What can you do with a Computer Engineering Degree?

By | August 27, 2023
what you can do with a computer engineering degree
A degree in computer engineering offers several lucrative job opportunities.

What can you do with a Computer Engineering Degree?

Are you thinking of completing a computer engineering degree, but first like to know what job you can do as a graduate of computer engineering?

If so you are reading the right post.

This post provides a detailed report of the jobs that you can get with the different degrees in computer engineering.

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Why Completing a Computer Engineering Degree?

A lot of accolades have been given to prominent inventors such as Blaise Pascal, Charles Babbage, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates for their various contributions to the evolution of computer technology, all of which borders on computer engineering.

The role computer engineering plays in our society comes alive in our various electronic devices ranging from computer systems to cameras, sensors and display systems.

Computer engineering/technology in various ways has improved the ease with which we perform our daily tasks through the availability of computer hardware/software systems, computer aided designs/manufacturing, programming languages and backup systems.

Computer engineers in their capacity provide technical assistance for our various technology issues and needs.

They evaluate and assess components of a device to resolve errors. They are also responsible for the troubleshooting and maintenance of computer systems/hardware.

Computer engineering majors in the course of their studies acquire a set of transferable skills such as remarkable problem-solving skills, creative and analytical skills that translate to jobs in not just the computer engineering fields but also in the telecommunication, energy, bioengineering, and manufacturing fields.

Computer engineering degree as an engineering course is highly popular among prospective undergraduates in Australia as shown in publications by Rediff and BridgeBlue.

As a step toward pursuing a career in the field of computer engineering, you can opt for an Associate’s degree in Computer engineering technology which provides the basic knowledge of computer science, training on electrical engineering, networking and digital technology.

What Jobs can you get with a Computer Engineering Associate’s Degree?

With an Associate’s degree in computer engineering technology, you can either take up a Bachelor’s degree study or secure jobs as:

  • Electrical Engineering Technician: They assist with the development, design, and testing of electronic devices such as computers, laptop, home gadgets, and various other electronics. They help electrical/electronic engineers with building and construction of parts and components of an equipment as well as fabrication of machine prototypes. They are estimated to earn as much as $71,101 annually according to Payscale.
  • Computer Support Specialist: They specialize in the testing and maintenance of computer networks and systems. They work in an organization or for clients providing technical support for computer equipment. Part of their tasks includes carrying out periodic maintenance of network and computer systems, they troubleshoot local and wide area networks to identify issues and then fix them. They are projected to earn an annual median salary of $61,830 according to the U.S BLS.
  • Network/Computer Systems Administrator: They are responsible for the installation, configuration and maintenance of an organization’s internet and network systems. They monitor and maintain computer hardware/software as well as ensuring the efficient running of a firm’s network. They also supervise the network support team to co-ordinate and direct their activities. They are pegged to earn up to $77,810 annually according to U.S BLS.

Going for a Bachelor’s degree in computer engineering provides graduates with favorable job prospects in the engineering field. The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a whopping $111,730 annual median salary for computer hardware engineers stating a Bachelor’s degree as the typical required entry-level education.

What Jobs can you get with a Computer Engineering Bachelor’s Degree?

The following are available jobs to computer engineering graduates:

  • Computer Hardware Engineer: They specialize in the design, testing and maintenance of computer equipment and hardware. They create schematics for computer systems and ensure proper integration of software and hardware components, they develop computer programs to test the performance of hardware design as well as carrying out tests for error in hardware build.
  • Network Engineer: They specialize in the installation and maintenance of communication network systems. They design and configure networks, troubleshoot to check for bugs, monitor the performance of a network and provide support to organizations, assisting with the resolution of issues related to communication network.
  • Computer Software Engineer: They specialize in developing, designing and installation of software solutions. They carry out operation feasibility test prior to developing of software solutions. They develop and install solutions, carry out systems analysis and provide operational information as well as checks to ensure seamless performance.\
  • Database Administrator: They are responsible for smooth operation and security of a database. They design and develop database system for clients by identifying their needs. They install and maintain database management systems ensuring the easy storage and accessing of information.
  • Systems Analyst: Their duties involve enhancing the performance of already existing systems to improve the productivity of a business organization. They carry out evaluation of I.T systems, identify issues, and then implement systems development.

What Jobs can you get with a Computer Engineering Master’s or Doctorate Degree?

Advanced degrees such as Master’s/Doctorate in computer engineering increase career prospects and earning power providing opportunity for jobs as:

  • I.T Consultant: They provide clients with expert advice on issues related to information technology. They carry out business assessment to identify system requirements then proffer appropriate advice.
  • Information Systems Manager: They bear the responsibility of directing and implementing technology systems in an organization. They plan ICT budget, carry out research on new systems and generally manage issues related to hardware and software.

Computer Engineer Salary

A computer engineering discipline is among high-paying degrees with computer hardware engineers earning an annual median salary of $117,730 according to the U.S BLS.

Software developers on the other hand are estimated to earn a median salary of $100,690 annually.


Computer engineering degree provides an opportunity for a career with various job opportunities that you can choose from to do; high demand, and great salary outlook.

What jobs would you like to do after completing a computer engineering degree program? Please make your comment in the box below.