Working for Pfizer: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

Working for Pfizer: Employment, Careers, and Jobs.
Working with Pfizer provides opportunity to play a part in solving some of the world’s complex health challenges.

Working for Pfizer: Employment, Careers, and Jobs

This post provides exhaustive information about working for Pfizer, including employment, careers, and job opportunities available at the Company.

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Pfizer Company Overview

Pfizer Inc. is an American pharmaceutical corporation that discovers, develops, and manufactures healthcare products.

They specialize in consumer healthcare, medicines, and vaccine.

Pfizer operates in two major segments: the Pfizer Innovative Health (IH) and the Pfizer Essential Health (EH) segments.

The Pfizer Innovative Health (IH) segment offers inflammation & immunology, consumer healthcare, development and commercializing medicines and vaccines for internal medicine, oncology, and rate disease.

Pfizer was founded by Charles Pfizer Sr. and Charles Erhart in 1849. The company is headquartered in New York, NY.

Why Work for Pfizer

There is no better place to begin your career than at Pfizer. Science is the basis of Pfizer, that’s why it’s no surprise their scientists are among the best in the world.

They are armed with resources, technology, and facilities they require to solve some of the world’s most complex health challenges.

The OWNIT! Culture emphasizes growth and learning, opportunity and innovation, and accountability and holistic leadership.

If you join Pfizer you’ll partner with colleagues of different backgrounds and abilities; people who contribute to all aspects of what the company does – from drug development to marketing, technology to sales, etc.

Pfizer treats you as an adult. They offer you the tools and training to do your job properly and as long as you do it honestly, it’s a very good company to work for.

The bonus and pay rise every year, and they have great breaks and loads of holidays, with subsidized canteen that looks more like a restaurant.

Pfizer Careers and Jobs

Whether you’re a recent college graduate ready and eager to find a summer job that’s rich with the promise of a bright future, Pfizer is a great place to begin an engaging, rewarding, and productive career.

You’ll find opportunities to broaden your skill set at Pfizer if you’re just beginning your career.

By joining one of their many Colleague Resource Groups, you’ll also be able to expand your professional network.

Pfizer Training and Development Programs

Pfizer has been in partnership with PulseLearning since 2003 and has performed more than 20 projects with it, including strategic learning consultancy, eLearning content development, and hands-on simulations.

Pfizer got inspired by PulseLearning’s engaging and innovative results and was moved to partner with PulseLearning time and again.

PulseLearning continues to keep a Global Master Services Agreement with Pfizer.

Elearning, Rapid Development, and Performance Support

These programs include:

  • Minimum Security Requirements (MSR) Training

Pfizer Global Security wanted to make sure all employees within the organization were skilled in following minimum security requirements.

The procedure documents were reviewed by PulseLearning and four hours of eLearning courseware were designed and developed to make sure there was learner proficiency within minimum security requirements.

How PulseLearning took such important information and made it into interactive and enjoyable eLearning pleased Pfizer.

  • Information Security Awareness (ISA) Program

Pfizer Global Security wanted to make sure that all employees within the association were aware of information security threats.

In the course, there is an explanation of social engineering and how Pfizer’s employees can minimize the risk of disclosing personal and confidential information.

The ISA Program was developed a thirty-minute highly interactive course that contains a number of real-life role-plays.

  • Global Site Security Officer Standardized Training

PulseLearning developed online learning for Pfizer Site Security Officer worldwide as part of Pfizer Global Security’s mandate to promote standardization across its operations.

The focus of the course is on general good practices in physical security, and it enables Site Security Officer to acquire physical site security knowledge and training.

The training is in accordance with the globally recognized good practices in security set forth by ASIS International.

It was delivered to more than 150 Site Security Officers throughout the Pfizer organization.

  • Important Regulations and Documentation Training

The first challenge faced by the team was to create an interactive and engaging solution for Pfizer in order that they accomplish their stated business strategy of improving import clearance times and Customs compliance.

This was accomplished and a great working relationship was developed with the Client and the SME while the Company developed the content.

The course scored top marks from the learners and the Client was really pleased with the excellence of the learning experience.

  • Datavision Training

Datavision is a software application used in creating and submitting articles to medical journals.

It is used by used by internal personnel and external consultants.

A suite of software simulations was the result, and that allowed all internal and external stakeholders to complete the whole Datavision process from start to finish in a realistic, simulated environment.

Pfizer Student Internship Program and Recruitment Process

Some of the Internship programs at Pfizer include:

  • US Summer Student Worker Program

Every summer, Pfizer holds the Summer Student Worker Program which university and college students join.

The program is designed to help Pfizer businesses and teams accomplish authentic, impactful projects, while giving students engaging and meaningful work experience.

The program also provides summer employment opportunities at diverse Pfizer sites in the U.S.

Summer workers pass through serious evaluation, and students are given invaluable feedback that can help them develop their skills and competencies.

