Pharmacy Technician Salary in Arkansas and How to increase your Pay

By | July 14, 2023
Pharmacy Technician Salary in Arkansas
The cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in Arkansas include Bentonville, Little Rock, and Pine Bluff.

The pharmacy technician salary in Arkansas is $34,589 per year.

A pharmacy technician is one who assists the pharmacist with various tasks, such as stocking, pricing, and inventory management.

They are in charge of different pill counting duties and much more.

Pharmacy Technicians Salary in Arkansas Cities

Here is salary information for pharmacy technicians in Arkansas:

 CitiesSalary HourlySalary Yearly
1.Little Rock$17.74$34,758
3.Fort Smith$16.53$32,379
8.North Little Rock$16.12$31,574
10.Pine Bluff$17.24$33,769
11.Hot Springs$15.96$31,261
14.Bella Vista$15.88$31,102
20.West Memphis$16.59$32,509
21.Van Buren$15.39$30,159
26.Siloam Springs$15.42$30,205
27.El Dorado$16.78$32,880
28.Hot Springs Village$16.03$31,403
Salaries of pharmacy technicians across cities of Arkansas.

10 Cities with Highest Pharmacy Technician Salary in Arkansas

Here are top 10 paying cities for pharmacy technicians in Arkansas:

 CitiesSalary hourlySalary Yearly
2.Little Rock$17.74$34,758
3.Pine Bluff$17.24$33,769
5.El Dorado$16.78$32,880
7.West Memphis$16.59$32,509
9.Fort Smith$16.53$32,379
Cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in Arkansas.

Skill-based Pharmacy Technician Salary in Arkansas

Pharmacy technicians in Arkansas with relevant skills and certifications will make more money than their colleagues who lack them. Some of these skills include:

  1. Pharmacy Information Systems (PIS)
  2. Pharmacy Intervention
  3. Pharmacy Financial Management
  4. Pharmacy Database Administration
  5. Leadership and Management Skills.

Experience-based Pharmacy Technician Salary in Arkansas

Experience is another factor which will affect the average pharmacy technician salary in Arkansas.

The more experienced a technician becomes, the higher their pay scale.

A technician with less than one year of experience in Arkansas will earn approximately $33,130 per year while a technician with 10 years of experience or more can make a salary of $41,129 per year in Arkansas.

10 Companies with Highest Pharmacy Technician Salary in Arkansas

Here are top 10 paying companies for pharmacy technicians in Arkansas:

 CompanyHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.Avella Specialty Pharmacy$28.26$55,357
2.Express Scripts$28.26$48,252
3.US Department of Veterans Affairs$24.63$44,817
4.Petra Allied Health$22.88$43,514
5.Option Care Health$22.21$43,419
6.Catalent Pharma Solutions$22.16$41,600
7.AIDS Healthcare Foundation$21.23$40,671
10.Cleveland Clinic$20.39$39,850
Companies that pay the highest salaries to pharmacy technicians in Arkansas.

10 Highest Paying Pharmacy Technician Jobs in Arkansas

Here is a list of the best paying pharmacy technician jobs in Arkansas:

  • Pharmacy Technician Program Director; $34,606
  • Certified Pharmacy Technician; $34,600
  • Travel Pharmacy Technician; $53,439
  • Hospital Pharmacy Technician; $38,811
  • Senior Pharmacy Technician; $40,160
  • Pharmacy Technician Supervisor; $49,647
  • Specialty Pharmacy Technician; $46,730
  • CVS Pharmacy Technician;  $21,910
  • Compounding Pharmacy Technician; $34,715
  • Pharmacy Technician Walgreens; $37,366.

More Benefits for Pharmacy Technicians in Arkansas

Employers of pharmacy technicians in Arkansas usually provide them with the following benefits:

  1. Flexible Hours

Flexible hours are a critical aspect of the pharmacy technician’s position in Arkansas.

The more flexible you are, the better you can deal with your schedule.

For example, if something falls through at work that is a school night and you have to stay late on Friday nights, you will be able to make up for the lost hours.

2. Free Lunches

There are companies in Arkansas that offer free lunches and snacks to their pharmacy tech employees.

This can be vitally important for those who do not have health insurance.

As a pharmacy technician, you will want to be able to eat lunch throughout the work day without having to worry about being hungry.

3. Medical Insurance

Many employers in Arkansas offer health insurance to their employees. This kind of health insurance is usually very expensive and can help you when you go to the doctor, pay for prescription medication, or go to the hospital.

4. Paid Time Off (PTO)

There are different policies regarding paid time off for employees in Arkansas.

Some employers allow you to take PTO whenever it is needed, thus giving you a lot of flexibility over when you can work.

What Related Job Titles to Pharmacy Technician Earn in Arkansas

Here are earnings of related job titles to pharmacy technician in Arkansas:

  • Pharmacy assistant; $45,172
  • Pharmacy service clerk; $27,236
  • Laboratory technician; $57,847
  • Health assistant; $40,562
  • Dispensing optician; $46,610.

Pharmacy Technician Salary and Job Outlook in Arkansas

The projected 10-year job growth rate for pharmacy technicians in Arkansas is roughly 9.31% (2020 – 2030).

Arkansas has a pay range of $22,850 – $41,210, with an average of $31,010.

How to increase your Pay as a Pharmacy Technician in Arkansas

You can increase your salary as a pharmacy technician by following the suggestions below:

  1. Look into receiving additional training

Pharmacy technicians in Arkansas have the opportunity to take classes or training so that they can get better at their job.

There is a wide range of possible class related topics and the course work is optional.

Courses can vary from technical and administrative to others, such as on-the-job training that gives you hands-on experience.

2. Study things you have never mastered before to expand your skill set

If you have never done something in your educational background, look into it. There are wide ranges of certifications that can allow you to expand your skill set.

The certification will be based on your specific job description and what you need to learn about at that time.

3. Ask for a promotion

If you have been working for a company for some time, ask if there is a place that you could move up and make more money.

You can try to ask your boss directly and/or an employee in a higher title to see if they have an opportunity that you could take advantage of.

4. Seek out supervisory positions in the pharmacy field

Being a manager, supervisor or even just a team member in the pharmacy field can increase your pay big time.

There are many levels within each role and the specific titles with different salary scales depending on years of experience.

More Career Opportunities for Pharmacy Technicians in Arkansas

You can advance your pharmacy technician career by looking at these other positions in the health care industry, such as:

  1. Pharmacist Assistant

A pharmacist assistant is a professional who is involved in the practice of pharmacy.

They do everything that a pharmacist does, but may have less authority over the pharmacy and can also perform more technical duties than a pharmacist.

2. Nurse Assistant

A nurse assistant is a person who works under the supervision of a registered nurse in hospital and health care settings to provide assistance with daily activities as specified by doctors or other healthcare professionals.

3. Clinical Laboratory Technician

A clinical laboratory technician is a trained professional who works in a laboratory making analyses of biological samples, such as blood, tissue and body fluids.

4. Pharmacist

A pharmacist is someone who prepares and dispenses drugs that are used by patients to improve or maintain their health.

They must be able to recognize drug interactions and make sure that the prescriptions they give are accurate.

They assist in the treatment of patients by giving advice on possible side effects and other health-related issues.


This post has provided detailed information on the pharmacy technician salary in Arkansas to help you make the best decision about your career and working in the State of Arkansas.

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