Best 20 Work from Home Jobs for Retirees

By | August 11, 2023
Work from Home Jobs for Retirees
Even in retirement, you can still find great work from home jobs to make good money.

Best 20 Work from Home Jobs for Retirees

At retirement, your salary stops coming, but your expenses do not also cease. And when you do not have other sources of income to help you to continue meeting your needs, daily living may become difficult.

It will then become important that you find a job so you can start generating income to meet your needs and that of your family.

This post helps you to find the right job that you can do from home as a retiree.

Best 20 Work from Home Jobs for Retirees

Here are great job opportunities retirees can do from home:

  1. Customer Service Representative
  2. Jury Consultant
  3. Virtual Assistant
  4. Online Tutor
  5. Writer/Editor
  6. Event Staff
  7. Affiliate Marketing
  8. Registered Nurse
  9. Paralegals
  10. Nanny
  11. Sales Associate
  12. Translator
  13. School Psychologist
  14. Software Engineer
  15. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist
  16. Transcriptionist
  17. Freelancing
  18. Driver
  19. Caretaker
  20. Pet Sitter.
  1. Customer Service Representative

The job of a customer service representative is to receive calls and emails containing complains/dissatisfaction of customers and demands for products and services of the company they work for.

They serve as a bridge between the business organization and the customers/clients.

They also help customers in possible ways of understanding the products and services of the business organization and keep them up to date with the company’s latest offers and promos.

The beauty of customer service today is that it can be done at home. Yes, customer service can be done from any location in the world.

So a retiree can do this job as a way of having some cash to live on after retirement.

Customer Service Representative Salary: The salary range for customer service representatives is between $31,874 and $41,407 as at September, 2020, while the average salary for this job is $36,270.

What makes this job an interesting one is that there is no age limit or bracket that is considered. As long as you have what it takes to do the job, you could land one not far away from where you live or probably online.

  1. Jury Consultant

Jury consultants are useful to lawyers and judges especially in criminal cases. They are hired by lawyers to help study human as human behavior experts and provide lawyers with verifiable and reliable information about people.

Judges also employ them as consultants to help them select jurors and provide meaningful insight into a juror behavior.

Jury consultants are highly relevant in complex criminal cases.

Jury Consultant Duties/Responsibilities

  • Make research about a juror’s background
  • Create profiles for jurors
  • Are consulted to help in jury selection and prepare questions for prospective jurors
  • May be consulted for focus groups and conduct mock trials
  • Undertake pretrial research
  • Tender analytical reports
  • Undertake statistical analyses
  • Provide meaningful demographic data.

Jury Consultant Salary: The salary range is highly dependent on previous success and experience. So the range is stipulated to be around $26,000 – $100,000. PhD holders in this job could earn more than that.

  1. Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant is more like a secretary working from home. It is just the online type of secretary or personal assistant job.

A virtual assistant does the work of a secretary or a personal assistant to a person he/she may not know.

Just with a personal computer, a retiree can become a virtual assistant as long as he/she is available within the working hours demanded by the employer.

Virtual Assistant Duties/Responsibilities

  • Receiving and responding to phone calls and emails
  • Fixing meetings
  • Make arrangements for travel accommodations
  • Manage contacts list
  • Prepare spreadsheets and keeping of online records
  • Conduct market research
  • Organize the manager’s calendars
  • Prepare presentations
  • Engage in customer service functions as delegated.

Virtual Assistant: General virtual assistants earn between $500 and $800 monthly, while more specialist virtual assistants with some creative and sought after skills earn between $800 – $1,500 or even more monthly.

  1. Online Tutor

An online tutor is more like a teacher you see in schools and other institutions of learning.

However, this type is done with the use of internet or social media platforms without coming in contact with students.

This job is suitable for retirees because of the abundant time they have to think, prepare, and pass information or knowledge across to individuals that need it at that point in time.

Online Tutor Duties/Responsibilities

  • Prepare tutorials for online followers
  • Grade and assess the progress of students
  • Get and resolve problems associated with the tutorials by the students

Online Tutor Salary: An average online tutor earns about $20,347 per year. Some earn higher while some earn less actually, depending on quality of content they produce and teach.

  1. Writer/Editor

Writers/editors are basically hired to create new contents or edit and improve on existing ones.

So basically, a writer or an editor produce a new content and edit/improve on the already existing ones.

Writers/editors are on the high demand from website owners, broadcasting corporations, newspaper publishers and many other organizations that demand high profile content development.

Writers/editors Salary: The average salary of a writer/editor stands at about $53,754 per year. That is approximately $54,000 per year.

