The Allure for Temporary Healthcare Work: Understanding What’s Driving the Trend

By | March 2, 2024
Temporary Healthcare Work
Temporary healthcare work, such as travel nursing, fill-in docs, and per diem have risen over the years.

You know what’s been really shaking things up in healthcare these days? It’s the whole gig economy vibe with temporary and on-demand work.

In the last few years, we’ve seen a ton of specialized staffing agencies pop up, focusing on areas like travel nursing, fill-in docs, and per diem opportunities.

With hospitals and clinics dealing with patient volumes constantly going up and down, and always needing specialized skills, these staffing firms have become seriously valuable.

Not only do they give healthcare providers the flexibility to meet those ever-changing staffing needs, they also open up a whole new world of possibilities for healthcare professionals, with a diverse range of job options and often pretty competitive pay.

So, today we want to dive into what’s behind the growing appeal for temporary gigs and explore the juicy benefits that are luring healthcare workers towards these more flexible employment setups. 

The Buzz Around Temporary Healthcare Work – The Inside Scoop

Before we really dig in, let’s take a peep at a couple of eye-opening stats from a recent Everee survey of over 300 healthcare workers:

  • A staggering 46% said they’re either somewhat or very likely to leave their current job within the next year. Yikes! 
  • Almost an equal number (47%) reported they’re actively considering transitioning to on-demand work opportunities.

Talk about a wake-up call! Those numbers suggest there’s a strong undercurrent of desire among healthcare professionals for more flexible hours, better pay structures, and a break from the traditional full-time employment grind. 

The Allure for Temp Work: What’s the Appeal?

Alright, let’s get to the heart of it – what exactly is so enticing about temporary or per diem work that’s got healthcare workers buzzing?

According to the survey, published in the 2024 Everee healthcare staffing report, these were the benefits that ranked highest:

  1. Show Me the Money

Let’s be real, bigger paychecks are the most powerful attraction for a lot of temp jobs folks. Ka-ching!

2. You Call the Shots

Rigid schedules bye! Being able to pick your own hours and have more control over your calendar is a winner.

3. The Appeal of Instant Cash

Do you love getting paid right after a shift? Yes! That means you don’t have to wait for a whole month before you get your pay. Getting cash lightning-fast is hard to say ‘No’ to.

4. New Places/Spaces

If travelling is your thing, being able to work in different locations and explore new places is truly enticing, don’t you think?

5. Try Before You Buy

Temporary roles offer healthcare workers a mix of settings and work cultures to try out, making it way easier to spot and choose their ideal fit.

6. Side Hustle Central

With temp work, people can juggle multiple gigs and income streams at the same time. This is empowering to say the least. Hello, financial flexibility!

7. Some Peace at Last

Let’s face it – office drama and politics can be such a headache. Temp work often means leaving all that drama behind.

8. Network Like a Boss

Each new assignment brings an opportunity to expand those professional circles and make important new connections.

So in a nutshell, the siren song of temporary work comes down to two big things: money (bigger paychecks, faster cash) and flexibility (choosing schedules, traveling, trying new environments).

It’s a hard combo to resist for healthcare workers hungry for more control over their careers and finances.

Temp Work as a Side Gig – Bridging Financial Gaps

One aspect that makes temp work particularly compelling is its potential to serve as a supplementary income source.

According to the survey, a solid two-thirds (67%) of healthcare workers expressed interest in taking on temp or per diem work as a side hustle alongside their main full-time job.

With living costs on the rise and financial pressures mounting, this approach can provide a vital safety net.

And hey, who among us hasn’t daydreamed about getting paid right after clocking out, even if it’s just a side gig?

Being able to pocket that cash in the moment could be a lifesaver when unexpected expenses pop up.

Putting Temp Work into Action – Tackling Hurdles 

While the appeal is palpable, the survey also uncovered that the majority (59%) of healthcare workers haven’t actually tried their hand at on-demand or per diem work before.

So, while the interest is there, it seems many are just a bit hesitant due to lack of info or unfamiliarity with temporary work models.

This is a golden opportunity for staffing agencies to step up their game. They can put more effort into educating healthcare professionals who are considering temp work, addressing any nagging concerns or misconceptions they might have.

By clearly laying out the benefits, compensation structures, and logistics of temp work, agencies can help bridge that gap between interest and action.

Temp work itself comes with a lot of drawbacks just like any other job condition.

For this survey, the biggest drawback was that people who would consider a temporary job in healthcare lacked paid time off, healthcare benefits, and retirement packages.

An honest staffing agency would need to address these hesitations. The employee could use a combo solution in which the paid leave and 401ks are given in an adroit manner, and also accompany that with competitive benefits to further sweeten the offer.

This should be enough reassurance of their transparency with them. A vital step to hiring top talent in today’s job market is speaking to the needs and priorities of healthcare workers.


Some reasons temporary healthcare work has grown popularity include a desire for higher pay, the flexibility of work schedule, and a variety of career opportunities.

The employer should guide their exploratory workers by addressing these concerns transparently and incentivizing them based on local competition.

As the healthcare industry struggles to retain staff, it must acknowledge and cater to changing workers’ needs.

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