Best Sample Interview Questions for Intern with Answers

By | July 17, 2023
Interview Questions for Intern
You are better prepared for an intern interview if you knew the questions that may be asked and practice with them before the interview date.

If you are planning to take an interview for an intern position, this post provides sample questions you can use in your preparation to increase your chances of passing the interview and getting the intern position.

Sitting for an intern interview can be tough, however, if you knew the questions that will likely be asked before the interview date, then it becomes a piece of cake.

Please, read on:

What do Interviewers Look For in an Intern?

When assessing candidates for an intern position, recruiters usually look for communication skills, ability to learn quickly, and social intelligence in the candidates.

They are typically looking for someone who is quick on their feet and can think critically about problems and suggest possible solutions.

10 Common Intern Interview Questions and Answers

Here are some of the most common questions you may be asked at an interview for the post of an intern:

1. Describe yourself to me in three words

Answer: I am self-motivated, hardworking, and conscientious.

I’ve learned that no one is going to care about your success as much as you do. That’s why I am a self-starter and constantly look for opportunities to improve myself and others around me.

2. What would your former employer mention about you?

Answer: My last boss would say that I’m an excellent problem solver. He might even use the example of how I saved an important client presentation one day by quickly creating a new slide after the computer shut off right before start time. If not that, then he would probably mention my great attendance record!

3. What are your strengths and weaknesses?

Answer: I’m really good at giving presentations and working under pressure, but I need to work on my attention to detail in certain cases.

4. Where do you anticipate to be in the next five, ten years?

Answer: In five years, I see myself as a successful and well-respected project manager at XYZ company. In ten years, I see myself as a team leader or manager.

5. How would your best friend describe you?

Answer: My best friend would say I am very loyal and dependable. He might even mention my good sense of humor!

6. Why should we give you this job instead of someone else?

Answer: From my previous experience as both an intern and a full-time employee, I have learned the importance of following projects through to the end. No matter what job I’m doing or how busy things get, I maintain my composure and always prioritize according to what is most important at the current time, while still making sure that all necessary tasks are completed in a timely manner. This also helps me keep any deadline that I’ve been given. Finally, I’m reliable, motivated, and conscientious.

7. What are you passionate about?

Answer: This is a tough question! The truth is that I have so many interests that it would be difficult to choose just one. I love watching football games on Sundays with my dad, taking road trips, spending time at the beach with friends, and having fun at the arcade. I am a very creative person who loves to combine all of my interests together!

8. What is your dream job?

Answer: There are many things that make up a perfect job, but if I had to choose just one thing, it would be working on projects that help people. It could be as simple as teaching kids to read.

9. What do you know about our company?

Answer: You manufacture and sell innovative high-quality products that help people around the world feel more confident in themselves. You also emphasize teamwork and strive to promote diversity, equality, and integrity throughout your business operations. This is a huge part of why I am so interested in working here.

10. How do you handle pressure?

Answer: I find that taking a few minutes alone can make all the difference in getting myself back on track emotionally.

More Sample Intern Interview Questions

Here are more questions in different categories that you may be asked in an intern interview session:  

Sample Behavioral Interview Questions for Intern

  1. What qualities do you have that would make you a good intern?
  2. Why are you interested in this company, what interests you about working here?
  3. How do you feel about deadlines?
  4. Tell me something about yourself that interests me.
  5. What experience have you had with being an intern before where it went well or not so well?

Sample Case Interview Questions for Intern

  1. Tell me about a situation where you successfully solved an unsolvable problem.
  2. What is the last book you read?
  3. Give me an example of how your work has had a direct impact on somebody else’s life or success.
  4. What are your thoughts on collaborating with people to solve problems?
  5. How do you go beyond expectations in your job?

Sample Competency Interview Questions for Intern

  1. What motivates you to be an intern for this company?
  2. How does your work ethic make you a good candidate for this internship?
  3. Why should we hire you as our intern?
  4. How do you feel about working on weekends or overtime if it’s needed?
  5. Tell me about a time when things didn’t go well at work and what happened, why did that happen, and how were things resolved?

Sample Problem-Solving Interview Questions for Intern

  1. Tell me about the last problem you solved.
  2. What attributes do you think are important to solve problems?
  3. Why is it important for an intern to be able to solve problems?
  4. How do you approach solving a problem if someone else has already worked on it?
  5. How can an intern work on increasing their problem solving abilities over time?

Sample Situational Interview Questions for Intern

  1. Give me an example of a time where you had to work on a task with someone and there was an argument.
  2. How do you stay motivated?
  3. What is your favorite part about the company (or field)?
  4. Tell me something I wouldn’t know just by looking at your resume.
  5. What difficulties have or will you face as an intern? or How would you deal with those problems if they happen again in the future?

Sample Communication Skills Interview Questions for Intern

  1. How do you stay calm and composed during a difficult conversation?
  2. What is the best way to approach conflict in an office setting?
  3. Describe a time when you communicated with someone who was not always available.
  4. Give me an example of how you successfully dealt with something that didn’t go as planned.
  5. Give me an example of what good communication looks like at work.

Sample Interpersonal Skills Interview Questions for Intern

  1. Give me an example of a time when you had to work on a task with someone and there was an argument.
  2. Walk me through a time when you helped someone.
  3. How do you work well in team settings?
  4. What is the best idea that came out of one of your meetings or groups?
  5. Have you ever spoken to an audience before, if so what was it about and how did it go?

Sample Company Culture Interview Questions for Intern

  1. What are the company’s core values?
  2. How do our culture and office environment affect your workday?
  3. What is the dress code in this office?
  4. How do you feel about telecommuting from time to time?
  5. Who are some of our top competitors and how do we stack up against them?

Intern Interview Success Tips

Intern interview settings can be intimidating and tough for the unprepared but here are some useful tips that can give you an edge over other candidates:

Practice answering popular interview questions:

  • Use a mirror to practice answers
  • Ask your friends or family to take the role of interviewer and ask you common interview questions
  • Practice answers out loud
  • Review your resume to be sure you know it inside and out
  • Prepare a list of follow up questions for the interviewer.

Make a good first impression:

  • Arrive early, giving yourself plenty time to find a parking space, get through security, etc.
  • Dress in a professional attire that is appropriate for an office dress


When you’re interviewing for an internship position, be sure to bring your best self.

Practice answering popular interview questions before going for the interview by using a mirror or asking friends/family to take on the role of interviewer, so that when the moment comes you’ll have all the answers on your finger tip and exude confidence.

It’s important not only to answer the questions well but also to make a good first impression with your attire and punctuality.