Nurse Practitioner Salary in Utah and How to increase your Pay

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Utah
The cities that pay the highest salaries to nurse practitioners in Utah include Roy Salt Lake City and Lehi

The Nurse Practitioner salary in Utah is averagely $118,096 per year.

A Nurse Practitioner in Utah is a professional that provides primary health care services in a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, private offices, and nursing homes.  

Nurse Practitioners Salary across Cities in Utah

Salary information for Nurse Practitioners across cities in Utah:

 CityHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.Salt Lake City$90.39$121,674
2.West Valley City$83.36$112,217
4.West Jordan$80.60$108,507
7.St. George$78$105,006
10.South Jordan$83.48$112,380
20.Spanish Fork$76.21$102,591
22.Pleasant Grove$79.90$107,555
24.Eagle Mountain$78.84$105,589
26.Cottonwood Heights$79.78$107,401
28.Cedar City$74.84$100,742
Nurse practitioner salaries across Utah cities

10 Highest Paying Cities for Nurse Practitioners in Utah

Salary information for Nurse Practitioners in top 10 paying cities in Utah:

 CityHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
2.Salt Lake City$90.39$121,674
5.South Jordan$83.48$112,380
6.West Valley City$83.36$112,217
Cities that pay the highest salaries to nurse practitioners in Utah

Nurse Practitioners Salary Based on Skills in Utah

A Nurse Practitioner in Utah with desirable skills and certifications will earn more money than their colleagues who don’t have them. Some of these skills include:

  1. Interpersonal skills
  2. Management skills
  3. Problem solving skills
  4. Computer skills
  5. Basic clinical judgment.

Nurse Practitioners Salary Based on Experience in Utah

Experience is one of the most important factors in determining the salary of a Nurse Practitioner in Utah.

The more experience that you have under your belt, the higher your salary will be.

As you rise through your career, more responsibility and decision making gets put on you and your salary also increases accordingly.

A Nurse Practitioner with less than one year of experience earns an average salary of $103,880 per year in Utah.

The more experienced ones with 10 or more years of experience make $128,924.

10 Highest Paying Companies for Nurse Practitioners in Utah

Salary information for Nurse Practitioners in top 10 paying companies in Utah:

 CompanyHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
2.Belle Medical$487$656,074
3.QC Kinetix$204$274,037
4.Ideal Option$123$165,070
5.Eventus WholeHealth$119$160,620
6.Molina Healthcare$118$159,130
7.Northwell Health$112$151,078
8.NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital$112$150,274
9.Wound Care Plus, LLC$109$146,965
10.MY DR NOW$107$144,686
Companies that pay the highest salaries to nurse practitioners in Utah

10 Highest Paying Nurse Practitioner Jobs in Utah

Here is a list of the highest paying nurse practitioner jobs in Utah:

  • Geriatric Nurse Practitioner; $144,081
  • Nurse Practitioner Anesthesiology; $128,569
  • International Travel Nurse Practitioner; $121,293
  • Nurse Practitioner Consultant; $117,925
  • Neonatal Nurse Practitioner; $124,490
  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner; $128,079
  • Surgical Nurse Practitioner; $107,186
  • Home Care Nurse Practitioner; $109,750
  • Family Nurse Practitioner; $115,153
  • Acute Care Nurse Practitioner; $110,614.

More Benefits for Nurse Practitioners in Utah

Employers in Utah provide Nurse Practitioners benefits like:

  • Health insurance

Nurse Practitioners usually have health insurance provided by their employers in Utah.

It can be a benefit, but it’s also a benefit that can be costly for individuals, so it’s important to get adequate healthcare coverage for yourself.

Some health insurance plans require an individual to always use the same primary care doctor.

This means that if you change jobs and switch to another area of medicine or a different provider altogether, you are no longer allowed to use the benefits of your health plan.

Retirement plan

Nurse Practitioners have access to a retirement plan at work. This can be a benefit to individuals that don’t have access to any other kind of retirement plan.

