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A resume is an important document for job hunting that must be carefully created for you to stand a better chance of getting the job that you want.

Learn how to make highly effective resumes and improve your chances of being hired.

Discover lots of sample resumes on various job positions that have been professional created to help you quickly learn how to make yours.

Medical Administrative Assistant Resume Example

Studying samples of good medical administrative assistant resumes, and using them as examples in writing your resume will help in preparing effective resumes that you can send to employers. The medical administrative assistant position is competitive to secure, however, having a good resume can increase your chances of getting it. You want to learn how to prepare a… Read More »

Retail Sales Associate Resume Example

To get a job as retail sales associate, you need a good resume that will get you noticed quickly by employers amongst other applicants to give you an interview. The employment market for this position is quite tough that you need a great resume and cover letter to get penciled down for interview appointment. You therefore need to… Read More »

Administrative Assistant Resume Example

A good resume is needed to realize your dream of getting the administrative assistant job position you’ve always wanted. You should know that just as you want to be employed, there are lots of other people out there who are equally gunning for the same job. There is a tough competition out there for the job of admin… Read More »