20 Best Flexible Careers for Military Spouses

Flexible Careers for Military Spouses
As a military spouse, you can find a flexible career that allows you to move with your partner at a short notice.

20 Best Flexible Careers for Military Spouses

This post highlights some of the best flexible careers a military spouse should consider getting into to be able to effectively combine their job with the need to move with their partners when duty calls.

Please, read on to learn which one best suits you:

Life can be unstable for military spouses. One minute, you have a job, the next minute you have to leave your job or career and move with your spouse who is serving the country.

In this situation, it is clear that every military spouse needs a more flexible career that affords them the possibility to move and still have their job intact.

20 Best Flexible Careers for Military Spouses

Here is a list of flexible professions for military spouses that let you move as much as you want to:

  1. Social Worker
  2. Programmer
  3. Special Education Teacher
  4. Pharmacy Tech and Pharmacist
  5. Family/Marriage Therapist
  6. Healthcare
  7. Graphic Designer
  8. Program Manager
  9. Podcast Manager
  10. Ghost Blog Writing
  11. Fashion Stylist
  12. Web Design
  13. Project Manager
  14. Pinterest Management
  15. Content Marketing
  16. Transcription/Translation
  17. English Education
  18. Social Media Management
  19. Computer Support Specialist
  20. Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist.
  1. Social Worker

NASW (National Association of Social Workers) has a new credential that lets you function as a social worker for Military Families and Veterans.

With the required training, this job is best suited for military spouses.

The pay for a social worker is between $40,000 and $76,000.

  1. Programmer

As a programmer, you get to work individually or with a team. You can start being a programmer by searching for training in J2EE, HTML5, PHP, MYSQL, and CSS.

You can start with a Bachelor or Associate’s degree and work remotely for a company or as a freelancer, having your own business.

The pay for a programmer job is between $40,000 and $100,000.

  1. Special Education Teacher

According to the National Education Association, there is a big demand for special education teachers and you can get specialized training for this.

You could be earning anything from $40,000 and above.

  1. Pharmacy Tech and Pharmacist

You will have to train for pharmacy for six years, but if that’s a long time for you, then pharmacy tech will do.

Not much prior training is needed to become a pharmacy technician and you can learn on the job.

For a degree, you need just a high school diploma, although you may need to go for an internship program in some states.

The pay for a pharmacist is over $100,000 and for a pharmacy technician, it is $28,000 per annum.

  1. Family/Marriage Therapist

More families now seek the services of therapists when their marriages get difficult. There is, however, a shortage of marriage and family therapists, especially for military families not located in urban places.

Find out the necessary certifications you will need to have to get into the family/marriage therapist career.

The pay for a family/marriage therapist is around $47,000 yearly.

  1. Healthcare

With the increasing population of the elderly, healthcare professionals are becoming more in demand and military spouses can also cash in on this.

Jobs such as ambulatory therapy, home health aide, and nursing are great opportunities.

There are certification requirements for some of them that you will need to find out.

  1. Graphic Designer

If you have graphic design skills and are proficient in Photoshop, then graphic design may be a great way for you to earn a living as a military spouse while moving.

You won’t even need formal training. The pay is between $25,000 and $80, 000 yearly.

  1. Program Manager

A program manager handles troubleshooting, running courses, sending out newsletters, etc.

He/she may also handle Facebook group posts, depending on whether the course instructor has a group.

  1. Podcast Manager

As a podcast manager, your job will be to write the podcast outlines, create graphics, edit recorded podcasts, and upload.

This is a fun job, especially if you’re familiar with media and all that it entails.

  1. Ghost Blog Writing

If you enjoy writing, this is a good job for you and a lucrative one too. You can get hired to write ghost blogs for sites.

A 500-word blog post could cost between $20 and $40; longer posts will cost more.

  1. Fashion Stylist

If you are a fashion enthusiast, then you will love this job. You can work remotely for a fashion business or as a freelancer, making about $20 on a job.

  1. Web Design

With good Internet access, you could learn to design sites from the scratch, including coding. The more skilled you are, the more your pay.

  1. Project Manager

Here, employers care little about your degree and are more interested in your work ethic, your ability to run projects effectively, and your portfolio.

You could make between $35 and $40 hourly.

  1. Pinterest Management

Pinterest has grown in relevance over time and is now used to drive traffic to websites and products.

You can be a Pinterest manager and help improve your client’s traffic by setting great pin graphics and posting strategically.

  1. Content Marketing

A content marketer runs campaigns, creates content, graphics and strategies to market products and services for clients.

To become a content marketer, you can take some courses to build your skills and then launch out.

  1. Transcription/Translation

This is a popular, flexible, and high demand job that lets you work from home. It involves listening to audio clips and putting them down in words.

If you understand two or more languages, it gives you an edge.

  1. English Education

English tutors are in high demand, and this is a flexible job for military spouses.

It’s fine if you do not have a BA in teaching, it is not a requirement. You can teach English at any time; weekends, at night, or any other time, as long as it’s convenient.

  1. Social Media Management

If you have experience with social media, then this is a suitable job for you. Start with building a portfolio to show your competence and then go for it.

  1. Computer Support Specialist

Every sector needs a computer support specialist, so if you’re great with the computer and have decent IT knowledge and experience, then you can get a flexible job as a computer support specialist.

The pay for the computer support specialist ranges between $26,600 and $55,500 yearly.

  1. Applied Behavioral Analysis Therapist

An Applied Behavioral Analyst (ABA) therapist works with socially or mentally disabled patients like autistic kids.

As an ABA therapist, you will work in K-12 schools and will need a degree in psychology.

The pay for an ABA therapist is between $23,200 and $51,660 yearly.


As a wife or husband to a military person, you can still carve a career for yourself in spite of the constant moving around.

All you need to do is to get into a career that allows a great deal of flexibility in carrying out job functions.

This post provides great ideas for career options that a military spouse can get into that give good reward both in terms of income and work-life balance.