Pharmacist Salary in Mississippi and How to Increase your Pay

By | July 15, 2023
Pharmacist Salary in Mississippi
Jackson, Vicksburg, and Pearl River County are some of the highest paying cities for pharmacists in Mississippi. Image source: clarionledger.

The pharmacist salary in Mississippi is about $131,525 yearly.

A pharmacist is a person who is trained in pharmacology and is able to dispense prescription medication to patients following a doctor’s prescription.

Pharmacists work in hospitals, clinics, or independent pharmacies.

Pharmacists Salary in Mississippi Cities

Here is the salary data for pharmacists in Mississippi cities:

 CityHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
6Olive Branch$49.44$108,989
11Horn Lake$48.62$107,161
12Pearl River County$51.70$113,952
23Ocean Springs$45.78$100,920
25Long Beach$46.51$102,523
31Bay St. Louis$46.21$101,869
32Moss Point$46.90$103,390
40Yazoo City$51.33$113,146
Pharmacist salary across Mississippi cities

10 Cities with Highest Pharmacist Salary in Mississippi

These are the cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacists in the State of Mississippi:

 CityHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
3Pearl River County$51.70$113,952
5Yazoo City$51.33$113,146
9Olive Branch$49.44$108,989
Cities that pay the highest salaries to pharmacists in Mississippi

Skill-based Pharmacist Salary in Mississippi

In Mississippi, pharmacists with valuable skills and certifications earns more than if they do not have these certifications.

Some of the valuable skills include communication, computerized record keeping, and report-writing.

Examples of valuable certifications pharmacists need to have in Mississippi include: Certified Pharmacy Technician (C.Pharm. Tech) and Certified Pharmacy Technician in Cardiology, (CPTC).

Experience-based Pharmacist Salary in Mississippi

In Mississippian, the more experience a pharmacist has, the more valuable they are to the company.

A pharmacist just starting out in Mississippi would earn $117,715 while a pharmacist with 10 years of experience or more would take home $145,623.

10 Companies with Highest Pharmacist Salary in Mississippi

Here are the ten companies that pay the most salaries to pharmacists in Mississippi:

 CompanyHourly SalaryAnnual Salary
1.UCLA Health $75.67$166,792
2.Meijer $73.74$162,535
3.Oregon Health & Science University$69.97$154,244
4.Costco Wholesale$67.26$148,300
5.Adventist Health$65.46$144,285
6.eTeam Inc.$64.33$141,797
7.MedWatchers Inc.$64.19$141,502
9.Noxubee General Hospital$63.62$140,227
Companies in Mississippi that pay the highest salaries to Mississippi

Highest Paying Pharmacist Jobs in Mississippi

These are the top paying jobs for pharmacists in Mississippi (with yearly salary).

  • Inpatient pharmacist: $124862
  • Hospital Pharmacist: $127,627
  • Senior Clinical Pharmacist: $156000
  • Advanced Practice Pharmacist: $152950
  • Primary Care Pharmacist: $140,418
  • Independent Pharmacist: $132,994
  • Clinical Pharmacist: $124409
  • CVS Pharmacist: $168,036
  • Remote Pharmacist: $152950
  • PRN Pharmacist: $128,125.

More Benefits for Pharmacists in Mississippi

Some of the additional benefits pharmacists in Mississippi receive include:

  1. Retention Bonuses

These are bonuses pharmacists receive for staying with the company for a certain period of time.

2. Relocation Expenses

Some companies in Mississippi are willing to pay for pharmacist relocation expenses.

3. Stock Options

In Mississippi, pharmacies and pharmaceutical corporations provide employees with stock options which they can use to purchase stocks and own part of the company they work for.

4. Stock Incentives

A lot of companies in Mississippi provide their pharmacists with stock in the company which they can use to purchase additional stocks or receive an increase in pay.

5. Retirement Plans

Another way pharmacies and pharma companies will provide their pharmacists with benefits is through retirement plans.