  • Dental insurance

If you are a Nurse Practitioner in Utah, you can get dental insurance from your employer. Dental insurance is expensive, especially for individuals without a major dental plan.

With it, you will pay the same amount as if you were going to the dentist yourself.

  • Vision insurance

If you are a Nurse Practitioner in Utah, you can get vision insurance from your employer. Many employers offer vision insurance as a benefit to their employees.

This prevents the need for individuals to get vision insurance coverage for themselves.

  • Flexible spending account

Nurse Practitioners in Utah have access to flexible spending accounts. These are accounts that an employee can put money in prior to tax season and use the money for medical expenses that they would normally have deductibles on at the end of the year.

What Related Job Titles to Nurse Practitioners Earn in Utah

Here are jobs that are related to Nurse Practitioner and the salary they earn in Utah:

  • Medical Assistant; $37,120
  • Pharmacist; $142,283
  • Flight Paramedics; $90,371
  • Nuclear Medicine Technologist; $84,100
  • Radiologist; $63,441.

Nurse Practitioners Job and Salary Outlook in Utah

Utah does not have as many nurse practitioners as some other states, but they are expected to grow significantly over the next decade.

It is expected that over 34% more nurse practitioners will be hired in the State in the next decade, bringing the state’s total number of nurse practitioners to 2,300.

Utah has recently experienced significant population growth, necessitating medical care. There is also the possibility of legislation to broaden the scope of practice for nurse practitioners.

This will enable them to bridge the gap between demand and provider availability.

How to increase your Pay as a Nurse Practitioner in Utah

You can increase your pay as a Nurse Practitioner in Utah is one or more ways, including:

  • Adding onto your experience

The easiest way to get a raise as a Nurse Practitioner in Utah is to get more experience.

Having more experience in your field makes you a more attractive candidate for new job openings.

  • Get expertise in a specialty area of medicine

Specialty areas of medicine are areas that you focus on. This practice will help make you invaluable to your employer and can open up opportunities for advancement even if you started out at the lowest payment tier.

  • Being licensed as a Nurse Practitioner in Utah

Becoming certified as a Nurse Practitioner in Utah will give you credibility in your area of practice.

If you’re certified, you get more respect from peers and employers, and it also shows that you have skill and experience that can contribute to the quality of care given to your patients.

Becoming certified as a Nurse Practitioner in Utah can be difficult, especially if you just graduated from nursing school.

This is because the process is very complicated and will require many exams and practicals to get you through.

If you want to become a Certified Nurse Practitioner in Utah, you need to get your certification by going through the certification process as directed by the Board of Certification.

The Utah State Nurse Registry Information, established in 2009 provides information regarding the requirements for individuals who want to practice as nurse practitioners, nurse midwives, and other similar healthcare professionals, such as certified practical nurses (CPN’s) and certified nursing assistants (CNAs).

More Career Opportunities for Nurse Practitioners in Utah

There are more career opportunities you may consider if you are a Nurse Practitioner in Utah.

These include:

  • Work for the Utah State government

The state government is always looking for nurses to work for them. If you want to become a Nurse Practitioner in Utah, you should consider working for the state.

You may find that it’s easier to get certain jobs and much higher pay than you will get from a private healthcare organization.

  • Work for the Veterans Administration

If you want to become a Nurse Practitioner in Utah and earn a high salary, another option is to work for the Veterans Administration.

The VA often has positions available that pay more than employers in other health care sectors.

Additionally, the VA is always looking for experienced and qualified nurses to bring in.

  • Work online for a retailer of healthcare services

To increase your salary as Nurse Practitioner in Utah, there are other ways that you can do it.

One way is by working as an online retailer of healthcare services.

Working as an online retailer allows you to choose your own hours and work from home most of the time.

However, this position comes with lower pay than working directly for a hospital or other large health care facility would provide.


This article has provided valuable information you can use if you are a Nurse Practitioner thinking of living and working in the State of Utah.

You can learn the cities and companies that pay the highest salaries to Nurse Practitioners in Utah, as well as the ideas to use to increase your pay.

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