Liability Claims Adjuster Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

By | October 13, 2023
Liability Claims Adjuster Job Description
Liability Claims Adjusters help in ensuring prompt settlement of clients’ liability claims.

This post provides detailed information on the liability claims adjuster job description, including the key duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform.

It also highlights the major requirements that you may be asked to meet to be hired for the liability claims adjuster role by most employers/recruiters.

What Does a Liability Claims Adjuster Do?

A liability claims adjuster is responsible for receiving claim notification and investigating it. His/her job description entails providing necessary support for effective review, research, investigation of claims.

He/she also assist in setting up, processing, and adjusting of claims.

The liability claims adjuster’s role involves setting the right claim reserves and negotiating settlement of claims up to authorized levels.

It also entails the handling, negotiation, and/or settlement of simple general liability claims.

The liability claims adjuster follows technical direction in carrying out his/her tasks, working within significant authority and limits in analyzing applicable coverage for all submitted claims, and finding out if the loss is within the policy coverage.

He/she must carry out prompt and thorough investigation of claims to determine the degree of liability by interviewing all parties involved.

It is also part of his/her duties to document files by preparing reports and correspondence. He/she is expected to carry out claims evaluation and creates appropriate reserves.

The liability claims adjuster work description involves negotiating settlements and managing claims in litigation.

He/she is responsible for managing diaries and must ensure that assignments are completed timely so that cases can proceed to the best financial outcome and resolved promptly.

His/her responsibilities also entail identifying the right expertise resources to help in resolving cases and assigning tasks to them, as well as coordinating their activities.

Taking and answering telephone calls from different individuals, including claimants and the insured as well as prioritizing workload and processing of mails are also the functions of the claims adjuster.

To succeed on the job, liability claims adjusters should have passion and appreciation for strong claim management, and must be able to achieve best financial outcomes by applying creative solutions.

Liability Claims Adjuster Job Description Example/Sample/Template

Liability claims adjusters perform various functions to ensure prompt investigation and settlement of claims for their companies.

The typical tasks, duties, and responsibilities performed by liabilities claims adjusters in most companies are shown in the sample job description below:

  • Responsible for ensuring simple general liability claims are resolved as quickly as possible
  • Enter incidents upon receipt and set off investigation with 24 business hours
  • Make a request for investigative documentation such as police report numbers, statements, incident reports, photos, videos, and employee records to be able to perform a thorough investigation
  • Carry out a review of medical documentation in the case of claims regarding body injuries
  • Quickly attend to inquiries through written and phone channels within statutory requirements from insurance carriers, clients, claimants, repair shops, attorneys, appraisers, physicians, and physical damage experts
  • Track time frames and set diaries as instructed by statute and regulation and/or as expected by client
  • Start up and respond timely to correspondences, including demands and letters of representation from attorneys
  • Prepare checks and make a request for client’s settlement authority as part of closing duties
  • Send necessary documentation and create correspondence to physicians, insurers, and claimants
  • Carry out documentation of claim files; evaluation of potential exposure to legal liability; establishment of appropriate claim reserve; negotiation of fair settlement of claim based on supporting claim documents and thorough investigation
  • Evaluate all damages that have been proven, including property damage reports, medical specials, and other relevant supporting documents that have been submitted or requested, to be able to substantiate claims.

Requirements – Abilities, Skills, Knowledge – for Liability claims Adjuster Role

To hire the best people for the liability claims adjuster role, employers would generally provide a list of requirements, including skills, knowledge, abilities, educational qualification, and experience that interested applicants must have to be qualified for hiring.

Therefore, if you are seeking this position, here are major requirements you might be expected to meet:

  • Possess High School Diploma or its equivalent such as GED, or high educational qualification
  • Possess Independent Adjuster License or ability to obtain one within a year of employment
  • Three years working experience performing general clerical duties
  • One year or more experience in general liability insurance setting
  • Strong ability to work with Microsoft Excel (to filter, create, edit, and sort spreadsheet)
  • Strong ability to use Microsoft Word to make and edit documents
  • Strong ability to perform multiple tasks at once and to prioritize workload
  • Strong ability to work effectively and efficiently in a fast-paced environment
  • Possess strong claim negotiation skills with the ability to work independently and exercise sound judgement
  • Strong ability to handle any assigned task and produce expected results consistently and in good time
  • Exceptional interpersonal skills with the ability to determine what clients need and to provide quality solutions
  • Strong ability to speak, read, and write fluently in English language. Fluency in the Spanish language is an advantage.


This post is useful to employers looking to hire for the liability claims adjuster position in their companies.

They will be able to make a detailed and well suited description for the role by applying the job description example provided above.

This article is also helpful to individuals interested in insurance career and would want to know what liability claims adjusters do. They are sure to have their knowledge about the occupation increased by the content of this post.