BMO Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews, and Employment

By | February 24, 2024
BMO Hiring Process
To be hired at BMO, candidates are expected to fulfill the banks hiring process. Image source: Pymnts.

This post provides detailed information on the hiring process at BMO Harris Bank, including the job application and interview requirements candidates need to meet to be hired, as well as the various career opportunities available at BMO.

BMO Hiring Process

The recruitment process at BMO involves the following stages:

Job Application Process

The first step of BMO job application process is an online application form. You can start by clicking the “Apply” button on the official website of BMO, which takes you to the “Apply now”, from where you can apply for any jobs at BMO.

Job Assessment Test

BMO employs a situational judgment exam to determine how well you will function in a professional context.

This demonstrates your interpersonal abilities as well as what you perceive to be productive working behavior.

Tips for Passing the BMO Assessment Test

Here are some tips to help you pass the assessment test at BMO:

  1. Be familiar with BMO’s purpose.
  2. Review BMO profile, culture, mission and values before taking the test.
  3. Use available resources to prepare for the test, including knowledge bank, career resource center and behavioral interview prep material.
  4. Complete the test on time.
  5. Choose an answer which you are comfortable with, and not to rush through the test or choose answers randomly.

BMO Interview Process

After passing the assessment test, you will need to schedule an interview with a BMO representative in your area.

The interview can be by phone and also face to face, depending on your location and time availability. Sometimes, a group interview is also conducted.

  • Phone Call/Interview

During the phone call, you will be asked to go through your resume and cover letter.

Your resume will be assessed in terms of its relevance to the position and whether it is up-to-date.

Then, you will be asked to go over your key qualifications, such as education, experience, and skills for the position.

  • In-person Interview

The objective of the in-person interview is to assess your competencies and skills that you have presented in the application process.

It may include situational questions relating to your functional area.

You should be prepared for questions about your resume as well as about your experiences and achievements.

Tips for Passing the BMO Interview

Here are some tips to help you pass the BMO interview:

  1. Pay attention to time and be punctual.
  2. Prepare in advance and know your strengths and weaknesses.
  3. Do your homework and research well on the company, its policies, services and products provided as well as competitors’ products and services.
  4. Don’t be nervous, panic or get upset during the interview.
  5. Be yourself, your true self and be confident.

BMO Harris Interview Questions and Answers

Find here BMO-specific interview questions, as well as suggested answers:

  1. Why did you choose to leave your last place of employment?

I left my last place of employment because it was not a good fit. I felt that the direction in which they were moving did not match my skills and interests.

2. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My strengths relate to strategic thinking and problem solving, while my weaknesses are interpersonal, but this is something that can be improved through training and experience.

3. What is a normal workday like for you?

My typical work day looks like gathering relevant information, selecting appropriate action steps and communicating the results. I may also be involved in supervision and management of others.

4. What qualities do you look for in a successful manager?

I look for a manager who is, first and foremost, trustworthy. Then I would want to see an individual who is strategic in problem solving, articulate and able to maintain credibility with those he or she will be leading.

5. What is your greatest strength? 

That I always act in the best interest of my employer and use my initiative by seeking out new ideas and solutions to difficult problems that can greatly improve business processes.

How Long Does BMO Hiring Process Take?

If they deem your application satisfactory, you should expect a response within a week after submitting it.

The assessment test takes one day to complete. It takes roughly two weeks to complete the interview.

After a successful interview, candidates should expect to hear back from the organization within a week.

Major BMO Careers and Jobs Available

Some of the major careers and jobs available at BMO include:

  1. Loan Officer

Description: Responsible for originating and servicing residential loans.

2. Branch Manager

Description: Directs the operation at one or more branches, and responsible for sales and service, management, and overall profitability of the branch.

3. Territory Manager

Description: Manages one or more geographic regions within a bank, and responsible for performance of the region.

4. Financial Analyst

Description: Plans, directs and coordinates the financial activities of an organization.

What to Expect Working at BMO

BMO Harris offers the following benefits to its employees:

  1. Great pay
  2. Flexible Hours
  3. 401K Plan
  4. Direct Deposit/Direct Deposit Capture
  5. 24×7 ATM Access.

What Employees Dislike about Working at BMO

Some employees dislike working at BMO because of the long hours and limited time off.

BMO Company Profile

BMO Harris Bank, N.A. is a Chicago, Illinois-based American bank that offers a wide range of banking services.

They have branch offices throughout 20 states and extensive ATM locations.

BMO Harris Bank has approximately 600 locations and 1,300 ATMs in the United States, and employs 14,500 people.

BMO Harris Bank is one of the major financial institutions in the United States.


From the above, you can see that to complete the BMO hiring process is not complicated at all. Just follow the steps outlined in this post and you will get the job of your dreams.

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