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Medical Assistant Salary in Wisconsin and How to increase it

The medical assistant salary in Wisconsin is $47,715. Among the top-paying urban areas are Wauwatosa, Manitowoc, and Menomonee Falls, while companies like Cariant Health Partners, Uniti Med, and SHC offer the most attractive compensation packages. This informative article also explores employee perks, salaries in related occupations, and valuable tips for increasing medical assistants’ salaries in Wisconsin. Medical Assistant… Read More »

Pharmacy Technician Salary in Wisconsin and How to increase your Pay

The pharmacy technician salary in Wisconsin is $36,184. Genie Healthcare, Epic Travel Services, and Kaiser Permanente are the companies that top the list, and McLean, Reston, and Arlington are the cities with the highest salaries. This post also covers compensations in correlated occupations, staff benefits, and techniques to boost the pharmacy technician salary in Wisconsin. Pharmacy Technician Salary… Read More »

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Wisconsin and How to increase your Pay

The average Nurse Practitioner salary in Wisconsin is $119,646 per year. A Nurse Practitioner in Wisconsin is a registered nurse that is educated to provide the care for which a physician is responsible without the supervision of a physician. Nurse Practitioners can diagnose, prescribe drugs, order diagnostic tests and refer patients to specialists as needed. They are not… Read More »

Pharmacist Salary in Wisconsin and How to increase your Pay

The pharmacist salary in Wisconsin is about $116,000 yearly. A pharmacist in Wisconsin is often the leader of a group of people who are specialists in preparing and distributing medications to patients. In high schools, pharmacists are often called chemists and make sure that students take the necessary precautions when handling chemicals. As drug stores continue to grow… Read More »

Software Engineer Salary in Wisconsin and How to Increase It

The software engineer salary in Wisconsin is $90,144 yearly. Wisconsin is located in the Upper Midwest of the US, and it’s a State where software engineers are enjoying relative ease of life. The State is ranked 38 for software engineers in the US. With salaries of $90,144, 21% lower than the National average, the Wisconsin software engineer enjoys… Read More »