Nurse Practitioner Salary in Arkansas and How to Increase your Pay

By | July 16, 2023
Nurse Practitioner Salary in Arkansas
The nurse practitioner salary in Arkansas looks to increase in the coming years due to increase in demand for nursing services in the State.

The nurse practitioner salary in Arkansas is about $95,230 yearly. In Arkansas, nurse practitioners are highly valued and appreciated by all. They get a pay of about $95,230 annually and up to $45.79 hourly.

Nurse practitioners in Arkansas are responsible for helping their patients maintain good health, and for treating their illnesses.

They achieve this through proper taking of case history and by the signs of symptoms of the patients.

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Arkansas Cities

Here are the salaries of nurse practitioners across the State of:

 CitiesSalary hourlySalary Yearly
3.Bella Vista$49.68$103,354
12.El Dorado$49.99$103,994
14.Forrest City$50.71$105,497
15.Fort Smith$48.17$100,197
17.Hot Springs$50.53$105,121
18.Hot Springs Village$50.53$105,121
21.Little Rock$51.03$106,153
26.Mountain Home$51.66$107,458
27.North Little Rock$51.03$106,153
29.Pine Bluff$49.35$102,663
34.Siloam Springs$49.72$103,423
37.Van Buren$48.17$100,197
38.West Memphis$51.10$106,300
Nurse practitioners’ salaries across Arkansas cities

Cities with Highest Nurse Practitioner Salary in Arkansas

In Arkansas, nurse practitioners are paid in varying amounts in the different cities. The ten cities that pay the most are:

 CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
1.Mountain Home$51.66$107,458
2.West Memphis$51.10$106,300
5.North Little Rock$51.03$106,153
7.Little Rock$51.03$106,153
Cities that pay the highest salaries to nurse practitioners in Arkansas

Skill-based Nurse Practitioner Salary in Arkansas

When it comes to skill, a nurse practitioner must be well stocked in that area to get any chance of getting a higher pay than the contemporary professional as employers are always looking out for that.

Your skills as a nurse practitioner in Arkansas is what would enable you to stand out amongst your peers in the eyes of your employers or potential employers and is a key determinant of how much your salary will be.

Experience-based Nurse Practitioner Salary in Arkansas

For nurse practitioners, a lot depends on experience. The more experienced you are, the more highly regarded you’ll be to your employers or potential employers.

A nurse practitioner in Arkansas with experience of just a year or less will only earn about $91,100 per annum while one with up to ten years of experience will earn about $113,063 every year.

This goes to show just how much experience is appreciated in the profession.

Companies with Highest Nurse Practitioner Salary in Arkansas

In Arkansas, there are some companies that offer very attractive salaries to nurse practitioners than others. They include:

 CompanySalary YearlySalary Hourly
2INNOVATIVE HEALTH$289,930$139.38
3.  UCLA Health$173,544$83.43
4Eventus WholeHealth$159,723$76.78
5Molina Healthcare$152,053$73.10
6Northwell Health$149,259$71.75
7Anthem, Inc.$146,870$70.61
8NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital$145,723$70.05
9Ideal Option$141,143$67.85
10Dignity Health$139,888$67.25
Companies that pay the highest salaries to nurse practitioners in Arkansas

10 Highest Paying Jobs for Nurse Practitioners in Arkansas

In Arkansas, the top paying jobs for nurse practitioners include:

  • Wound Care Provider: Salary is about $192,000 yearly.
  • Nurse Practitioner MediQuick- Physician Clinic): Salary is about $162,000 per year.
  • Physician Assistant: Salary is about $158,000 yearly.
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner: Salary is about $150,000 yearly
  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner: Salary is about $148,000 yearly.
  • Wound Certified Nurse Practitioner: Salary is about $128,000 per year.
  • Family Nurse Practitioner: Salary is about $126,000 per year.
  • Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner (PMHNP) Salary is about $125,000 per annum.
  • Psychiatric PA or Psychiatric NP: Salary is about $123,000 per year.
  • APRN: Salary is about $116,000 yearly.

More Benefits for Nurse Practitioners in Arkansas

When it comes to bonuses and compensations, nurse practitioners are entitled to a lot of them in Arkansas. Some of the benefits include:

  • Health Insurance

Companies offer to take care of the health bills of their nurse practitioners in order to make them happy on the job.

  • Paid Leave

Taking a break is very much important for everyone who has worked hard, including nurse practitioners too. Employers offer to pay them even as they take some time off to rest and be with family.

  • Life Insurance

Nurse practitioners in Arkansas are given this benefit where their families are guaranteed some money if the nurse practitioner dies for any reason.

It’s a guarantee for a good life for the family of the employee irrespective of whether the individual is alive or dead.

What Related Job Titles to Nurse Practitioner Earn in Arkansas

Related jobs to that of nurse practitioners in Arkansas include the following:

  • Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy technicians aid pharmacists in taking care of their patients and are very grounded in the knowledge of the names of drugs, their uses and side effects, and much more in order to guarantee patient safety.

Their salary is about $30,840 per year in Arkansas.

  • Social and Human Service Assistant

They are tasked with assisting social workers and other human service employees in their various day to day tasks like clerical duties or patient care.

Their average earning is $31,280 per year.

  • Diagnostic Technician

They are lab workers that help diagnosticians to get the needed data to create a diagnosis. A diagnostic technician earns about $59,750 on average yearly.

Nurse Practitioner Salary and Job Outlook in Arkansas

For nurse practitioners in Arkansas, the employment outlook is quite amazing. Currently, there are almost 2,000 nurse practitioners in Arkansas, and it is projected that in the next decade, there will be over 600 more nurse practitioner jobs which signifies a growth of about 31.5 %.

The problem of primary care provider shortage in the State provides a very big opportunity for nurse practitioners to get into the State and make some good money too as it is projected that as the jobs are increasingly opening up, there will also be a massive increase in pay of nurse practitioners in the State.

How to Increase Your Pay in Arkansas as a Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners that seek to increase their pay can offer telehealth services, which involve the virtual provision of healthcare from home.

Another good source of extra income is venturing into healthcare writing and blogging. It has been proven to be a great source of extra income for nurse practitioners.

More Career Opportunities for Nurse Practitioners in Arkansas

More career opportunities available to nurse practitioners in Arkansas include:

  • Neonatal Nurse Practitioner

These professionals are tasked with caring for premature and sick newborns which includes diagnosing them, making provision for treatment plans, and also prescribing medication.

They earn about $124,756 per annum in Arkansas.

  • Oncology Nurse Practitioner

This is a nurse practitioner who is responsible for the comprehensive care of women all through their lives. They earn about $101,280 on average every year.

  • Adult-Gerontology  Nurse Practitioner

These nurse practitioners develop treatment plans for cancer patients in collaboration with other healthcare professionals like physicians. They earn about $110,076 per annum.


This post has provided valuable salary information to nurse practitioners thinking of living and working in Arkansas.

It also covered the cities and companies in Arkansas that pay the highest salaries to nurse practitioners, as well as related careers and their salaries that nurse practitioners can also get into in the State of Arkansas.

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