Nurse Practitioner Salary in Colorado and How to Increase your Pay

By | July 16, 2023
Nurse Practitioner Salary in Colorado
The nurse practitioner’s salary in Colorado is expected to increase in the years to come due to increase in demand for primary health care services. Image source: coloradopaincare.

The nurse practitioner salary in Colorado is about $110,440 annually and up to $53.10 hourly.

Nurse practitioners are primary healthcare providers who aid patients in maintaining good health and also treat their illnesses.

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Colorado Cities

Here are the nurse practitioner salaries across the cities of Colorado:

 CitiesSalary hourlySalary Yearly
3.Black Forest$56.63$117,811
7.Cañon City$52.73$109,689
8.Castle Rock$55.04$114,491
10.Cimarron Hills$52.73$109,689
12.Colorado Springs$55.03$114,464
14.Commerce City$55.91$116,304
15.Dakota Ridge$55.04$114,491
22.Fort Carson$55.03$114,464
23.Fort Collins$53.95$112,231
27.Grand Junction$53.95$112,231
29.Greenwood Village$55.03$114,464
30.Highlands Ranch$53.95$112,231
32.Ken Caryl$53.95$112,231
Nurse practitioners’ salaries across the cities of Colorado

Cities with Highest Nurse Practitioner Salary in Colorado

In Colorado, nurse practitioners are paid differently based on different factors in the different cities. The ten cities that pay the highest are:

 CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
1.Black Forest$56.63$117,811
Highest paying cities for nurse practitioners in Colorado

Skill-based Nurse Practitioner Salary in Colorado

As a nurse practitioner in Colorado, you should possess the skill to thrive in the profession. Certain employers require certain skills in their companies and nurse practitioners who possess those skills are highly appreciated.

Your skills as a nurse practitioner will help you to be valued by your employers in Colorado and will guarantee a greater pay for you.

Experience-based Nurse Practitioner Salary in Colorado

A nurse practitioner in Colorado who lacks experience will not be paid so much because employers don’t really trust the capabilities of that professional.

Hence, it’s very imperative that a nurse practitioner gathers enough on the job.

A nurse practitioner who is just starting out will expect to receive just about $93,343 per annum while one with more years of experience may earn about $113,582 every year in Colorado.

10 Companies with Highest Nurse Practitioner Salary in Colorado

There are a lot of high paying companies in Colorado for nurse practitioners and the top ten include:

 CompanySalary YearlySalary Hourly
2  UCLA Health$173,544$83.43
3Eventus WholeHealth$159,723$76.78
4Molina Healthcare$152,053$73.10
5NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital$149,048$71.65
6Northwell Health$148,860$71.56
7Dignity Health$148,648$71.46
9Anthem, Inc.$147,390$70.86
10Ideal Option$141,143$67.85
Companies that pay the highest salaries to nurse practitioners in Colorado

10 Highest Paying Jobs for Nurse Practitioners in Colorado

In Colorado, nurse practitioners are exposed to some very high paying jobs, which include: 

  • Nurse Practitioner Hospice:  Salary is about $312,000 per year.
  • Open Rank-Moonlighting Psychiatrist and Advanced Practice Provider: Salary is about $249,600 yearly.
  • Medical Provider: Salary is about $236,288 per annum.
  • Palliative Medicine Nurse Practitioner: Salary is about $214,240 yearly.
  • Certified Nurse Practitioner: Salary is about $205,920 yearly.
  • Dermatology Physician Assistant: Salary is about $200,000 yearly
  • Nurse Practitioner – Wound Care: Salary is about $187,200 per year.
  • Physician Assistant or Nurse Practitioner – CV Surgery First Assist: Salary is about $182,963 per year.
  • Nurse Practitioner-Cardiology: Salary is about $168,480 yearly.
  • Neonatal Nurse Flex Practitioner: Salary is about $160,680 per year.

More Benefits for Nurse Practitioners in Colorado

Some of the bonuses that nurse practitioners are entitled to in Colorado include:

  • Professional Association Due Allowances

Here, employers offer compensation for a nurse practitioner’s Professional Association dues in order to win them over.

  • Paid Leave

Taking a break is very much important for everyone who has worked hard, including Colorado nurse practitioners.

Employers offer to pay them even as they take some time off to rest and be with family.

  • Professional Leave

Nurse practitioners in Colorado are offered a paid time off to attend educational meetings and conferences too, even as they work.

What Related Job Titles to Nurse Practitioner Earn in Colorado

As a Colorado nurse practitioner, there are similar jobs that you can venture into:

  • Respiratory Therapist

These therapists work with patients that have breathing difficulties. Their salary is about $55,870 per year in Colorado.

  • Phlebotomist

They are professionals that have the responsibility of drawing blood for tests, transfusions, donations, and research. Their average earning is $31,419 per year.

  • Rehabilitation Counselor

Their job is to work with people that have emotional and physical disabilities that do not allow them to live independent of others. They earn about $37,660 on average yearly.

Nurse Practitioner Salary and Job Outlook in Colorado

In Colorado, the demand for nurse practitioners is projected to experience a significant growth over the next decade.

Over 3,000 practicing nurse practitioners are already available in the state and it is expected that there will be an additional 1,360 jobs by 2028 for nurse practitioners in Colorado, which is a whopping 45% growth.

The demographic changes in the population in Colorado, as well as the healthcare reforms cause an increase in primary care needs, which in turn increases the need for nurse practitioners in the State.

Due to this, salaries are projected to be on the increase for nurse practitioners in the state over the next decade.

How to Increase your Pay in Colorado as a Nurse Practitioner

Nurse practitioners can increase their pay in many ways:

  • Gaining more experience on the job
  • Putting out medical write ups in blogs and websites.
  • Offering counseling services.

More Career Opportunities for Nurse Practitioners in Colorado

Further career opportunities open to nurse practitioners in Colorado include:

  • Orthopedic Nurse Practitioner

They are nurse practitioners who take care of diseases and/or injuries which affect the muscles, bones, muscles and joints. They earn about $100,035 per annum in Colorado.

  • Emergency Nurse Practitioner

This is a nurse practitioner who is able to work autonomously, without any oversight from physicians and help patients in critical conditions. They earn about $113,840 on average every year.

  • Pediatric  Nurse Practitioner

These nurse practitioners help children achieve very healthy emotional and physical development. They earn about $121,659 per annum in Colorado.


Being a nurse practitioner in Colorado is something many people look forward to. Perhaps, that’s why you’re here too.

This article has boost your knowledge of what the nurse practitioner’s salary is in Colorado and how they can make it bigger.

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