20 Resume Objectives for Registered Nurse Positions

Resume objective for registered nurse.
A good objective statement in your registered nurse resume can help it to be read by the recruiter.

20 Resume Objectives for Registered Nurse Positions

When writing a resume or CV for a registered nurse position, it is important to craft a compelling objective statement as it can determine if the recruiter reads it or not.

Your registered nurse, RN, resume will be successful if the recruiter actually takes the time to read every part of it.

By so doing they will be able to see the qualities you are coming with and properly access your suitability for the RN role.

Writing a captivating summary for your registered nurse resume will very much help to cause the recruiter to go into the resume and read it.

This post will show you exactly how to make the kind of objective statements that gets the employer wanting to read your resume.

How to Make a Great Registered Nurse Resume Objective Statement

The secret to writing a great resume objective statement for a registered nurse job lies in understanding what the recruiter is looking for in the person they want to hire for the position.

They usually give out this information in the job description and requirements that they publish.

By knowing the qualities, educational qualification, and experience, as well as what the RN job entails, you can then tailor your career objective statement to show that you perfectly meet the recruiter’s specifications.

Your objective statement will summarize and highlight the skills, abilities, experience, training, etc. that you are coming with to be able to achieve the goals and desires of the registered nurse position.

When you write your RN objective this way, the recruiter will surely want to look into the resume because it tells them that you are a perfect fit for the registered nurse role as you have the required qualities, experience, etc.

The following examples of RN objective statement will further help you understand how to easily make one for your resume:

20 Best Resume Objective Examples for Registered Nurse Positions

  1. Seeking the position of Registered Nurse, to apply 3 years clinical experience utilizing the nursing process to assess patients and plan individualized care for neonatal, pediatric, adolescent, geriatric patients. Coming with BSN degree and strong customer relations skills to relate with patients.
  2. Lactation specialist with demonstrated knowledge of Baby-friendly- USA and 3 years clinical nursing experience in Maternal/Child Health, interested in the position of RN Lactation Consultant, coming with strong communication skills and specialized knowledge in Lactation and Breastfeeding to educate and assist breastfeeding mothers.
  3. Enthusiastic and empathic Registered Nurse with great crisis management skills, proven knowledge and expertise in quality health care service seeking employment as a RN, to utilize honed skills and 5 years clinical experience working at emergency unit.
  4. Registered nurse with active listening and communication skills. to obtain the role of Customer Service position at C3i solution, to apply sound nursing background and customer service skills to provide customer support functions to customers and associates.
  5. Registered nurse seeking a position as School Medical Administrator to utilize exceptional administrative skills garnered from 5 years admin experience in a hospital plus 3 years clinical experience as RN. Bringing strong organizational, interpersonal and documentation skills.
  6. Experienced and self-motivated RN, seeking the position of a Registered Nurse to apply extensive clinical experience in the field of oncology. Coming with BSN degree, BLS certification, and solid knowledge of age specific differences in patient population.
  7. Individual with ability to adapt to different personalities, strong communication, and interpersonal abilities. Interested in the position of Full Time Registered Nurse at Wellness Inc., to utilize solid nursing background and 3 years clinical experience in providing direct patient care. Bringing case management and documentation skills.
  8. Oncology and CPR certified nurse, seeking the job of Oncology Registered Nurse at XYZ Medical inc. where honed skills and 2 years oncology nursing experience will be applied to provide professional patient care. Coming with strong communication and documentation skills plus ability to maintain confidentiality.
  9. Passionate nurse with finger and manual dexterity, looking to obtain a Registered Nurse-Family Medicine, Per Diem position at XYZ Clinics. Coming with AS degree, interpersonal, and organizational skill, as well as clinical expertise to complete assign tasks.
  10. Individual with ability to effectively manage stress and delegate appropriate patient care activities. Desires the position of RN at XYZ Wellness; offering 10 years clinical expertise, specialized training on enterstomal therapy, and computer skills, and effective communication skills.
  11. Compassionate individual with love for children, seeking a Registered Nurse position in the pediatric care unit at XYZ Clinics, to apply 5 years clinical experience in pediatric care. Coming with current CPR AND BLS certifications and knowledge of age appropriate specifics in patient population.
  12. Compassionate and hard-working nurse seeking a Registered Nurse – Emergency Room position at XYZ Medicals, to utilize 4 years clinical experience working in high-stress situations in the emergency wards, and time management skills in providing timely intervention and appropriate care for distressed patients.
  13. Registered nurse practicing family centered nursing, and appropriately prioritizes and classifies patient conditions. Desire the position of a Registered Nurse at MoonCare Inc. to apply 2 years of Emergency Nursing experience to administer appropriate patient care in all emergency situations
  14. Registered nurse with effective communication skills and BSN degree. Seeking the position of RN at RCA. Coming with 2 years behavioral healthcare experience, strong computer skills, and sound job knowledge.
  15. Certified Registered Nurse seeking for a Registered Nurse – Cardiovascular PCU position at XYZ Healthcare, to utilize education and 1+ year Acute Care RN experience to provide direct nursing care following established procedures, protocols, and policies.
  16. Certified empathic and experienced operating room nurse with BSN degree, seeking the position of Registered Nurse-Operating Room at XTZ Healthcare. Coming with leadership and collaborative skills to provide well-coordinated patient care in all- surgical specialties.
  17. Compassionate nurse with strong organizational and communication skills, and AS degree. Desires employment as Home Health Registered Nurse at XYZ Care; coming with strong case management, documentation, and follow-up skills plus 2 years nursing experience.
  18. Problem solver with strong communication and critical thinking abilities. Desires the position of Registered Nurse at XYZ Healthcare, to utilize strong knowledge of the Nursing process and 3 years clinical experience in providing appropriate patient care.
  19. Problem solver with integrity, collaborative skills, and sound judgment for choosing/developing appropriate patient care solutions. Interested in the position of Registered Nurse at HealthDay Inc. to provide appropriate and coordinated patient care. Coming with BSN, CPR, and 5 years clinical experience.
  20. Looking to obtain the position of Part-Time Immunization RN at XYZ Healthcare, to utilize experience administering vaccines, order immune titers, and TB Test according to physician standing orders. Coming with strong communication and excellent presentation skills.


If you are seeking the work of a registered nurse and are writing a resume for it, you need to make the objective statement very compelling so that the entire resume can be read by the recruiter.

This post helps you learn how to quickly make a powerful resume objective statement for a registered nurse position and increase your chances of the recruiter reading your resume.

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