20 Best American Express Work From Home Jobs

By | July 19, 2023
American Express Work From Home
American Express offers various remote jobs that most people don’t know about. Image source: techgig.

20 Best American Express Work From Home Jobs

This post presents best American Express work from home jobs that you can do if you are looking for remote jobs you can get from the company.

Although some of these jobs may not be completely carried out from home, they are however jobs you can do largely working remotely with little or no need to come to an office.

Please, continue reading to learn more about American Express and the remote jobs there that suit you.

American Express is a well-known financial institution in the United States of American and rightly known as one of the greatest financial institutions in recent times.

This is due to its workforce and many other factors that make it stand out and compete effectively with the very best in the financial industry.

Most people are aware of the employment policies of American Express being that you have to apply from any part of the state it is operational, but only few are aware of the fact that the Company offers remote jobs too.

So that is what this article is going to elaborate on.

20 Best American Express Work From Home Jobs You Can Do

Here are some of the best American Express work from home jobs you can do online:

  1. Customer Care Professional
  2. Analyst – Campus Recruiter
  3. Engineering Director
  4. Senior Analyst – Risk Management
  5. Site Reliability Engineer
  6. Manager – Global Mobility and Benefits
  7. Enterprise Cloud Security Manager
  8. Information Security Scrum Master – Cloud Security
  9. Information Security Analyst
  10. Collections Specialist
  11. Director, Debit Policy
  12. Analyst, Network Policy
  13. Manager, Public Affairs
  14. Senior Manager, Product Development and Management
  15. Staff Auditor Corporate Staff and Global Business Services
  16. Senior Manager, Technical Product Manager Payments, Identity and Verification
  17. JavaScript Technical Evangelist
  18. Brand Strategist
  19. Supervising Clients’ Rights Advocate
  20. Training Manager.
  1. Customer Care Professional

Customer Care Professional is one of the most prominent jobs American Express can offer individuals who desire to work from home.

This job entails taking care of complains, suggestions and assisting customers get the best possible experience patronizing this organization.

The customers are always the priority of every organization and American Express is not an exception, hence the essence of this job.

The various skills needed in this job include professional customer service skills, interpersonal skills and good communication skills.

In addition, as a Customer Care Professional, you should have good knowledge of the workings of the organization you are working for.

This is to be able to give accurate assistance to the customers.

  1. Analyst – Campus Recruiter

Campus Recruiter Analyst develops and executes campus recruitment strategies for American Express.

He/she initiates and executes virtual recruitment events to attract students interested in undergoing internship or full time employment in American Express.

He/she collaborates with university faculties to engage more and more students and guide them into various careers available at American Express.

This he/she does by presenting the students with opportunities obtainable in the organization and offering valuable advice to students willing to take up the opportunities.

  1. Engineering Director

An Engineering Director leads a team or group of engineers on a given engineering project.

This could include backend tech stack and related frameworks, alignment of architecture, strategy, and working with tools to achieve certain engineering goals assigned by the organization.

To succeed in this role, the intending candidate should have a deep technical understanding, ability to work with world class engineering software, advanced software development and design background.

In addition, he/she should be versatile in knowledge, business savvy and collaborative skills to work with different stakeholders with different business ideas.

  1. Senior Analyst – Risk Management

A Senior Analyst in Risk Management works with American Express in a capacity to analyze and manage risk management of the organization.

This he/she accomplishes by identifying, measuring, and determining the operations and actions of the organization to minimize financial risks to the organization.

A Senior Analyst – Risk Management is expected to be business savvy and understands business policies and financial risks associated with certain transactions.

This is to say that this Analyst could work in an advisory role as well as spearheading the financial team of the organization or form part of the decision making body based on his/her financial experience.

  1. Site Reliability Engineer

What a Site Reliability Engineer does is to lead a group of other engineers in the development and implementation of software that will be useful in resolving the reliability of systems used in production, responding to incidents, fixing issues, and taking on-call responsibilities.

Simply put, a Site Reliability Engineer creates the necessary bridge between development and operations at American Express through application of software engineering mindset to system administration issues.

The aspiring Site Reliability Engineer must combine engineering experience with innate drive to improve existing systems.

  1. Manager – Global Mobility and Benefits

At American Express, the job of a Global Mobility and Benefits Manager is to ensure that demands and requirements of clients are met in full, including benefits-based plans.

This he/she does ensuring that deals are done according to the existing laws and regulations obtainable in different parts of the world where their operations exist.

The Global Mobility and Benefits Manager should be one with competitive business acumen and understands market trends.

In addition, he/she should be abreast with international business laws applicable in each country of operation.

  1. Enterprise Cloud Security Manager

Enterprise Cloud Security Manager is in charge of cloud management of the American Express operations.

He/she oversees the Cloud management of the organization and controls major operations associated with the organization’s operations.

This includes users and access control, data, services and applications.

The basic requirement for this job is excellent knowledge and understanding of cloud computing and security.

Other skills could be general computer skills and digital security. More requirements will be at the discretion of American Express.

  1. Information Security Scrum Master – Cloud Security

Information Security Scrum Master leads a team of Information Security Analysts on Cloud Security, providing guidance to the team and product owners and ensuring that all protocols stipulated for the project are adhered to.

