Best 20 Apple Work From Home Jobs You Can Do Now

By | August 11, 2023
Apple Work From Home
You can find well-paying jobs you can do from home with the Apple Inc.

Best 20 Apple Work From Home Jobs You Can Do Now

This post provides exhaustive information on the best work from home jobs you can find with Apple if you want to utilize or maximize your stay at home.

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Literally every human being in the digital world is aware of the fact the Apple Inc. is one of the technical giants in the world.

This is not just because of the classic and world-class gadgets produced by them, but also the large workforce it has to sustain its dominance in the digital industry.

However, not many people are aware that there are some jobs in Apple that can be done right from the comfort of the home.

Yes! Apple offers job opportunities to people who may not fancy leaving their homes every day to a place or office.

These jobs are real and some of them are still open right now.

Note that almost all these jobs will demand special training which will be given to you by the Company.

Again, note that the salaries that will be stated for each job is on the average.

So, it can vary depending on location where the jobs are available. Literally, they could be higher or lesser.

We will look at these jobs in the form of summary, highlighting important things about them, basically the job description and the salaries.

So here they are:

Best 20 Apple Work From Home Jobs You Can Do Now

  1. Apple at Home Advisor
  2. At Home Team Manager
  3. At Home Area Manager
  4. Customer Service Representative
  5. Bilingual Customer Service Representative
  6. Inpatient Medical Coder
  7. Partnerships Manager
  8. Collections Specialist
  9. Work at Home Technical Support
  10. Paid Media Account Specialist
  11. Service Channel Management and Operations
  12. Work from Home Inbound Call Center Assistant
  13. Conversational Business Analyst
  14. Retail Online Business Process Engineering
  15. Apple Media Products Fraud Prevention Specialist
  16. Real Time Operations Analyst
  17. Apple Support Business Analyst
  18. Service Desk Lead
  19. Global AppleCare change lead
  20. Support Operations & Technologies data Analyst.
  1. Apple at Home Advisor

Apple at home Advisor is Apple’s first point of contact between the customers and the Company itself.

They oversee a whole lot of functions towards the Company and most importantly the customers, making sure that customers enjoy each of the Apple’s products they have in their possession.

They are specially trained to help customers resolve issues experienced in the use of Apple products such as iPads, iPods, Mac, iPhones etc.

They help in troubleshooting products and most importantly advise customers on how best to use their products.

Lastly, they relay vital information about new products to the customers.

Apple at Home Advisor Salary: An Average Apple at Home Advisor earns about $45 dollars a day, some earn more than that.

This is dependent on experience and probably agreement made during the hiring process. This job is available on both part time and full time basis.

  1. At Home Team Manager

At Home Team Manager is responsible for providing daily supervision and development of At Home Advisors.

This is to say that this job is basically for two reasons: supervision of at Home Advisors and the Development of At Home Advisors.

Just like At Home Advisors, the focal point is the customers and making their satisfaction the end product of every process.

At Home Team Manager Salary: The average or base pay for At Home Team Managers is $72,726.

This is plus and minus other incentives as it could be higher or lesser depending on the offer at hand.

This job is majorly a full time job due to the responsibilities involved every day.

  1. At Home Area Manager

The job of an At Home Area Manager is a supervisory one. They supervise the Team Managers to ensure that they do their job as expected and weigh the performance and development of each.

This is accomplished through regular meetings and coaching sessions.

Apple At Home Area Manager Salary: The salary of an average Apple At Home Area Manager is currently locked at around $72,000.

That is on the average, so that could be higher based on experience and other performance-based incentives.

Everything taken into account could shoot up the salary a bit above the stipulated figures here.

  1. Customer Service Representative

This position is a lot similar to Apple at Home Advisor with similar duties and responsibilities.

First is that the Customer Service Representative as the name suggests is the friendly voice of Apple, and with that is tasked to resolve issues for customers in a friendly manner.

Answering of questions and giving advice to customers are the major duties of the Customer service Representative.

