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Pharmacy Technician Salary in Minnesota and How to increase it

The pharmacy technician salary in Minnesota is $35,544. The highest paying cities for pharmacy technicians in Minnesota are Roseville, Maplewood, and Coon Rapids while the top paying companies are Emerald Health Services, Kaiser Permanente, and Avella Specialty Pharmacy. This post also covers the job outlook of pharmacy technicians in Minnesota, tips to improve your salary, and employee benefits… Read More »

Nurse Practitioner Salary in Minnesota and How to increase your Pay

The nurse practitioner salary in Minnesota is averagely $91.52 per hour and $123,202 per year. A nurse practitioner is a registered nurse with a graduate degree and in some cases a separate certification as NP. Nurse Practitioner Salary in Minnesota Cities Here are details of nurse practitioners’ salaries across cities of Minnesota:   City Hourly Salary Annual Salary… Read More »

Pharmacist Salary in Minnesota and How to Increase your Pay

The pharmacist salary in Minnesota is $134,304 per year. A pharmacist is a highly trained healthcare professional who ensures the accurate dispensing of medication and gives the advice to patients about their use. Pharmacists are very highly qualified with a Bachelor’s degree and typically study for four years at a Pharmacy School. Despite being considerably higher qualified than… Read More »

Software Engineer Salary in Minnesota and How to Increase It

The software engineer salary in Minnesota is $94,773 yearly. The post presents detailed information on the salary that a software engineer make in Minnesota and how to increase it, including the top cities and companies that pay the highest salaries to software engineers in the State of Minnesota. Please, read on: Minnesota is located in the Upper Midwest… Read More »