  1. Event Staff

An event staff undertakes several functions in an event, including both planning and execution.

They are hired to ensure that events are carried out successfully without hitches.

Their job is to ensure that guests feel at home in the event and given a good treat as long as the event lasts.

Event Staff Duties and Responsibilities

  • Unload equipment from event trucks
  • Works in ushering capacity
  • Ensure neatness of event venue
  • Operates cash registers
  • Sets up lighting and sound equipment
  • Inspect equipment to be used for events
  • Pack up equipment after events.

Event Staff Salary: The average salary of an event staff is touted to be at around $27,000 per year. As usual, it could be higher or lesser depending on experience and type of occasion.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a type of job where you are rewarded for each customer or client you bring to a particular business, depending on the terms and conditions of the agreement.

There is no specific pay scale. There is always a fixed percentage paid to the affiliate marketer for each customer he/she brings or convinces to buy a product. It is called “Commission”.

Affiliate Marketing Duties/Responsibilities

  • Directs potential clients or customers to the seller
  • Could educate the buyer on the workings of the product
  • Provide online links customers could use in reaching the seller
  • Create and maintain leads for the seller.

Affiliate Marketing Salary: Affiliate marketing pays the average salary of $52,000 per year. Could be higher or less, depending on terms and conditions

  1. Registered Nurse

A registered nurse is employed to work as a direct caretaker for patients in the hospital. He or she also manages a patient’s daily routines, carrying out other duties in the process.

They are more like personal nurses attached to patients either in the hospital or at home.

Registered Nurse Duties/Responsibilities

  • Manage patient’s daily activities
  • Follow up patient’s medical plans/routines
  • Administer medications
  • Provide medical advice to family or relatives of the patient on how to manage the patient’s recovery process
  • Assess progress made by the patient during recovery
  • Create recovery plan and schedules for patients.

Registered Nurse Salary: The salary of an average registered nurse is about $77,500 per year.

  1. Paralegals

Individuals may also become a paralegal after retirement. Paralegals support lawyers with some activities like drafting of documents, maintenance of documents, calling on legal witnesses, and maintenance of legal libraries.

They can also serve as assistants to legal secretaries. They are mainly employed in law offices, legal departments etc.

Paralegal Duties/Responsibilities

  • Prepare affidavits, legal correspondence and other necessary legal documents for attorneys
  • Keep the law library up to date with relevant documents
  • Coordinate activities in the law office
  • Investigate facts, evidences, and search public records to prepare cases and determine causes of action
  • Organize exhibits to be used during trials
  • Prepare wills, contracts, wills, closing states for real estates and many more legal documents
  • Meet with attorneys and other law officials to discuss case details.

Paralegals Salary: A paralegal earns about $82,000 on average.

  1. Nanny

A nanny is someone employed to provide nurturing care to children. They are employed to fill the void or gap created by the busy schedule of parents, providing children with nurturing care like preparing the child’s meals, cleaning, and raising the child with valuable culture necessary for such a child.

Nanny Duties/Responsibilities

  • Plan/prepare children meals
  • Do laundry for the children
  • Run errands
  • Prepare feeding bottles for babies
  • Read with the children to learn.

The average salary of a nanny stands at $34,840 per year. That is about $35,000 per year.

  1. Sales Associate

Sales associates play an important role for an organization in the area of promoting a company’s product through some excellent customer service.

They link up with the customers and intimate them with the company’s latest products and services and also give the company feedback from the customers.

Sales Associate Duties/Responsibilities

  • Could serve as front desk personnel
  • Give accurate presentation on how a product works
  • Generate leads for the company
  • Explains the benefits of using a company’s product to the customers
  • Could help customers finding alternative products
  • Accept and process orders from and for customers.

Sales Associate Salary: An average sales associate earns on the average $101,706 as at September, 2020.

  1. Translator

Becoming a translator after retiring from active work is something you may consider if you have the needed skills to do the job.

The job of a Translator is simple: translate oral or written information from one language to another either orally or in a written form.

It could be from one local language to another or from an international language to another.

Whatever the case, the basic skill to have as a translator is to have the ability to translate a piece of information to another language with the meaning and message intact.

Translator Duties/Responsibilities

  • Read written documents
  • Writing and editing already written documents
  • Preparing summaries when needed
  • Working with experts in various fields to verify authenticity of information.

Translator Salary: The average salary of a translator stands at about $46770 per year.

  1. School Psychologist

School psychologists are employed to help students and teachers learn and teach respectively.

They offer some mental support to both teachers and students, and work as an important part of the school team.