Basic communication skills, empathy, sympathy, and interpersonal skills are some of the vital skills needed in this job.

They are highly needed to give the customer a sense of belonging and relevance/importance all the time.

Customer Service Representative Salary: Apple currently pays about $15 for its customer service representative role.

  1. Bilingual Customer Service Representative

This is not different from the job of a Customer Service Representative explained above.

However, this is more lucrative and highly sought after because of the candidate’s ability to speak two or more languages.

This helps in a lot of ways to enable customers to use their preferred language.

In addition to the skills stated in the previous job, bilingual ability is the basic skill as well as the icing on the cake in the job description.

The candidate should be able to speak two more languages fluently. The pay is somewhat higher than that of the Unilingual Customer Service Representative.

  1. Inpatient Medical Coder

An Inpatient Medical Coder is tasked with the duty of medical coding in a medical inpatient environment.

They have some coding experience in the use of ICD-9 and the ICD-10. They are needed in medical environments to provide reviews for medical notes and documentations made by physicians and determine the appropriate code.

It is an Apple remote job which potential candidates can take advantage of if well skilled in the job descriptions and duties associated with this role.

Inpatient Medical Coder Salary: The salary range for this job is between $60K and $77K. Quite lucrative and still affords candidates the spare time for other things.

  1. Partnerships Manager

A Partnership Manager has a lot of responsibilities, which include identifying and sourcing partnership opportunities for the Apple Company; negotiate and finalize deals according to the Company’s contract guidelines and policies, etc.

There are many of them but these two are the most important ones to the Apple Company.

The Partnership Manager role demands research skills, collaborative skills, and marketing skills.

These skills will facilitate the efficiency of the job.

Partnership Manager Salary: This role attracts salary of about $76,350 per year in addition to other incentives as deemed necessarily by the Company.

  1. Collections Specialist

The job of a Collections Specialist is both simple and tasking as well. They resolve overdue bills and collect payments from the individuals and businesses responsible for the debt.

They identify debtors and create acceptable terms and conditions to protect the financial interest of the Apple Company.

In general, they reduce the amount of accounts receivables.

Collections Specialist Salary: The salary of a Collections Specialist stands at about $41,257 per year.

  1. Work at Home Technical Support

Work at Home Technical Support provides technical assistance to many Apple users. Using their role, they help users with guidelines and technical support on the apple products they are using and probably what to do to maintain the optimum functionality of their Apple devices.

Work at Home Technical Support Salary: Someone working in this capacity is paid about $15.76 per hour. You can do the math and know the estimate yearly.

  1. Paid Media Account Specialist

This specialist works with the digital marketing team and is responsible for the development, execution, and optimization of cutting-edge digital campaigns of the Company from conception to launch.

They oversee the day-to-day management of paid digital marketing campaigns which most times include paid searches, display and social advertising strategies.

Paid Media Account Specialist Salary: The average salary of a Paid Media Account specialist is about $48,300 per year.

  1. Service Channel Management and Operations

Anyone working in this role is tasked with the duty of developing and delivering world-class hardware service using the Apple Store, Apple Authorized Service providers, and Apple Repair Centers.

They are involved in the hardware engineering, planning, procurement, technical content production, service channel management, program management, systems management, business intelligence analysis and instructional design.

This role is further divided to several other sub-roles which come with more specific job descriptions as well as salaries or compensations.

  1. Work from Home Inbound Call Center Assistant

This personnel works in an assistant capacity, assisting an Inbound Call Center representative in the basic duty of attending to calls from customers and helping them resolve whatever issue that warranted the call.

Individuals holding this role are expected to be cool, calm, calculative and empathetic enough to attend to customers and put their satisfaction first in everything.

Work from Home Inbound Call Center Assistant Salary: An average Work from Home Inbound Call Center Assistant/representative earns about $28,499 per year.