What Related Job Titles to Pharmacist Earn in Mississippi

Here are some professions related to pharmacist in Mississippi and the salary they earn:

  1. Nurse Practitioner

A nurse practitioner is an advanced practice registered nurse who is qualified to diagnose and treat patients without the help of a doctor.

A nurse practitioner in Mississippi earns $109,835 per year.

2. Biomedical Scientist

A biomedical scientist is someone who works in the medical field to research and find cures and preventions for diseases.

The biomedical scientist salary in Mississippi is $78,955 per year.

3. Physician Assistant

A physician assistant is similar to a nurse practitioner where they provide primary care services to patients but they can also carry out diagnostic procedures, which are usually performed by doctors.

Physician assistants in Mississippi earn $98,103 per year.

4. Toxicologist

A toxicologist is a person who studies the effects of potential or known toxins on the body and can help people who are poisoned by them to have a faster recovery.

Toxicologists in Mississippi earn $96,181 per year.

5. Immunologist

An immunologist is a person who specializes in the study of immunity and how the body defends itself against infectious diseases, tumors, or foreign substances.

Immunologists in Mississippi earn $143,010 per year.

Pharmacist Salary and Job Outlook in Mississippi

Over the next 10 years, it is expected that the demand for pharmacists in Mississippi will continue to grow.

It is expected that by 2022 the number of jobs in this field will increase at least 5%.

This is much higher than the average growth rate and will lead to a large increase in jobs over this time.

The median income for a pharmacist in Mississippi as of May, 2022 is $131,525 per year.

This can vary depending on where one works and their title. The pharmacist job outlook in Mississippi is very good.

How to Increase your pay as a Pharmacist in Mississippi

A pharmacist’s salary in Mississippi varies depending on the following factors:

  1. Location

The location of the pharmacy will determine how much a pharmacist makes.

For instance, they earn more if they work in an upscale city, such as Jackson or Memphis than other cities in Mississippi like Jackson or Tupelo.

2. Employment Type

Employment type also plays a big role in determining how much one makes as a pharmacist in Mississippi.

For instance, a pharmacist in a chain pharmacy will make more than someone working at a smaller independent pharmacy.

3. Title

Pharmacist jobs are very different in all areas of Mississippi and each title means different things to pharmacists.

For instance, a pharmacist who works at an independent pharmacy that specializes in pain management and has few employees will make more than someone who works at an independent pharmacy which only offers basic prescription drug information and medications.

4. Specialties

There are many specialties of pharmacists in Mississippi and each has its own salary.

For example, a pharmacist who works in a pain management clinic will make much more than someone who works for an independent pharmacy.

5. Experience

In order to increase your salary as a pharmacist, you need to gain experience. The more your experience, the more money you can make.

Career Opportunities for Pharmacists in Mississippi

There are multiple opportunities for career growth in the pharmacy field.

Here are just a few of the opportunities available to Mississippi pharmacists:

  • Regulatory Affairs

Many pharmacists choose to enter regulatory affairs, which is the process of creating, enforcing and maintaining regulations for medications.

Pharmacists in this field will help formulate rules that increase safety and ensure that all medications are safe for use.

  • Research

There are many opportunities for advancement in this field as well.

  • Consulting

There are many consulting companies that hire pharmacists to help with research and writing of reports.

  • Health Care Leadership

Promoting health care and educating the public on a variety of issues is a popular job for pharmacists who become health care leaders.

In addition to providing information on medications, they also educate the public about their behavior while taking medicine and other health issues related to their medicine.


The pharmacist field in Mississippi is a stable career to get into and can provide you with long term income and good salary.

The demand for pharmacists in Mississippi will continue to grow over the next 10 years as the population continues to increase, as well as an aging population.  

In order to be successful in this job, it is recommended that while in school you gain experience by working at a local pharmacy, getting certified and taking classes.

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