McDonald’s Cashier Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

By | September 1, 2023
McDonald's Cashier job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
McDonald’s Cashiers perform several duties, including verifying register receipts of daily transactions. Image source:

This post provides complete information on the job description of a McDonald’s cashier, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities that they perform.

What Does a McDonald’s Cashier Do?

The McDonald’s cashier is responsible for verifying register receipts of daily transactions, or filling out reports.

Between these two key duties, they welcome customers, package or serve orders, receive payments, and give out receipts.

As a McDonald’s cashier, a typical working day begins with counting money in the drawers and at the end of the working period.

The McDonald’s cashier job description entails taking orders, inputting them into the computer, receiving payment from customers and giving out change as required.

It also involves making cash transactions and understanding the use of equipment used in processing transactions.

He/she will be responsible for giving reports and ensuring accuracy of all transactions.

It is the duty of the cashier to ensure that the content of the cash drawer matches sales accurately and any discrepancy in this regard will mandate him/her to give a logical explanation or make up for the loss.

Other tasks cashiers perform at McDonald’s include attending to customer dissatisfaction, as well as inquiries.

It is then imperative that the individual vying for this post must remain calm on the job and ensure abnormalities in order are quickly addressed.

They are usually expected to support customers as a first priority and thereafter discharge other designated responsibilities after customers are contented.

The role of McDonald’s cashiers also includes entering the kitchen to collect food that have been prepared and organized either as take-away or on a tray for dine-in customers.

They will ensure that enough napkins and seasonings are served with orders.

They may also discover themselves pitching in to duties not originality part of their job description, such as lifting of fairly heavy objects, maintaining parking area, or even clearing out trash, as well as sweeping and cleaning of restrooms.

McDonald’s Cashier Job Description Example/Sample/Template

The following job description example highlights the specific duties, tasks, and responsibilities usually expected to be performed with utmost diligence by McDonald’s cashiers as they report to work:

  • Ensure a faultless customer service which gratifies customer needs.
  • Be involved in packing, weighing, and labeling products as required.
  • Ensure that counters are well stocked and refrigerators neat.
  • Ensure attractiveness in displaying all food items in conformity with quality standards.
  • Ensure the storage of food at the appropriate temperature according to approved health standards.
  • Guarantee cleanliness in decorating and serving food in compliance with hygienic regulations/standards.
  • Ensure that the supervisor is aware anytime food quantities are not enough in supply.
  • Ensure compliance with all quality standards, principles, guidelines and policies of McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Cashier Requirements: Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities for Career Success

Most fast food cashier jobs are often at entry level, common with high schools students with little or no experience and so employers provide on-the-job training.

Although there may be no formal educational requirements, employers will favor applicants who are able to show enthusiasm for the job.

In addition to this, the following qualities, skills, knowledge, and abilities may be required of a McDonald’s cashier:

  • High school diploma with minimum of a year cash processing and cashier experience.
  • Must be at ease with managing the contents of the cash drawer.
  • Proficiency in calculating, making accurate entries, and posting into journals.
  • Effective communication aptitude in explaining accounting policies, principles, and information in a way that is easy to understand by the consumer.
  • Precision and integrity in managing cash flows and control of revenue.
  • Prompt accomplishment of tasks assigned by supervisor or manager
  • Pre-employment tests: Getting this job may require taking a test to prove that you are suitable for the position. Learn about job assessment tests and how to come out tops above other competitors.