10 Important Facts about Wonderlic Test for Subway

By | July 18, 2023
Wonderlic Test for Subway
If you are seeking employment with Subway, the Wonderlic test for subway is an exam you need to start preparing for. Image source: subway.

Due to the huge numbers of employees Subway must hire, the company uses the Wonderlic test for Subway, a disciplined recruitment process, to make sure it gets large employees fast.

The company uses the Wonderlic test to help decide if an applicant has the appropriate skills for a position at Subway.

What is Subway?

Subway is one of the top sandwiches making companies in the world that is based in the United States.

Subway strives to provide high-quality food service to millions of people with franchises across the globe.

Moreover, Subway wants to make nutritional and environmental changes that assist the communities they work in.

The company wants to empower customers and employees to live cheerfully and vigorously, and it achieves this through its attention to details and positions for all categories of people.

10 Important Facts about Wonderlic Test for Subway

Here are important facts you need to know about the Wonderlic test for Subway:

  1. The Wonderlic test for Subway evaluates problem-solving abilities

Subway uses the Wonderlic test to measure applicants to make sure that they can solve problems, make decisions, use cognitive knowledge, follow instructions, and balance a dynamic work environment.

This exam is administered mostly to those who want to be franchise owners.

This test has two sections (verbal and quantitative) and will take about forty minutes in total.

  1. The Wonderlic test for Subway measures basic math and grammar skills

This test will measure your basic math and grammar skills, and it will contain information about general knowledge you’d used in basic business functions such as sending emails, writing reports, and dealing with basic financial information.

  1. The Wonderlic test for Subway has a verbal section

The Wonderlic test for Subway has a verbal section that comprises grammar, reading comprehension, vocabulary, and sentence construction.
These categories must be finished in 20 minutes and there will be about 50 questions total to take this portion of the test.

You will have to speed up if you want to complete the questions at the time.

  1. The Wonderlic test for Subway has a quantitative section

This section has several categories including:

  • Algebra
  • Fractions
  • Applied word problems
  • Number and operations
  • Data interpretation

The quantitative section also takes 20 minutes, but it only has 41 questions, which is still a very reasonable speed.

Every segment of the test is graded separately and the average test taker will get around a score of 20 (which equates to an IQ of 100).

  1. The Wonderlic test for Subway requires serious reading

Studying very well for this test can make a big difference in your results. Throughout the Wonderlic test, it’s good to stay quiet and put your breathing under control.

Don’t get nervous along the way and study the kinds of questions you’ll need to know before you take this test.

Don’t put your chances with Subway in danger by taking this assessment lightly.

  1. The types of questions on the Wonderlic test for Subway

The Wonderlic test for Subway is not created to trick you like most pre-employment tests. But it rather evaluates your skills set and general knowledge.

The categories of questions you will come across during the Wonderlic subway test include assessing brief texts, extracting data from graphical information, and calculating percentages.

The questions in this test are mostly about real-life situations used to measure how well you will carry out tasks you will face daily, such as writing reports and sending emails.

The Wonderlic test for Subway also contains questions about how well you can spot new information within a text, think critically, and communicate the information through writing.

That is the reason you need to select the correct Subway Wonderlic test answers.

  1. How the Wonderlic test for Subway is scored

Both the verbal and quantitative exams are graded differently. Every section of the test is scored out of 50 and 45 respectively, and the average Wonderlic score is 20-21, which converts to an IQ score of 100.

However, for you to become a subway franchise owner, you will need to know the score you will be required to achieve.

The occasional variance of the scores makes it necessary to talk to a Subway representative before you start preparing for the exam.

  1. You can’t use a calculator on the Wonderlic test for Subway

Ensure that you don’t use a calculator when practicing for the real test because they won’t allow you to take the exam with a calculator.

Endeavor to write out your math problems on a piece of scratch paper instead.

  1. Guessing is allowed on the Wonderlic test for Subway

Feel free to take a guess whenever you are not sure of the right answer since you won’t be penalized for answering questions incorrectly.

Please, know that providing wrong answers won’t attract a penalty, neither will it earn you a point.

Apart from it not earning you a point, instead of leaving a question unanswered simply because you are not sure of the right answer, you can make a guess and increase your chances of getting it correct.

  1. The Subway Wonderlic has a preparation test

The Subway Wonderlic exam has a preparation test you can practice to make yourself perfect.

The test comes in a pack with the exact questions as they would be in the real exam.

For you to gain the confidence you need to succeed in the exam, you can familiarize yourself with the content of the real Subway Wonderlic assessment tests through regular practicing.

The Wonderlic TestPrep comes in different Wonderlic-style questions and explained answers, and a detailed study guide that is created to enlighten your learning and help you get the best out of the test.


The Wonderlic test for Subway is particularly meant to gauge a candidate’s cognitive knowledge, decision-making skills, the ability to follow instructions and solve complex problems, and how they can adapt to changing work environments.

This test is also used to measure math and language competencies which are essential in different positions.

You will have to take the Wonderlic test for Subway after you have applied to become a Subway franchise owner.

You will need to take the Wonderlic test for Subway since that is the only way to decide your suitability in the Subway based on your English and math skills.

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