail helping clients prepare suitable health plan for physical fitness improvement. They work with their clients, ensuring that safety is maintained while striving to achieve set target. They also provide information as relates to proper exercising techniques and healthy eating pattern.


Physical education majors with Bachelor’s degree are estimated to earn on an average as much as $47,335 annually.

Going for advanced degrees create an avenue for career growth and increased earnings. With a Master’s or Doctorate degree, you can earn as much as $51,500 and $55,062 respectively on a yearly basis.

Some schools require physical education teachers to hold a Master’s degree while some training facilities also require personal trainers to have a Master’s.

What can you do with a Master’s or Doctorate Degree?

With advanced degrees, you can find jobs as:

  • Athletic Director: Tasked with the responsibility of managing athletic programs; they supervise coaches as well as prepare sports budget.
  • Personal Trainer: They assist clients in achieving their set fitness goals; they motivate, instruct, and encourage them throughout the process.

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts an 8% job growth rate for fitness instructors while the growth rate for physical education teachers remain unknown though it is speculated to be average or below average as there’s only a 7% increase in jobs for high school teachers.


The need to achieve great body fitness and improve performance in sports will continue to create job opportunities for people with a degree in physical education.

From the diverse things you can do with a physical education degree, including athletic trainer, diving coach, physical education teacher, dietician, and athletic director, it is clear that taking a career in the physical education field is promising.