  1. Conversational Business Analyst

Conversational Business Analysts engage in a form of client-based research, which involves gathering of user experiences, features, functions and content with the aim of executing the generated ideas or concepts into reality.

These researches are documented for future inventions and concepts. Here, both feedbacks and suggestions/expectations of users are well documented for future reference by the Company.

Conversational Business Analyst Salary: The salary of a Conversational Business Analyst stands at about $52,492 per year.

  1. Retail Online Business Process Engineering

Retail Online Business Process Engineers define, implement, and maintain business processes and the required procedures to meet with business objectives.

They tend to identify opportunities online to make strategic improvements on the outlook of the business.

This is done through careful development and implementation of initiatives gathered from research and feedbacks.

Retail Online Business Process Engineer Salary: A Retail Online Business Process Engineer takes home about $74,822 per year.

  1. Apple Media Products Fraud Prevention Specialist

The job of an Apple Media Products Fraud Prevention Specialist involves the review and analysis of transactions, refund requests, and detection of abusive or unauthorized/fraudulent activities.

The specialist in this field performs the above duties and makes efforts to resolve issues related to fraud using steps according to the Company’s operational procedures.

This is a very sensitive role in the Apple Company.

Apple Media Products Fraud Prevention Specialist Salary: This role attracts a salary of about $37k per year as the high range but could be less than that to the tune of $28k a year.

  1. Real Time Operations Analyst

The Real Time Operations Analyst works hand in hand with other supervisors and agents of the Apple Company or what we regard as the central workforce to ensure smooth execution of day to day jobs.

This they do through daily interaction with supervisors and agents to make adjustments to schedules to maximize all the resources available.

This sure includes the staff at various levels in the Company.

Real Time Operations Analyst Salary: The salary ranges from $30-$140k per year.

  1. Apple Support Business Analyst

The job of an Apple Support Business Analyst involves the analysis and definition of specifications for the enhancement of the existing business system, as well as developing new systems to support the existing system.

This leads to development of needed tools to support growth and expansion. These tools could include software, hardware, and accessories as might be demanded by the Apple Product users.

Apple Support Business Analyst Salary: An Apple Support Business Analyst can look forward to salary of about $58,300 per year.

  1. Service Desk Lead

A Service Desk Lead is a leader in the team of service desk personnel. They are to ensure that service desk personnel from home are trained up to standard, also ensuring that all processes involved in service desk operations are documented, audited, and improved at all times.

There are many other responsibilities associated with this position; however, the end point is to ensure that customers get maximum satisfaction after interaction with the service desk personnel.

Service Desk Lead Salary: Someone vying for this job should expect an average salary of $44,472 per year.

  1. Global AppleCare change lead

The Global AppleCare Change lead undertakes a lot of functions that border on change management of the Company.

In this process, ideas, analysis, and implementation of changes are carried out in a smooth manner from an existing system to a proposed system.

This involves having more partnerships and maintaining the existing ones while carrying out essential trainings plans for the all the personnel involved in the new system.

Here, the specialist will need a lot of collaborative, persuasive, and interpersonal skills to be able to initiate new partnerships and maintain existing ones.

Global AppleCare Change lead Salary: Anyone in this role can earn as much as $85,868 per year. That is something you may not think of turning down.

  1. Support Operations & Technologies data Analyst

A Support Operations & Technologies data Analyst works to develop data-driven approaches into the implementation of ideas and systems needed for expansion of the Company.

This entails collaborating with other organizations to ingest and validate data, and help in educating customers in the use of data effectively.

This is more in demand of strategic planning skills and problem solving skills in addition to creative thinking and seeking to find workable steps to attaining more inroads to the digital market.

Support Operations & Technologies data Analyst Salary: A Support Operations & Technologies data Analyst earns about $77,440 in total compensation, including salary per year.


Apple affords you the opportunity to work from the comfort of your home and get a reasonable pay for that.

This post helps you to identify the best stay at home jobs at Apple that fits your schedules, skills and compensation needs.

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