Student workers are made part of the team’s regular activities like working sessions, team meetings, and meetings with internal and external stakeholders.

A lot of students go into long-term relationships with peers, advisors, and mentors.

AMCP Foundation/Pfizer, Inc. Summer Internship Program

Pfizer partners with the Academy of Managed Care Pharmacy Foundation to support the AMCP Foundation/Pfizer, Inc. Managed Care Pharmacy Summer Internship Program.

The goal of the program is to develop future leaders in managed health care.

Through a nationwide selection process, four student pharmacists will be selected for the internship.

Internship Details

Each intern, for the 10-week program duration, will be assigned to a health plan pharmacy benefit management company and employer site for the internship work.

Interns may possibly also spend time at Pfizer headquarters in New York City.

Interns will be offered a modest stipend, and covering for travel, housing and other approved expenses.

Internship Requirements

Interns must:

  • Show proof of being qualified for employment in the United States.
  • Be enrolled as a full-time Doctor of Pharmacy degree student in an ACPE-accredited school or college of pharmacy during the 2018-2019 school years with anticipated graduation in 2020 or 2021.
  • Applicants must submit two letters of recommendation and a letter of good academic standing from their institution, besides an online application.

Note: Applications for AMCP Foundation/Pfizer, Inc. Summer Internship Program for 2019 are closed.

Pfizer Corporate Culture and Values

Pfizer knows that for potential colleagues, a company’s internal culture is as vital as its external reputation.

Laying emphasis on “ownership”, Pfizer’s OWNIT! Culture allows individual colleagues to find out career success at the same time that it drives positive business results.

Colleagues are encouraged through OWNIT to take the ownership for their careers and make a positive impact on the business, to meet innovation and fresh ideas with openness and prudent consideration.

Everyone fights for excellence no matter their role.

The colleagues at Pfizer take accountability for their work and deliver on their commitments with speed, integrity, and decisiveness.

Pfizer’s OWNIT! Culture is about all of their colleagues striving to impact results monthly, quarterly, yearly, etc.

Pfizer Job Application

Pfizer has opportunities to help you fulfill your goals and reach your destination no matter where you are on your career path.

Available opportunities are suitable for new graduates, for skilled technicians, for experienced professionals, for those looking to begin their careers and for those looking to advance their careers.

For people who have been employed in the biopharmaceutical industry and those who can offer insight and experience gained in other industries or with other organizations, they have opportunities at Pfizer.

Pfizer has opportunities for people who look for a career in research, science, finance, health care and medicine, technology, law, compliance, communications, sales, manufacturing, marketing and more.

Beware of scams from persons, organizations, and websites claiming to represent Pfizer in recruitment activities.

Pfizer requires applicants for job positions posted by the Company to pass through a recruitment process before they are offered employment.

The Pfizer recruitment process consists of an interview; the Company never requires payment or fees from job applicants.

If a suspicious email message or phone call about recruiting on behalf of Pfizer comes across to you, don’t provide any personal information or pay any fees.

Through the Pfizer career website, interested candidates can find and apply to current openings.

Pfizer doesn’t accept unsolicited resumes from agencies and/or search firms for any job posted on their site or a referring website.

Read more: Pfizer hiring process.

Pfizer Benefits and Compensation

Pfizer offers competitive compensation and benefits based on a diversity of factors, such as talent pool availability, geographic location, and prior experience:

Benefits to Maintain and Promote Health and Wellness

Pfizer provides colleagues with health and wellness programs that help them maintain and promote optimum health and wellness according to the customs and laws of their country of residence.

These programs consist of prevention health programs, health and disability insurance, discounts on Pfizer products, medical screening, prevention health programs, free or reduced-cost vaccinations, and nutrition and fitness counseling.

Benefits to Help Colleagues Meet Financial Goals

Pfizer offers colleagues several benefits, depending on local custom and practice, to help them meet their financial goals.

These programs comprise access to life insurance, financial planning education, colleague-directed retirement funds, and contributions to retirement financial vehicles.

Pay for Performance Philosophy and Practices

Based on the contributions colleagues make to Pfizer’s business, Pfizer structures its compensation policies and practices to recognize and reward them for their efforts.

Work – Life Balance at Pfizer

The work-life balance at Pfizer is rated a C+ by 67 employees putting it in the Top 50% of similar size companies in the US.

50% of Pfizer employees are satisfied with their work-life balance while 29% feel they are burnt out.

About 58% of the employees at Pfizer work eight hours or less, while 6% of them have a very long day – longer than twelve hours.

The majority of Pfizer employees do not feel burnt out.

In general, employees with entry level experience and those in the IT department believe they have good work-life balance while employees in the product department and employees in the admin department think there is room for improvement.


If you are planning to start a career with Pfizer, this post will help you get the knowledge you need to actualize the dream.

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