10 Best Editing Jobs from Home You Can Access

By | July 18, 2023
Editing Jobs from Home
You can find lots of editing jobs you can do from home if you have the right knowledge, skills, and experience.

If you are in search of a remote creative job and you are great with revising content, then an editing job may be best for you to do from home.

Editing is a perfect remote work that you can do from home; you do not have to show up physically and you can always get the job done with just your computer, workspace, and internet access.

As a result of the advanced technology presently available, employers are able to offer full-time work from home jobs to editors.

10 Best Editing Jobs from Home You Can Access

Here is a list of profitable editing jobs you can do from home:

  1. Editorial Assistant

The editorial assistant job is to acknowledge book proposals; distribute the proposals to appropriate reviewers and compile reviews.

The editorial assistant also processes reviewer book orders and sends letters.

The pay for an editorial assistant position is between $38,000 and $56,000 yearly.

You can find remote editorial assistant jobs that you can do from home from the career page of SAGE Publications.

  1. Product Review Editor

This position involves assessing, revising, and editing product reviews following brand guidelines.

The goal is to ensure readers get detailed and comprehensive information about products for better purchase decisions.

The pay is $25 hourly.

You can access work from home product review editor jobs from the career page of Dotdash.

  1. Topic Editor

This job involves helping out with developing correlation resources, supporting documentation and user interfaces.

It also involves collaborating with the engineering team.

The pay is between $34,000 and $48,000 yearly.

You can find vacant topic editor positions that you can do from home from the career page of Cambium Learning.

  1. Pharmaceutical Labeling Proof-reader

This role involves verifying documents, package proofing, and artwork labeling to ensure compliance with local country style guidelines.

It also involves interpreting information and making sure all changes are applied through all the product lines and products consistently.

The pay is between $35,000 and $48,000 yearly.

You can find good pharmaceutical labeling proof-reader job position you can do remotely by checking out the career page of Pfizer.

  1. Staff Editor

This job involves learning fast and adapting to the existing publishing systems while producing content for the website publications.

The duties of the staff editor include coming up with search engine optimizers and headlines; producing weekly newsletters and working alongside designers on the digital presentation and design layout.

The staff editor salary is between $44,000 and $58,000 yearly.

You can access vacant staff editor jobs that you can do from home from the career page of The New York Times.

  1. Copy Editor/Proofreader

As a copy editor and proof-reader, your job will include reading manuscripts and reviewing and editing them for grammar and accuracy to improve clarity.

To do this, you will proofread, verify sources, terms, and even URLs in the content and finally ensure that the content is properly accessible to the audience.

You will also be managing schedules and communications.

You should be familiar with standard editorial practices, procedures, and concepts.

The salary is between $41,000 and $54,000 yearly.

You can find work from home copy editor/proofreader jobs from the career page of Manning Publications.

  1. Associate Sports Editor

This role involves producing newsletters, writing headlines, and handling sports content.

You will have to be involved with research. Proficiency in the English language and familiarity with editorial procedures are necessary.

The pay is between $45,000 and $61,000 yearly.

You can find vacant remote associate sports editor positions you can do from home from the career page of Minute Media.

  1. Content Update Editor

This position involves reviewing articles on topics concerning wellness, health, dieting, exercise, and others.

You should identify outdated materials and update them -videos are not left out.

Also identify when to strengthen, restructure, and incorporate visual elements to the content to make it better.

The pay is $30 hourly.

You can find good content update editor jobs that you can do remotely from the career page of Dotdash.

  1. Senior Editor

The senior editor’s job is to evaluate supplemental materials and digital textbooks and edit; to organize and complete production and publishing assignments.

To look out for the content quality and ensure that it meets the high standards of reader engagement, instructional quality, and audience sensitivity.

You will also work alongside the editorial teammates and leadership to come up with solutions and ideas, execute these ideas, resolve problems, and make sure that the results are always excellent.

Finally, you will strengthen processes, products, and results by learning more about the trends and disciplines.

You will need an MA/BA in education, English, or related field.

You will also need loads of editorial experience.

The senior editor salary is between $70,000 and $80,000 yearly.

You can find available remote senior editor job positions from the career page of Soomo Learning.

  1. Developmental Editor

This position involves coaching authors on ways to reach hard but necessary concepts in manuscripts, recognize opportunities for authors to get better with presentation, clarity, value, and organization.

It also involves other roles like carefully assessing manuscript content, managing book development processes to help authors complete their manuscripts on due dates, and checking to ensure all manuscripts are compliant with the company writing guidelines.

It also entails providing content assessment and project status to acquisition editor, publisher, development manager, and the other staff; performing tasks related to book marketing, and contributing to the improvement and on-going assessment of editorial standards and procedures.

You should have basic concepts of technical topics like software development and industry trends, and a year of editing experience is required.

The pay is between $38,000 and $49,000 yearly.

You can find work from home developmental editor jobs that you can apply for from the career page of manning Publications.


As an editor, you can work across all kinds of industries, including the health industry, cosmetic industry, sports, fashion, and everything else.

Editors usually have different job titles like copyeditor, content editor, proof-reader, and editorial assistant.

Editors are important as they ensure that every content is clear, organized, of good quality, and logical.

If you have found your ideal kind of editing job from the list above, then do not hesitate to go for it and start working from home.

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