Dental Nurse Assistant Job Description Example

By | September 1, 2023
Dental Nurse Assistant job description, duties, tasks, and responsibilities
Dental Nurse Assistants provide assistance to dental care professionals.

Dental Nurse Assistant Job Description Example

What Does a Dental Nurse Assistant Do?

A dental nurse assistant is a person who assists the nurse and dentist in treating patients’ dental needs, such as caring for teeth, gums and tongue, in a dental clinic.

The dental nurse assistant job description includes getting patients ready for oral examination and treatment.

It entails ensuring smooth flow of procedures in the clinic by carrying out non-sensitive tasks involving preparations, while the dentist focuses on treating clients.

Nurse assistants also work as administrative staff where they will perform front desk duties.

The assistant will receive visitors to the clinic for treatment, take their inquiries and inform them of services offered by the clinic.

He/she will also be part of the team to carry out dental surgical procedures on patients. His/her role in the team will be to source treatment tools and sterilize them for effect, as well as making them ready for the dentist.

He/she will be available during surgical procedures to give the dentist instruments and materials that might be needed during the course of the operation.

Another role the dental nurse assistant might play as part of a clinic’s team is in educating patients on pre-operational sensitization.

He/she will inform them of the things to expect during the operation so as to get them to be mentally and psychologically ready. After the operation, they will also educate patients on post-dental operation experiences they should expect.

The nurse assistant will execute infection control methods by decontaminating the environment and cleaning up dirt from the office to make the place convenient for visitors to the clinic. This is part of his/her responsibilities to maintain good hygiene practice in the clinic.

Dental nurse assistants may also function as administrators, where they will carry out duties like scheduling clinical appointments for patients, placing reminder calls, and informing both patients and dentists of appointment changes made by either party.

Other tasks may include constant checking of stock of clinical instruments and stationary and placing order for supply of new stock with the direction of the medical staff in charge.

It is also the responsibility of the nurse assistant to ensure that patients obtain maximum treatment from the clinic by taking the time to carefully explain to patients how to take their drugs based on the dentist’s prescription.

The nurse assistant will also give advice to patients on what to do during treatment for faster recovery.

Dental Nurse Assistant Job Description Example

The job description example shown below provides a list of key duties, tasks, and responsibilities performed by most dental nurse assistants.

  • Write down the dentist’s instructions on patient’s treatment and follow-up for accuracy
  • Tidy treatment room after operation and sterilize equipment used, keeping them in good shape for other operations
  • Be in touch with patients after their surgery to know how they are doing to avoid relapse or post surgery complications
  • Answer patients’ questions and concerns on treatment, and refer complicated inquiries to the dentist for answers
  • Be well knowledgeable about treatment procedures so as to avoid mistakes that could jeopardize patients’ health and dent the image of the clinic
  • Receive payments, issue receipt, and keep payment records, in the absence of a clinic account department
  • Make the required treatment tools available by testing and selecting accurate materials that fit into patients’ mouth to avoid injury during treatment
  • Receive patients warmly to the clinic and make them comfortable all through their visit
  • Assist in handling emergencies by administering cpr and reviving patients before the arrival of the dentist
  • Educate patients on oral hygiene, such as plaque control, bad breath, and mouth ulcer, as part of the benefits of visiting the clinic
  • Maintain cordial relationship with patients; and respect their privacy by keeping their treatment information confidential
  • Facilitate patients’ diagnoses by collecting the necessary specimen and data
  • Manage clinic’s resources judiciously; ensure clinical materials used for treatment are not wasted

Dental Nurse Assistant Resume Preparation

When preparing a resume for the post of dental nurse assistant, you will find the information you need to create the professional experience part of the resume from the job description sample above. All you need to do is to modify it a little to suit your exact experience.

Requirements – Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities – for the Dental Nurse Assistant Position

Here are important qualities to develop as dental nurse assistant to succeed on the job.

  • Possess great knowledge of dental health, which boosts one’s competence on the job
  • Good interpersonal skills to get along with patients in the course of treatment
  • Possess multi-tasking skills to be able to attend to patients several needs effectively
  • Ability to pay attention to details when carrying out the dentist’s instructions to the letter
  • Have team work spirit