Pharmacist Salary in Connecticut and How to Increase your Pay

By | July 16, 2023
Pharmacist Salary in Connecticut
The Connecticut pharmacist’s salary is expected to increase slightly in the coming years. Image source: ConnecticutPharmacy.

The pharmacist salary in Connecticut is about $123,610 yearly.

In Connecticut, the field of pharmacy is one that is held in a dignified state. It is one of the most sought after jobs in the state as the earnings can be up to $123,610 annually and $59.40 hourly.

Pharmacists are tasked with a lot of responsibilities which include giving advice to patients on healthy lifestyles and dispensing drugs or medication to patients as directed by the doctor or other healthcare professionals.

Pharmacist Salary in Connecticut Cities

Here is an estimate of pharmacists’ salaries across the cities of Connecticut:

 CitiesSalary hourlySalary Yearly
6.East Hartford$73.58$153,049
7.East Haven$74.19$154,316
23.New Britain$73.93$153,791
24.New Haven$74.19$154,316
26.New London$73.93$153,791
27.New Milford$75.97$158,037
29..North Haven$74.19$154,316
36.South Windsor$73.58$153,049
45.West Hartford$73.58$153,049
46.West Haven$73.58$153,049
Pharmacists’ salaries across cities in Connecticut

Cities with Highest Pharmacist Salary in Connecticut

Cities differ in their valuation of pharmacists and in the way they pay them. These are the 10 highest paying cities for pharmacists in Connecticut:

 CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
Cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacists in Connecticut

Skill-based Pharmacist Salary in Connecticut

Earning well as a pharmacist in Connecticut goes beyond just having a degree; the next thing that comes to mind is how skilled you are.

Your skillfulness on the job would definitely help you earn more in terms of positions in the company, promotions, and of course the increased salary that comes with these.

Hence, it’s very important that pharmacists do their best to develop their skills in the different areas of the field.

Experience-based Pharmacist Salary in Connecticut

After skills, the next thing to talk about is experience. It is generally assumed that the more you do a work, the better you get at it.

A pharmacist who has a year of experience or less would be expected to receive about $50.65 per hour in Connecticut.

However, if a pharmacist has up to ten years of experience, they’ll be expected to receive a total average compensation of about $62.66 hourly.

10 Companies with Highest Pharmacist Salary in Connecticut

Every pharmacist would definitely appreciate being paid very highly. This is very possible if that pharmacist gets a job at a high paying company.

The top 10 highest paying companies for pharmacists in Connecticut are:

 CompanySalary YearlySalary Hourly
1.Stanford Health Care$177,694$85.43
2.UCLA Health$160,992$77.40
3.Dignity Health$154,648$74.35
5.MedWatchers Inc$144,060$69.26
6.Costco Wholesale$141,356$67.96
7.Riverside Health System$139,547$67.09
8..Parkland Health & Hospital System$139,048$66.85
9.Adventist Health$138,236$66.46
10.Stop and Shop Supermarket$133,120$64.00
Companies that pay the highest salaries to pharmacists in Connecticut

10 Highest Paying Jobs for Pharmacists in Connecticut

In Connecticut, there are jobs in the field of pharmacy that pay really well. They include:

  • Director of Pharmacy: Salary is about $167,000 each year.
  • Staff Pharmacist: Salary is about $153,920 yearly.
  • Chief Pharmacist: Salary is about $145,600
  • Pharmacist, Per Diem: Salary is about $140,000 yearly.
  • Staff Pharmacist (Part time): Salary is about $133,120.
  • Chief Retail Pharmacist: Salary is about $129,000 per year.
  • Dispensary Pharmacist: Salary is about $128,000 yearly.
  • Pharmacist – CT: Salary is about $124,800 yearly.
  • Part-time Pharmacist: Salary is about $114,000 yearly.
  • Clinical Pharmacist: Salary is about $109,636.

More Benefits for Pharmacists in Connecticut

Benefits lure people to companies and endear them to those companies. Some of the benefits that pharmacists enjoy in Connecticut include:

  • Travel reimbursement

Some employers in Connecticut take responsibility for the cost of the travels of their employees and reimburse the money spent.

  • Safety equipment provided

In some companies, pharmacists are provided with the adequate safety equipment that’ll protect them while they work and let them do the work with greater ease.

  • Relocation assistance

Some pharmacists enjoy the incentive of being aided by their companies when they choose to relocate to a different location to live.

What Related Job Titles to Pharmacist Earn in Connecticut

There are highly sought-after jobs that are related in some ways to pharmacy. They include:

  • Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians are tasked with assisting pharmacists in preparing and distributing drugs to patients.

They also play a vital role in the maintenance of pharmacy and patient records. For a pharmacy technician in Connecticut, the salary is about $32,000 a year.

  • Laboratory technician

Their job is to run an analysis of samples and to conduct laboratory testing based on the company’s standard procedures. Their average salary is $49,793 per year in Connecticut.

  • Pharmaceutical research technician

Pharmaceutical research technicians ensure a clean laboratory environment, test for different compounds and maintain records in the pharmacy.

A pharmaceutical research technician earns about $40,248 on average yearly in Connecticut.

Pharmacist Salary and Job Outlook in Connecticut

The employment growth rate for pharmacists in Connecticut is projected to be at 2.73%, from 2018 to 2028, with about 300 jobs being created annually.

The salary of pharmacists in Connecticut has been on an upward trajectory. It has grown by 5.14% over the last five years and is projected to grow further by about 2% in the coming years.

How to increase your Pay as a Pharmacist in Connecticut

To increase your salary as a pharmacist in Connecticut, you may need to work extra shifts. Yes, put in those extra hours and you’ll get some extra money.

You can also decide to venture into lecturing while on the job if your employer permits. It’ll give you an opportunity to earn even more. 

More Career Opportunities for Pharmacists in Connecticut

Career opportunities for pharmacists in Connecticut are massive. They include:

  • Hospital Pharmacy

Hospital pharmacists are responsible for the education of medical staff in the aspects of selection, administration and the monitoring of the safety of drugs and they may either be inpatient or outpatient.

Yearly, they earn about $142,400 in Connecticut.

  • Clinical Pharmacy

Clinical pharmacists are tasked with ensuring the optimal use of drugs for the best outcomes through providing information about the drugs and monitoring for drug efficacy and safety.

They earn about $135,119 in Connecticut.

  • Managed care pharmacy

They plan and manage medications in health maintenance organizations, like nursing homes, hospitals, and extended healthcare centers.

They earn about $130,526 yearly in Connecticut.


This post has provided valuable information on the salary of pharmacists and related jobs in the State of Connecticut, to guide anyone interested in working in the State as a pharmacist to make the right decisions.

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