Medical Assistant Salary in Missouri and How to increase it

By | July 14, 2023
Medical Assistant Salary in Missouri
Cities that pay the highest salaries to medical assistants in Missouri include Ballwin, Liberty, and Wildwood. Image source: wmmc.

The medical assistant salary in Missouri is $40,939.

Ballwin, Liberty, and Wildwood are the cities that offer the highest salaries to medical assistants in Missouri, while Kaiser Permanente, CHOC Children’s, and Sutter Health are the highest paying companies.

This post also covers salaries in similar professions, employee benefits, and methods for increasing your salary as a medical assistant in Missouri.

Medical Assistant Salary in Missouri Cities

Here is salary information for medical assistants across cities in Missouri:

CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
1.Kansas city$18.72$43,592
2.St. Louis$17.96$41,825
6.Lees Summit$18.61$43,340
8.Earth City$18.02$41,958
9.St. Charles$17.11$39,835
10.St. Peters$18.07$42,078
11.Blue Springs$16.93$39,407
15.Jefferson City$17.44$40,595
17.Cape Girardeau$14.55$33,884
20.University City$17.43$40,575
27.Maryland Heights$18.27$42,535
Salary of medical assistants across cities of Missouri.

Cities with Highest Medical Assistant Salary in Missouri

Here are some of the top 10 paying cities for medical assistants in Missouri:

CitySalary HourlySalary Yearly
4.Kansas city$18.72$43,592
5.Lees Summit$18.61$43,340
7.Maryland Heights$18.27$42,535
10.St. Peters$18.07$42,078
Cities that pay the highest salaries to medical assistants in Missouri.

Skill-based Medical Assistant Salary in Missouri

The salary of a medical assistant in Missouri can be impacted to a certain extent by the skills they have. These are:

  • Dissection; +37.07%
  • Clinical Trials; +12.33%
  • Family Planning; +47.19%
  • Epic; +9.16%.
  • Data Collection; +7.55%.

Experience-based Medical Assistant Salary in Missouri

Obtaining higher raises than colleagues is largely dependent on experience, which can help medical assistants advance in their career.

A medical assistant with less than one year of experience can expect to earn around $38277, while those with 10 or more years of experience will make $48,270 per year in Missouri.

10 Companies with Highest Medical Assistant Salary in Missouri

Here are some of the best paying companies for medical assistants in Missouri:

 CompanyHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.Kaiser Permanente$27.86$64,858
2.CHOC Children’s$27.09$63,078
3.Sutter Health$26.43$61,531
4.Virginia Mason Franciscan Health$24.73$57,586
5.Opusing LLC$24.00$55,868
6.Community Health Care$23.55$54,819
7.Family Health Centers of San Diego$22.80$53,095
8.Scripps Health$22.17$51,606
9.MedRite Urgent Care$21.74$50,612
Companies that pay the highest salaries to medical assistants in Missouri.

10 Highest Paying Medical Assistant Jobs in Missouri

Here are some of the top paying medical assistant jobs in Missouri:

  1. Medical administrative assistant; $37,318
  2. Bilingual medical assistant; $36,734
  3. Obgyn medical assistant; $36,804
  4. Medical assistant intern; $43,084
  5. Lead medical assistant; $38,923
  6. Travel medical assistant; $36,130
  7. Medical assistant instructor; $44,917
  8. Certified medical assistant; $33,479
  9. Medical office assistant; $37,506
  10. Senior medical assistant; $43,630.

More Benefits for Medical Assistants in Missouri

Several benefits are commonly offered to medical assistants by most employers in Missouri. Here are some that can be expected:

  1. Paid sick leave

This is a benefit that many medical assistants have. The paid sick leave benefits differ by employer but generally range from 2 to 10 days.

In some cases, this can be more if the employee is a union member, in which case the paid sick leave is increased to 15 days.

2. Stock options (retirement, capital gains tax exemption)

Medical assistants who hold company stock options that have been cashed in may have their retirement and/or capital gains tax exemptions removed.

This allows them to pay less taxes on their income from selling the options.

3. Employee discounts

Certain medical supplies and services, like physical therapy and chiropractic care can sometimes be discounted when purchased through the employer.

This is often done at health centers where employees work and/ or at imaging centers that have a number of employees who work there.

4. Health insurance plans

Many employers offer their employees benefits through their health insurance plan such as vision, dental and hearing coverage.

While these benefits are generally not paid for by the employee, they do pay for portions of the benefits that are provided.

What Related Job Titles to Medical Assistant Earn in Missouri

Here are related job titles to medical assistants and their salaries in Missouri:

  • Patient Care Technician; $45,947
  • Medical Scribe; $33,241
  • Care Coordinator; $32,450
  • Medical Receptionist; $36,623.

Medical Assistant Salary and Job Outlook in Missouri

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the job outlook for medical assistants in Missouri is positive and is at 17.29%.

The number of employed medical assistants in 2016 was 9,140, and it is projected to increase to 10,720 by 2026. The annual job openings are approximately 1,200.

How to increase your Pay as a Medical Assistant in Missouri

Enhancing your salary as a medical assistant in Missouri is achievable through these means:

  1. More education and experience

Employers will often reward medical assistants who have additional knowledge, skills and experiences.

Getting a degree in this field can be a great way to enhance your career.

This is especially true if it is one that has something to do with the field you are already in.

For example, earning certification in phlebotomy or vacation medicine can make you more valuable to the hospital or doctor’s office you work for.

2. Advancement opportunities

More responsibilities and more advancement opportunities are often offered by hospitals and clinics to assistants with more experience.

For example, a medical assistant with two years of experience may be asked to become a registered nurse as well as having increased responsibility of taking vital signs, ordering lab work and directing other medical personnel.

3. Become a certified medical assistant

There are numerous certifications that a medical assistant can get. These can help you advance in this field.

For example, the American Association of Medical Assistants offers a certified medical assistant credential to those who have passed the examination and gotten board certification.

This credential allows them to have added qualifications such as being able to assist with suturing wounds, taking cultures and drawing blood from patients.

Hospitals and clinics will favor candidates with this designation over others who do not have it.

4. Network

Another way to get enhanced pay is to do just that, network. Networking with other medical assistants and being involved with community service organizations can help you meet others who you can talk with.

This can help you learn about other opportunities that are available in the medical field.

More Career Opportunities for Medical Assistant in Missouri

Career prospects for medical assistants in Missouri are abundant in other related industries, including:

  1. Health Information Management

Medical assistants are often employed in health care facilities that manage electronic records.

This includes many aspects of the business including purchasing equipment and supplies, billing and coding, obtaining drug information and keeping medical files up to date.

2. Medical Secretary

Medical secretaries assist others in meeting the administrative requirements of running a business or office while they answer phones, handle mail and make copies.

3. Dental Assistant

Dental assistants help dentists and other hygienists in doctor’s offices. They help with daily reports, performing their own duties, like taking x-rays and preparing patients for the dentist and assisting in surgeries and dental procedures themselves.

4. Home Health Aide

Home health aides help in the daily care of patients in their homes by preparing meals and performing other activities like bathing and shaving, helping with medication and administering it.


A medical assistant’s salary in Missouri can be considerably enhanced by working for the best companies and in the highest-paid cities.

In addition to great opportunities for career advancement and high pay, there are a number of benefits that are available to medical assistants in Missouri, including paid sick leave, health insurance plans, stock options, and employee discounts.

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