Apart from the professional cloud computing and security knowledge possessed by this individual, excellent leadership and project management skills will be needed for this role.

  1. Information Security Analyst

The Information Security Analyst serves as a human watchdog on the inflow and outflow of information from the systems of an organization, potentially fighting off potential threats to the integrity or quality of information that come in and out of the systems of the organization.

One of the things they do is continual or regular update of software and implementing security measures needed to ensure the integrity of the various systems.

In most cases, they do not work alone, but with one or more people with requisite Information Security skills.

  1. Collections Specialist

The Collections Specialist serves as an extension or bridge between the debtors of the organization and the organization, resolving overdue bills and collecting payments on behalf of the organization.

This Specialist tends to establish effective communication with defaulting clients of the organization, giving the debtors a workable repayment method or plan. This allows the debtors to have an easy way of getting the debts repaid within the agreed time with the Collection Specialist.

  1. Director, Debit Policy

The Debit Policy Director handles an important role – creating, overseeing, and owning a strategic direction and planning for the organization’s network debit policy.

His/her job is to drive a vision that can create and evolve American Express Network Debit policy, process, and platforms.

The most important thing to note in this role is to understand the demands or needs of the stakeholders across American Express.

He/she understands these needs, identifies them, prioritizes them, and plans out delivery order of new debit policies.

  1. Analyst, Network Policy

A Network Policy Analyst drives the support, growth, profitability, and innovation for merchant transactional policies for American Express and its customers globally.

This Analyst seeks to establish more business relationships between customers and the organization globally through its network policy.

American Express through its Network Policy Analysts ensures qualitative data and standards to gain and maintain the trust and patronage of its customers globally by providing innovative payment methods.

This could include digital wallets similar to what is obtainable in the business world.

  1. Manager, Public Affairs

The Public Affairs Manager works as a representative of American Express, establishing and maintaining customer relationship with effective communication.

This communication seeks to portray and authenticate the brand promises of American Express.

This is done majorly by leveraging on the endless possibilities the internet and social media platforms present to the organization.

Through various multimedia and social media platforms, the Public Affairs Manager, maintains regular communication and relationship with various customers/clients of American Express.

  1. Senior Manager, Product Development and Management

The Senior Manager for Product Development and Management works together with every other department of American Express to bring about new product designs and vendor strategy.

He/she is central to the production process, ensuring that the needs of the customers are put into consideration always.

Note that the success of this role is dependent on the realization of what an average customer of the American Express wants at every given time and the willingness of the organization to match same expectations.

  1. Staff Auditor Corporate Staff and Global Business Services

A Staff Auditor is tasked with the duty of analyzing how a company operates and makes his/her recommendations based on his/her findings.

This could include the company’s hiring process, salary structure, job descriptions, disciplinary policies, and any other area that might be of interest to the organization.

The essence of this role is to keep in check the activities of the organization as a whole to ensure efficiency at all levels while maintaining the integrity and goals realization of the organization always.

  1. Senior Manager, Technical Product Manager Payments, Identity and Verification

This position at American Express is a bit of a partial work from home role. It is meant to support product strategy, ideation, development for payment solutions, proof of concept creation, monitor industry developments and lastly, manage some future product iterations.

To occupy this role, the applicant should be able to boast of a minimum of three years working experience in the same or similar role in another organization.

To add to this list is the need to have efficient business acumen and knowledge of the industry as well.

  1. JavaScript Technical Evangelist

A JavaScript Technical Evangelist uses his/her deep development knowledge and experience, engaging technical writing and excellent presentation skills to show the endless possibilities of creating some unique experiences with American Express.

He/she works with members of his/her team in events and engages the internal and external technical community through notable online channels, meetings, user groups, and workshops.

You will create strong relationships with community leaders, technical partners and influencers.

  1. Brand Strategist

A brand Strategist carries out a wide range of functions at American Express, such as positioning recommendations, extensive market research, and determination of workable strategies to gain major proportions of the market.

It is more like the role of a marketer but slightly different from that.

Strong research skills, collaboration, and many other notable skills are indeed valuable and indispensable in this role.

These play a key role in the branding of the products and probably help capturing the market for American Express.

  1. Supervising Clients’ Rights Advocate

This is a member of the management team in American Express whose duty is to provide ongoing supervision, technical assistance and consultation to Clients’ Rights Advocates, assisting them in providing support for persons with developmental disabilities in pursuing legal and administrative remedies.

Anyone in this role should bear in mind that it involves a lot of travel and readiness to move at any moment in time, sometimes to remote areas. Potential candidate should have a minimum of two years of employee supervision under his belt and also a completion of an attorney program.

  1. Training Manager

A Training Manager is hired to develop, facilitate and supervise training programs for employees at American Express.

He/she assesses the needs of the organization and develops a training routine for employees to match the standards by the management of the organization.

This could be orientation, re-orientation, workshops and seminars.

The duty of a Training Manager does not start and end with that. He also assesses the progress of the employees and makes recommendations to the management regarding individual employees, and also advises the management on employee development.


The truth about remote jobs at American Express is that some of the jobs are partially remote and not completely.

This is to say that some of the jobs stated above could still demand that you be seen in person most times.

However, your mode of operation will mostly be from the comfort of your home or probably in areas outside the American Express buildings.