School Psychologist Duties/Responsibilities

  • Evaluating and counseling students in their area of academic needs
  • Promote academic achievements
  • Provide academic, social, moral support to students
  • Work with teachers on how to get the best out of students
  • Access individual students to identify their unique problems and difficulties
  • Set learning and learning goals for students and teachers respectively
  • Resolve classroom crisis
  •  Design new learning methods for teachers and students.

School Psychologist Salary: Yearly average salary of a school psychologist is about $78,500.

  1. Software Engineer

Becoming a software engineer is something a retiree can consider doing as it is not physically demanding, and it can be very rewarding too.

Since you have lots of time for yourself now that you have retired from your major job or career, you can put it to use by studying to become a software engineer.

A software engineer designs, decode, and write codes used in developing software programs used on smartphones, computers and consoles.

Software Engineers are hired to develop software for companies that require their services.

Software Engineer Duties/Responsibilities

  • Develop software
  • Debug errors from software codes
  • Provide tutorials on how certain software work
  • Work with Data Analysts to know the performance of the software created
  • Create, maintain, audit, and improve systems to meet with the requirements of the software designed.

Software Engineer Salary: A good software engineer earns around $107346 per year depending on skill level and years of experience.

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

The SEO specialist is a marketing expert who is employed to use research and analytical skills to improve the website ranking of a client on search engines such as Google.

They do this in many ways such as using keywords, inserting them into a website, thereby helping search engines to find the website easily.

SEO Specialist Duties/Responsibilities

  • Analyze clients’ websites to detect areas that need improvement
  • Developing or creating SEO friendly contents on websites or blogs
  • Developing compelling write ups to convert visitors to buyers or subscribers
  • Providing enough keywords to aid website ranking
  • Generate traffic for the website or blog
  • Ensure contents are original and devoid of plagiarism or offensive words
  • Build good link strategies.

SEO Specialist Salary: The average salary for the SEO specialist job is about $45993 per year. It can be higher or lesser depending on skill level and knowledge.

  1. Transcriptionist

To transcribe simply means to put down what is spoken into writing. So as a retiree, you could seek this job with newspaper publications and other news outlets and gain some good compensation for it.

Excellent communication and writing skills is highly demanded as prerequisites for working as a transcriptionist.

All you do on this job is to listen or record voice notes and speeches and put them down in a logical manner as a report for the public to go through.

  1. Freelancing

This is another nice option for a retiree – becoming a freelancer. Here you can offer freelancing services and get paid for them.

Services in this category are many; they include graphic designing and article writing.

Note that there is no fixed rate you will be paid. It is dependent on your negotiation with the client and other terms and conditions involved in the service.

The most exciting thing about freelancing is that you develop at your own pace, working at your own timeframe and you have enough time for yourself as you can do it right from the comfort of your home.

  1. Driver

This is one of the easiest jobs you can get or land as a retiree. If after retirement, you still have your driving skills intact, you can apply to be a driver either for a private individual or for a company.

You will surely find it interesting and worth doing as it gives you time to do what you know how to do normally.

The basic skill you need is driving skill and also your driver’s license to prove you are a certified driver and have the trainings needed to drive a car in the city or environment where you are applying for the job.

Driver Salary: You can negotiate your payment with your potential employer.

  1. Caretaker

How about taking care of another person’s building, be it a house or business area? Yes, you can be paid to do so either on monthly or yearly business.

Definitely, there are many building owners looking for caretakers who will both watch over their buildings and the properties in it and ensure they are safe.

If you like the role, you can search around and make enquiries about anyone in need of a caretaker.

A caretaker takes the place of the landlord and ensures that the occupants of a building have a human representative they can talk to and make their complaints about any aspect of the building that needs attention.

So, interpersonal skills will definitely be needed for this job.

Caretaker Salary: The salary for the caretaker job is negotiable with the property owner.

  1. Pet Sitter

Pets are lovely creatures and many pet owners value their pets and can do anything to ensure they are in the best condition always.

But the bigger issue is that they may not have time to look after and nurture their pets. This is where the services of a pet sitter become highly needed.

As a pet sitter, you are expected to have good understanding of animal behaviors and natural tendencies.

Services like bathing, cleaning, feeding, and preparing troughs for pets are some of the basic services a pet sitter renders and gets paid for to do.

Also, a pet sitter tames or carries out some training for the pets to make them more domestic as the owner may want.


Retirement could be a rewarding period of your life if you find the right jobs to put your time to use on.

It is also possible that your new job in retirement can fetch you more money than you have ever made.

This post has provided good work from home job opportunities that you can consider getting into as a retiree.

You can decide on anyone of the jobs provided above by looking at the skills and training you already have or if you can learn new skills to be able to do the job of your interest.

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