Valero Energy Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews and Employment

By | August 15, 2023
Valero Energy Hiring Process
To gain employment with the Valero Energy Corporation involves completing the company’s hiring process. Image source: REUTERS/Mike Blake.

Valero Energy Hiring Process: Job Application, Interviews and Employment

The hiring process at Valero Energy involves various stages, including job application and interview where you will be expected to successfully answer certain questions to be hired.

This post provides exhaustive information on the recruitment process at Valero Energy, to help increase your chances of gaining employment at the company.

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Valero Energy Company Overview

Valero Energy Corporation is an international company involved in manufacturing and marketing of various transportation fuels and other petrochemical and power products.

It is a force to reckon with in the energy industry through their diversification in the production and marketing of transportation fuels and other petrochemical products and power.

This multibillion dollar company was established on January 1, 1980.

It has its headquarters located in San Antonio, Texas, the United States of America.

The company owns and operates 15 refineries with another in wales.

On daily basis, Valero Energy produces about 3 million barrels of transportation fuels and other petrochemical products.

With 11 ethanol plants to its name, the company is able to produce and market up to 1.2 billion gallons per year.

Valero Energy Hiring Process

The hiring process in Valero Energy entails the following processes:

1. Valero Energy Job Application Process

The first step in the direction for anyone who desires to work at Valero Energy is to create a profile in the company’s website.

Creating a profile in the company’s website enables you to upload your resume.

Submitting your resume should be after you might have found a job that interests you as it will be indicated in your online application.

The company’s website is at:

The resume you are expected to submit should contain your academic qualifications, your skills, and the individual honors you have at your disposal.

This will increase your chances of being selected for the next stage of the hiring process which is the interview stage.

2. Valero Energy Interview Process

Just like most companies would do, the Valero Energy interview process remains one of the most important stages in job recruitment.

To be invited for an interview shows that your recruiter might have been impressed by the content of your resume.

So you are invited for an interview where you are asked questions relating to your ambition and what you intend to achieve both on personal and organizational level.

The questions are wired in the direction of the above two yardsticks.

Although there are no particular set of questions being asked, however some similar or exact questions will pop up as those ones are deemed very necessary and indispensable.

Note that in some cases, the interviewing process starts from a phone call from the recruiter of the company or an equivalent representative.

Possible Valero Energy Interview Questions

Here are some of the questions you should expect when preparing for an interview at Valero Energy and how best you can answer them:

1. There are a lot of regulations in the energy related projects. Are you patient enough to wait on policies and logistics during projects?

How you can answer:

The answer you should give should assure the interviewer that you have enough patience to outlast any restrictions or rules that may tend to interfere in your project.

Also, you can explain practical ways you can handle delays due to restrictions or rules put in place.

2. The energy sector/industry is constantly experiencing changes in regulation and policy.

How do you keep up to date with the latest changes or trends in the sector?

How you can answer:

It will be nice to give an answer that puts your undying interest in the energy sector in the spotlight.

Convince the interviewer that you are an ardent follower of trends in the industry and for that reason should be considered for the job.

If necessary, you can list or highlight the most recent changes as an example.

3. At Valero Energy, we look out for individuals with related post-secondary education. Give us a highlight of your formal education.

How you can answer:

When your interviewer asks you to walk him/her through your formal education, it does not mean that he/she is not aware of what you put down in your resume, all he wants is for you to go deeper into it.

This could include areas where you excelled, any awards and probably any recognition you received in your formal education.

4. How do you feel about the principle of attention to detail?

How you can answer:

This is a bit more technical than those above. However, the answer should be straightforward.

Your answer should assure the interviewer that you are comfortable to work in an environment or company where attention is paid to the details of every project.

5. In what ways do you think that Valero stands out from among its competitors?

Valero Energy Careers and Jobs

Below are some of the jobs available at Valero Energy.

Note, this is not a comprehensive list of all the job openings, but a highlight of some of the top jobs you can build a career on in the company:

  1. Manager Reliability
  2. Manager IAEC Reliability
  3. Maintenance Specialist-Analyzer
  4. Lead Process Control Specialist
  5. Manager Supply Chain Execution
  6. Environmental Engineer
  7. Associate Safety Engineer
  8. Manager Electrical Engineer
  9. Sr. Process Control Systems Engineer
  10. Network Engineer Specialist
  11. Principal Process Engineer
  12. Senior Business Systems Design Analyst
  13. Business Systems Design Analyst
  14. Business Systems support Analyst 1 –Refining
  15. Enterprise Integration Developer
  16. Supervisor Maintenance Machinist
  17. Project Manager

There are many positions and opportunities available in the company. All you need to do is to keep tab through the company’s website and know which openings are available to you before you apply.

What to Expect Working with Valero Energy

Working with Valero Energy comes with a lot of things. This is the reason why we will be discussing some of the things you should look out for when working with Valero energy.

Valero Energy is driven by excellence both at the management level and the employee level.

Excellence is been sought after from the moment of recruitment to the very last moment you spend in the organization.

So, you should know this fact and adjust yourself.

There is a training organized for you when you join the organization.

The company has a lot of staff trained to be trainers to new intakes to help orientate them on what it means working for the company.

During this orientation, you are allowed to ask questions and get answers to your questions.

These are the two basic things you should expect working for Valero Energy.

Subsequent trainings could come when the need arises coupled with other day to day changes you may have to deal with.


As one of the biggest players in the energy industry, Valero Energy is driven by excellence at all levels.

So desiring to work at Valero should be coupled with the ability to match their belief in excellence.

You should be at the top of your game if you are lucky enough to find yourself in this organization.