20 Best Amazon Operations Manager Interview Tips with Practice Questions and Answers

By | July 18, 2023
Amazon Operations Manager Interview
You can improve your performance at an Amazon operations manager interview by using practice questions and answers. Image source: techcrunch.

This post provides great tips to help you succeed in an Amazon operations manager interview, including practice questions and answers to bring your preparation for the interview to top level.

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Amazon Operations Manager Interview Tips

Here are valuable tips you can use to effectively prepare for and take the operations manager interview at Amazon:

  1. Rehearse narrating your career journey from beginning to end.

Review and brainstorm certain things about your career, possibly for the past five years.

  1. Go deep.

Choose detailed and pertinent examples because you might be asked about your greatest achievement and failure in your career.

  1. Don’t speak too much.

It’s normally best to keep each answer to a minute or less. The interviewer will probe if they want more details from you.

  1. Ask for clarifications if you need one.

Feel free to ask for clarity when you don’t comprehend any question.

  1. Always proofread your writing samples if required.

Proofread your writing sample to be as logical as possible.

  1. Give detailed reason for your decision.

At all times include the reason behind decisions you made.

  1. Sell yourself to them.

Listing out your skills, strengths, and understanding for production cycle.

  1. Have a stable mind.

Be mentally prepared to be focused for an hour intense conversations.

  1. Restate any question/problem you don’t understand.

Do not be afraid to restate any question/problem.

  1. Communicate well.

Ensure you are a strong and excellent communicator.

  1. Do your research on the responsibilities of an operations manager.

Understudy the major requirements, roles, responsibilities, and skills that come with the office of an operations manager.

  1. Acquire a Bachelor’s degree on operations manager.

Provision of a Bachelor`s degree in operations management or a related field on it.

  1. You must have some experience in operations management.

Experience in management operations and leadership abilities are also factors for the interview.

  1. Thoroughly study materials pertaining to general finance.

Have a good understanding of general finance and budgeting, including balance sheet, profit and loss and cash-flow management.

  1. Do a study about financial management.

Show your ability to understand financial management thoroughly.

  1. Be ready for behavioral-based questions.

Be expectant for questions that would be directed towards your experiences and challenges in the past.

  1. Get information of the tasks handled by an operations manager.

Include information about the tasks and responsibilities of operation managers at your organization.

  1. Be open-minded to give your opinions.

You need to show your ability to address problems and opportunities for the company.

  1. Study Amazon’s culture.

Know how you can help promote its culture that encourages top performance.

  1. Show that you are confident.

Be confident and strategic in answering questions thrown by the interviewer.

20 Amazon Operations Manager Practice Questions and Answers

For top-level operations management positions, interview questions will relate mostly to your past experience, enquiry about teams and projects you’ve led.

Here are possible questions and answers you can practice with if you are sitting for an interview at Amazon for the position of operations manager:

  1. Why do you think you can be a good operations manager?

Answer: Talk about your skills and strengths, like numerical skills, observation skills, and strong passion for organization and planning.

  1. Many companies advertise the same job. Why do you want to here?

Answer: Tell the interviewer something special about their establishment, perhaps on their good reputation, employee benefits, the working environments, etc.

  1. How do you picture a typical day in work?

Answer: Tell them that you can work independently and expect to be busy in the course of working.

  1. Imagine that one of your subordinates does not respect your orders, but we cannot afford to lay them off, due to the situation on the employment market. What will you do?

Answer: Tell them how you can solve the problem by using your exceptional interpersonal skills to enhance your relationship with that employee.

  1. Narrate some of the hurdles you overcame in your last job while working on the plans and allocating budgets.

Answer: Talk about the vital role of proper planning and try narrating a situation that was challenging from your last job.

  1. How do you feel about firing someone? What would you do if your best friend under you arrived at work drunk?

Answer: Tell the interviewer that you are capable of firing anybody, even your friend, because you have their company’s interest at heart.

  1. Narrate a scenario when you had to motivate someone at work.

Answer: Talk on a special system of rewards and benefits you came up with in your previous workplace, while you tried to motivate people.

  1. How do you lead teams that are under-performing to acquire expected results?

Answer: Speak to them on how you can analyze, delegate, and lead to expected outcomes.

  1. How do you handle a difficult situation?

Answer: You will first understand the situation in question and map out plans to solve them step by step.

  1. How do the managers of other departments enhance processes, analysis, and improvement?

Answer: Show a willingness to cooperate and collaborate.

Here are more questions you can expect in an Amazon operations manager:

  1. When have you applied any analytical process to improve work conditions and how?
  2. What is your product management style?
  3. What is your strategy for scheduling your day?
  4. Discuss an instance when an idea of yours has aided in improving operations at other places.
  5. How do you approach an employee who resists change?
  6. Which management information systems have you used?
  7. As for efficiency and productivity increase, how do you ensure maintenance of quality?
  8. As you analyze current processes, what information do you look at?
  9. How do you determine problems and solutions?
  10. What do you see has the toughest part of this job?

10 Good Questions Candidate can ask the Interviewer in an Amazon Operations Manager Interview

These are good questions you are free to ask the interviewer as a candidate for an operations manager job with Amazon:

  1. What the next stage in the interview/hiring process is?
  2. What your primary responsibilities of the position?
  3. What the current hiring process for new candidates is?
  4. What amount of hours is required from you to perform at a maximum?
  5. What you would be expected to accomplish in your first month on the job?
  6. What he/she can tell you about the job aside what is in the description?
  7. How long recruitment process normally take?
  8. What is the work culture here like?
  9. What the prospects for growth are like?
  10. How they measure performances in the role?


The interview for the job of an Amazon operations manager is a difficult one. You will literally compete with many other candidates, which are equally skillful.

But with good preparation by applying the tips and practice questions and answers provided on this page, your chances of passing the Amazon operations manager job interview are brighter.