Top 20 Administrative Assistant Resume Summary Examples you can Apply

By | August 17, 2023
Administrative Assistant Resume Summary
You can get a better shot at getting the desired administrative assistant job by
presenting a compelling resume boosted by a great objective statement.

Top 20 Administrative Assistant Resume Summary Examples you can Apply

If you are writing a resume or CV for the role of an administrative assistant in an organization, your summary statement can significantly determine if your application will be considered for interview or not.

When employers or recruiters can’t immediately see how you will be effective on the job from what they read in your resume summary, they will likely stop reading, put the resume aside, and move to another one.

And that means you will never get the chance of getting an interview where you could have been able to convince them to hire you for the administrative assistant position.

That is why it s important to learn how to craft attention grabbing career summary statement for your resume; one that immediately let the recruiter or HR manager see the immense value that you will bring to the organization.

How to Write a Good Resume Summary for Administrative Assistant Positions

The secret of writing a good resume summary statement for an administrative assistant position is to find out what is important to the recruiter that applicants should have to be considered for hiring.

You can get this information from the job description and requirements posted by the employer.

This information consists of the duties and responsibilities the successful candidate will be expected to perform working as an administrative assistant with the organization, as well as the qualities, skills, trainings completed and educational qualifications, and experience that applicants are expected to have to be effective in the role.

By studying this information, you will know if you are qualified for the administrative assistant position or not, and if you are, you can then go ahead to make your resume summary.

So, how do you make your summary irresistible to the hirer?

Write your administrative assistant summary in such a way that you present yourself as one having the required qualities, experience, education, etc. to succeed on the job.

You can highlight a few of your qualities, skills, experience, etc. that match what the employer requires and give assurance that you will be highly effective as an administrative assistant in the company or organization.

To help you learn how to craft great summaries for your administrative assistant resume, here are some good examples you can work with:

Best 20 Administrative Assistant Resume Summary Samples you can Use

1. Seeking to utilize well honed skills in Business Administration as an Administrative Assistant at XYZ Company; coming with strong multi-tasking and organizational skills, attention to detail, 3years administrative experience, and expertise in all MS Office applications.

2. Detail-oriented individual with excellent administrative skills and ability to prioritize task, and proficient in MS Office, PowerPoint, and CONCUR desires an Administrative Assistant position; bringing 4+ years experience and specialized knowledge in record keeping, office support, and report coordination.

3. Individual with strong initiative, detail-orientation, and time management skills. Seeking for an Administrative Assistant position in a fast-paced and challenging environment; offering proven customer service skills and ability to execute all tasks with high level of accuracy, discretion, and professionalism.

4. Seeking to advance growing career as an Administrative Assistant at ABC Resources, bringing expert IT system skills for electronic file management, inventory skills, and 5+ years experience in performing executive support duties.

5. Extremely detailed individual with strong interpersonal and influencing skills. Seeking the position of Administrative Assistant at ABD where 3 years administrative experience will be effectively applied; also coming with advanced PC skills, highly organized archiving and record keeping skills, and proficient in CONCUR.

6. Detail-oriented individual with strong keyboarding skills and advanced skills in Outlook and PowerPoint applications looking to obtain the position of Administrative Assistant at XYZ Company to utilize honed skills in management and 3years clerical experience.

7. Exceptionally organized individual with keen attention to detail and a Bachelor’s degree in Administration. Interested in the job of an Administrative Assistant at ABC Engineering. Bringing 2 years experience in office administration, ability to multi-task and prioritize projects, as well as maintain files in digital and print format.

8. Experienced individual with strong interpersonal, influencing, and time management skills. Seeking to work at ABC Lifecare as an Administrative Assistant; offering experience in WEBEX, proficiency in MS Office tools, and ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously.

9. Exceptionally talented individual with strong knowledge of modern office practices and ability to maintain accuracy when dealing with high volume repetitive task, and GED interested in the position of Administrative Assistant at XYZ Life; bringing 5+ years clerical experience to ensure smooth office operations for the organization.

10. Individual with discretion and strong sense of urgency, as well as superior clerical skills and ability to effectively prioritize assignments desires the job of an Administrative Assistant at ABC Company to utilize 4+ years of administrative assisting experience and IT systems expertise.

11. Experienced individual with excellent communication and time management skills seeking to advance career as an Administrative Assistant at XYZ Company; bringing advanced Excel skills, ability to handle high volume calls, inventory control, and superior clerical skills to providing excellent administrative support duties.

12. Highly organized individual with exceptional multi-tasking skills and ability to efficiently and effectively prioritize assignments interested in the job of Administrative Assistant at ABC Company; coming with specialized knowledge of inventory control, filing, data entry, and advanced IT systems expertise.

13. Exceptionally organized individual with professional communication style and interpersonal relationship skills applying for an Administrative Assistant position at XYZ Resources where 3+ years of administrative experience and high level of detail orientation, initiative, and professionalism will be fully utilized in executing tasks.

14. Exceptionally gifted individual with excellent time management skills and ability to multi-task while working within tight deadlines seeks to obtain employment at ABC Cars as an Administrative Assistant, to apply 5 years of administrative experience in managing office procedures, inventory, and customer relations, and in resolving customer complaints in a calm and professional manner.

15. Professional communicator with high level of initiative and a strong work ethic. Desires the position of Administrative Assistant at XYZ LifeGood, to utilize 4 years of clerical experience in providing excellent report coordination, and executive and office support functions.

16. Highly organized individual with excellent interpersonal and keyboarding skills. Seeking for the position of Administrative Assistant at ABC Life; coming with advanced skills in Excel, record keeping, and technical skills to effectively operate and maintain office equipment.

17. Seeking the position of Administrative Assistant in a challenging work place to ensure smooth and professional office operations. Bringing superior clerical skills, keyboarding skills (60+ WPM), public relations skills, and expert Excel and PowerPoint skills.

18. Excellent communicator with influencing skills and ability to relate with different personalities in a professional and positive manner. Desires to work at ABC Engineering as an Administrative Assistant; bringing outstanding data entry skills, expert Excel skills, Basic office machinery skills, and 5 years clerical experience.

19. Extremely organized individual with strong PC skills and multi-tasking abilities. Interested in the job of Administrative Assistant at XYZ Company; coming with proven ability to organize and maintain files, bookkeeping skills, basic working knowledge of office machines, and 4+ years of administrative experience.

20. Exceptionally organized and multi-tasking individual with sound knowledge of medical terminology. Hopeful
for an Administrative Assistant position at ABC Resources; offering proven ability to take initiative, professional IT skills, and ability to perform executive support duties, in addition to honed skills in Business Management.


Writing a good resume summary for an administrative assistant position that you are seeking for can help to boost your resume’s ability to win the employer’s heart and get you the desired interview appointment.

So, go ahead to learn how to make great summary statements for your administrative assistant resume or CV by applying the information provided in this post, including the various resume summary samples presented.

Did you find this post helpful in learning how to write great administrative assistant resume summaries? Please, share your thought in the box below. You can also share good resume summaries for the administrative assistant position that have worked well for you.

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