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Top 20 Dental Assistant Resume Summary Examples you Can Use

When seeking the dental assistant job, your chances of getting it starts from writing a compelling resume summary for your resume or CV that portrays you as the person the recruiter/employer is looking for. It is important to have an effective resume summary that shows that you have what is required to succeed as a dental assistant with… Read More »

Dental Assistant Requirements

Dental Assistant Requirements Are you a dental or dentist assistant, or someone interested in becoming one and need information on the requirements you are expected to meet to succeed in your career? If you are, then you will like this post. It covers three major requirements, including, educational, job, and certification requirements that you will need to fulfill… Read More »

Dental Assistant Skills for Resume: Top 13 Qualities Needed to Succeed Assisting Dentists

Dental assistant skills for resume: list of top qualities needed to succeed in assisting dental staff, which can also give a boost to resumes The services of a dental assistant are needed in a dental clinic where they assist the dentist or dental nurse in carrying out both office tasks and clinical procedures. To effectively perform the duties… Read More »

Dental Assistant Job Description, Key Duties and Responsibilities

This post covers the dental assistant job description, to help you learn the duties, tasks, and responsibilities they commonly perform. What Does a Dental Assistant Do? The main duty in a dental assistant job description is to prepare a dental office for patient visits. He or she may also engage in some small jobs like reading and developing… Read More »

Dental Assistant Resume Example

To land a dental assistant job you will need to have a good resume. Like many other job positions, dental assistance position is also competitive. You should expect to have several other people applying for the same job as you. However, to be at an advantage of being invited to an interview, you would need to have a… Read More »